Chapter 728 – The Most Sorrowful ‘Fat Lamb’! (Part 2)

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After laughing at Yan Zao, Ding Bo shouted at Yue Yang, who had just escaped the arrow rain, “Look at yourself now, how dare you talk big? Even if I don’t use 100% of my power, I can easily have you under my complete control. Didn’t’t you say that you can protect this guy? Didn’t you say that you won’t allow me to harm a hair on his head? Now, as long as I like, I can hack him to pieces at any time. What can you do? Yan Zao’s fate is the same as yours, because you are also a pathetic weakling! Weakling, your name is incompetence, hahahahaha!”

“He who laughs last, laughs best.” Yue Yang waved his hands, and Ding Bo found that his Ghost Domain changed a bit.

A shadow somehow appeared in front of him .

It was a female Barbaric Bull like the horned girl.

In addition to Possession, Reconstruction, Giant Shadow and Never Leave Your Side, Phantom also a special ability called [Shadowmeld].

[Shadowmeld]: Phantom could blend into the darkness freely, which couldn’t be seen through. In a certain special environment, Phantom can create a dark fog and blend into the darkness with the help of the main body providing a large number of mana.

When Ding Bo mocked Yan Zao with a smirk, Ah Man had already appeared in front of him.

Faced with this unusual female Barbaric Bull, Ding Bo instinctively felt danger.

When he started to attack, the weasel-like warbeast relying on its fast speed rushed to Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man at the same time to attack her.

“Go to hell!” Ah Man opened her left hand and grabbed the weasel’s throat as if she was an eagle catching chickens. Then she slammed it against the ground. The entire mountain cliff shook vigorously, a horrible crack stretching from where An Man slammed the weasel to the far side. Gravel rolled down from the rock wall, its power ten times stronger than the throwing-stone attack of the Twin Head Giant Demon.

Ah Man casted the weasel with a cracked skull to a faraway mountain.


A mountain rock shattered and fell into the mass graves below the valley with the weasel’s body.

Following the weasel, the porcupine was kicked away by Ah Man and fell into the valley like a meteor, without the chance to shoot its poisoned arrows on its back. While the Twin Head Giant Demon had just lifted a boulder, Ah Man hit it hard in the chest, which made its heads drop immediately, its eyes rolling, its arms going limp and its body slump to its knees. As a result, the Twin Head Giant Demon was crushed to death and buried by the hill-like boulder.

“Flame Spray!” Ding Bo showed no sign of fear and dabbed at the Infernal Nightmare, though he looked extremely terrible.

The Infernal Nightmare of Heaven Stage Level 3 immediately spurted the Hellfire.

Ah Man was engulfed in the fire.

Even the Fiery Dragon Crystal, known as a crystal that was most capable of withstanding high temperatures, would melt into water in the Hellfire.

Ding Bo sneered at Ah Man who didn’t dodge the Hellfire in mind, thinking, “No matter how strong you are, you are unable to withstand the Hellfire that jointly spurted from the Infernal Nightmare and me!”

“Detestable fellows!” Tearing the fire with her hands like the Emperor of Fire, Ah Man walked out, which stunned Ding Bo. Except for the Nirvana’s Flame, in which she usually remolded her body, no fire could hurt her easily. Ah Man dismissed the Hellfire and rushed towards Ding Bo in the Flaming wind storm, punching the Infernal Nightmare on its head hard.


Tilting its noble head, the Infernal Nightmare of Heaven Stage Level 3 had a furious look in its huge eyes.

However, Ah Man didn’t care about the Infernal Nightmare’s thoughts.

She had killed a lot warbeasts of Heaven Stage Level 3, the Infernal Nightmare was just a piece of cake!

The Infernal Nightmare threw back its head in a flash, erupting the unique psychic blow of the Nightmare clan, glaring at Ah Man with killing eyes, preparing to give the female Barbarian Cow, who dared to attack it, a blow!

Due to the power of the killing eyes, Ah Man reeled back.

The heart of Ding Bo leaped with joy, thinking that Ah Man would fall down and then desperately die in the spiritual world of Nightmare.

But the cruel truth was that Ah Man was completely uninjured! Ah Man, who often practiced with Red, had been accustomed to the psychic blows, and her spirit was connected with the owner, Yue Yang, so Ah Man’s spiritual world couldn’t be destroyed unless the ultimate will of Yue Yang was destroyed. Even the general ‘Environment’, who served under Emperor Wu Shuang The Peerless tens of thousands of years ago, the Wry Face Mushroom he summoned could only cause marginal impact on her and couldn’t inflict any damage directly… Instead, the attack from Nightmare’s killing eye completely provoked Ah Man.

A strange feeling arose in her heart.

In an instant, a pair of beautiful big eyes turned blood red, just like eyes of death.

In an instant, a red light flashed!

When Ah Man turned back and glared at the Infernal Nightmare of Heaven Stage Level 3, not only the Infernal Nightmare, but also Ding Bo on its back, screamed, rolling directly from the horse back, holding his head, screeching painfully.

[Doom Eyes], which had not been released for a long time, was finally triggered when Ah Man was furious.

And, meanwhile, the more horrible [Bloodeye Double Kill] also was triggered!

[Bloodeye Double Kill] was a kind of skill that would be triggered when [Doom Eyes] was triggered, it could kill an enemy in an instant while killing a related enemy… Ding Bo, who was the master, fell down! Although he was not killed by [Bloodeye Double Kill] all of a sudden, his soul suffered severe trauma! Not a scratch on his skin seemingly, his soul had suffered irreparable damage.

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