Chapter 728 – The Most Sorrowful ‘Fat Lamb’! (Part 3)

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Sure enough, Yue Yang wouldn’t give Ding Bo the opportunity to heal up even if it was possible.

The Infernal Nightmare of Heaven Stage Level 3 slumped to the ground, which shattered Yue Yang’s desire of keeping it as his mount. However, Yue Yang cared little about this as he just intended to find a cool and outstanding mount to ride before throwing the Southern Heaven Realm into turmoil and taking advantage of that to plunder and loot.

Now, the Infernal Nightmare’s death caused severe damage to Ding Bo’s spirit and made him dismount in panic.

Seeing that, Yue Yang roared with laughter.

“Continue to summon other warbeasts to frighten me. I’m scared.” Now, Yue Yang summoned Red that couldn’t wait to prove itself to others.

Being in a dangerous situation, Golden Horn Flame Demon betrayed Ding Bo and fled on the spot.

A pair of bright and beautiful silver wings barely appeared magically on Red’s back when Yue Yang and Red’s spirits were raised dramatically. Without Yue Yang’s instructions, Red, who was almost as powerful as the Goddess, whipped Golden Horn Flame Demon with her variant evolved [Whip of Agony] that was improved by the silver wings, which almost killed it.


Golden Horn Flame Demon opened its huge mouth and was about to scream miserably when Red burst out Banshee Scream above its head.

Although Red hadn’t completely awakened.

But she had possessed the tremendous power that was approached to that of the Goddess.

Hearing Red’s Banshee Scream, Golden Horn Flame Demon’s ears burst and its eyes, nose, mouth and ears spurted blood before it fainted. Being aware suddenly that its enemy had flashed and appeared behind itself, Centaur Warchief that had shot Red to rescue Golden Horn Flame Demon just then wielded the bowstring to attack the enemy behind it and spurted forward to dodge his enemy’s attack from behind, without the chance to draw out the short spear on its back.

“[Sheep Transformation]!” Pointing to Centaur Warchief, Red transformed Centaur Warchief into a skinny and black goat.

“What is it?” Ding Bo was completely stunned. Could his enemy who had neither Cheating Rings nor Ghost Domain use Sheep Transformation skills like this?

Red pulled out the God Killing Dagger and slammed into the forehead of the old goat, killing the Centaur Warchief directly.

After the killing, the Centaur Warchief quickly returned to its original body and did not retain the appearance of the goat.

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Ding Bo reached out with his big hands to Red, bite his tongue tip give her a spit, hoping to turn this woman into Fat Lamb, if he could kill this terrible woman, then it would be easier to handle the powerful female Barbarian Cow.

For the disgusting act, Red was extremely hateful. She flapped her silver wings on her back,  flying over Ding Bo in a flash.

The spittle mixed with blood, automatically pursued the target in the Ghost Domain with his psychic power. But with the flying pass of Red, it quickly hit toward Ding Bo’s face in a straight trajectory.

On the way, due to its lack of automatic turning ability, it must hit Ding Bo.

“Oops.” Ding Bo was amazed, taking off the Cheating Ring from his fingers in a hurry, however, he saw the smiling face of Yue Yang. Yue Yang held out his right hand, suspending in front of Ding Bo. Xiao Wen Li’s extraordinary Binding Chains broke out. If Ding Bo hadn’t suffered from the soul damage of [Bloodeye Double Kill] before, he didn’t need to take off the Cheating Ring, and he would have escaped the saliva, but his soul was kicked, so that his agility was greatly weakened, and he had to maintain the Ghost Domain, so it was a tragedy now.

As for Xiao Wen Li’s extraordinary Binding Chains, clown and Wise Demon Marshall had suffered a lot before.

For Ding Bo, who was of Heaven Stage Level 5, it wasn’t a simple matter even if he would get rid of it finally.

He could only watched the spit flying towards his forehead.

“Puff Ghost, help!” Ding Bo exhausted all his strength to summon his last warbeast, Puff Ghost. His Guardian Spirit Beast was a Poisonous Saliva Bug Goblin that blended with him, so it had a huge effect in normal time, but it couldn’t save his life in a critical moment. In an extremely critical situation, he immediately chose to summon Puff Ghost. As long as he spat at Puff Ghost, he could immediately transfer this curse power to Puff Ghost, and then he would be safe.

“Howl!” Puff Ghost immediately betrayed him as it was summoned.

Puff Ghost had never shown signs of betrayal before. Ding Bo had always thought that his charm was greater than the Guard Captain.

What he had never expected was that Puff Ghost just swallowed humiliation and bore a heavy load, waiting for an opportunity. When Ding Bo was in danger, Puff Ghost did not save him, but spat contemptuously right in his face. Then it soared up into the sky as it cried and uttered sad calls to pay tribute to its original master Guard Captain.

Thick smoke surrounded Ding Bo.

In desperation, Ding Bo turned himself into a fat, white sheep with the help of Cheating Ring in his hand.

Yue Yang laughed out loud, and then he picked up the Energy Belt and Cheating Ring falling on the ground. He smiled at fool-like Ding Bo, “Although I don’t like mutton hot pot, if you treat me, I will condescend to eat!”

Yan Zao in sheep shape recovered consciousness, and saw Ding Bo who became a sheep. He burst into a fury, knocking into Ding Bo.

He took advantage of becoming a sheep earlier and became more familiar with controlling a sheep body, trying to knock Ding Bo down the cliff. Ding Bo got heated, and didn’t care that Yue Yang was standing aside. He used his head to collide with Yan Zao, trying to secure his position. He didn’t want to fall off the cliff and die after turning into a sheep…

“Hahaha!” Yue Yang laughed till he cried.

“Chewing chewing.” Reaper Mantis on the top of the mountain had caught Magma Wyvern. She kept chewing the latter’s head. Wyvern? That was her favorite food!

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