Chapter 729 – The Survivor’s Last Words (Part 1)

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After defeating Ding Bo, Yue Yang harvested once again.

Although Weasel, Poisoned Arrow Porcupine, the Centaur Warchief, Twin Head Giant Demon, Golden Horn Flame Demon, Magma Wyvern, the Infernal Nightmare, and other warbeasts had been killed, their bodies became rare flower fertilizer or dog food, and the energy demon crystals and the demonic heart were more than treasures. In addition, he got a Cheating Ring of [Sage]-level and an Energy Belt that could continuously provide energy after wearing. Yue Yang even unexpectedly harvested a Puff Ghost of Heaven Stage.

After the sorrow and wailing, Puff Ghost had nowhere to go, so it finally chose to follow Yue Yang, who had revenged for its original owner.

Puff Ghost: Gold level 10, special-type warbeast, semi-invasive spiritual life, suspending riding the avoid, cursing the enemy when spitting the target with saliva; it can also convert the curse by taking the target vomiting. Skills: Disgusting Gods and Ghost, Carrying the Can.

This Puff Ghost was not powerful.

But its actual effect in the battle was excellent.

Whether it was cursing the enemy or eliminating the curse for the master, both were ideal practical skills. If one could master it well, he could often reverse the situation.

Yue Yang was not prepared to contract Puff Ghost, since he had mastered the ultimate will and owned the Creation Domain so that his combat power could almost reach its peak, so contracting a warbeast that cursed the enemy was not very helpful to him. The enemy that Yue Yang wanted to defeat was at least the level of Lionheart King, but the Sky-rank Innate of that level couldn’t be weakened by the curse power of Puff Ghost.

On the contrary, if he handed over Puff Ghost to others, such as Yi Nan or Sickly Beauty, he believed that their power would be greatly improved.

Puff Ghost was outwardly a ghostly woman though, in fact, it was a genderless spiritual life.

In general, the wisdom and emotions of this spiritual life were not very high, so it’s extremely difficult to evolve into Holy Beast. This Puff Ghost, who restrained itself, took the opportunity to revenge and paid tribute to its former master, was almost an elite in its race. Yue Yang did not expect it to evolve into a Holy Beast. After all, it was inherently difficult for some warbeasts to evolve into Holy Beast, such as Yi Nan’s Silver Horned Pegasus, Yue Bing’s Ancient Titan Tree, and Luo Hua City Mistress’s Nirvana Sunflower… but these warbeasts could not evolve into Holy Beast though, it did not mean that they would reach the limit of evolution. At least in terms of combat power, warbeasts could continue to upgrade as long as they kept fighting and growing.

After arranging the next mission for Yan Zao, the excellent agent, Yue Yang decided to return to Rainbow Castle.

However, Sickly Beauty declined his offer.

“Leave Puff Ghost to sister Yi Nan! I’m not the main force. Even if I increase my strength, it will be difficult for me to be a great help to you. On the contrary, if this Puff Ghost becomes Yi Nan’s warbeast, it is undoubted that she, who has great spiritual power, will get stronger, just like adding wings to a tiger. ” Sickly beauty proposed to let Yi Nan make a contract with Puff Ghost.

“This warbeast has some wisdom, it may evolve to become a ‘variant’.” Yue Yu was also optimistic about the future of Puff Ghost.

“Well, I will find a way after I help Star Scorpion complete its last variant evolution.” After Yue Yang returned to Rainbow Castle, Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen Duo Duo woke up. Then Hui Tai Lang had to give the best food, Heaven Ding Bo of Stage Level 5 and the Infernal Nightmare of Heaven Stage Level 3, to this unreasonable little girl. It turned its grief into appetite, devouring the weasel, porcupine and the Centaur Warchief.

Yue Yang decided to keep Twin Head Giant Demon. He wanted to use its blood to help improve the strength of Ye Kong’ and Fatty Hai’s warbeasts.

Golden Horn Flame Demon  was given to Spirit of Sky Fire as a reward. The head of Magma Wyvern was eaten up by Reaper Mantis.

Queen Qi Ge was rewarded for leading the Dragon Ladies to work diligently with the remaining body of Magma Wyvern. Although the best Magic Crystal of Magma Wyvern had been eaten up by Reaper Mantis, the remaining part of Magma Wyvern’s body in Quasi-Heaven Stage could improve Queen Qi Ge’s contracted Wyvern enormously.

The evolution of Star Scorpion, which was an Earthly Divine Soldier, had come to the final stage.

It was believed that the evolution could be finished in a few days.

Yue Yang shifted his focus of cultivation to Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen. He hoped that the girl could win credit for him. Without his help, she had evolved and leveled up to a Mythical Beast, possessing Grimoires automatically just like Ika and Xiao Wen Li who were born with Grimoires. In order to improve Duo Duo’s ability to fight, Yue Yang had not only given all the warbeasts’ bodies to her sea of Thorny Flower to absorb, but also the refined ‘Heart of Madness’ and ‘Heart of Mist’, hoping that both of her Thorny Flower Demons could fuse with the ‘hearts’, evolving and mutating.

“OK. Duo Duo will never sleep again after taking a nap this time.” Biting a small hole in Yue Yang’s finger with her tiny canine teeth, Duo Duo took a sip of his blood and flew back to her flower bed to sleep quietly.

Countless Thorny Flowers spread quickly and formed a flower sea, surrounding Duo Duo on the flower bed.

Both of the Thorny Flower Demons had absorbed the ‘Heart of Madness’ and the ‘Heart of Mist’ and fused with Spirit Stone that Yue Yang was unwilling to exchange. They aimed at becoming the Thorny Flower Generals, or even the Thorny Flower Command in Chief that Yue Yang expected them to be. They also wanted to be the best subordinates of Duo Duo that could go out to fight in their own initiatives when she was in her dormant period.

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[After *the* sorrow and wailing *?*, Puff Ghost had nowhere to go, so it finally chose to follow Yue Yang, who had *revenged for* its original owner.

Puff Ghost: Gold level 10, special-type *warbeast*, semi-invasive spiritual life, ** suspending riding the avoid, *cursing the enemy when spitting the target with saliva; it can also convert the curse by taking the target vomiting*. Skills: Disgusting Gods and *Ghost*, Carrying the Can.]

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After its sorrow and wailing (choose one of these > ended/lessened/abated), Puff Ghost had nowhere to go, so it finally chose to follow Yue Yang, who had taken revenge for its original owner.

Puff Ghost: Gold level 10, special-type war beast, semi-invasive spiritual life. Abilities: suspending riding the avoid, cursing the enemy by spitting saliva on a target; it can also revert this curse by making the target vomit. Skills: Disgusting Gods and Ghosts, Carrying the Can.

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