Chapter 729 – The Survivor’s Last Words (Part 2)

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Compared to the Heart of Mist of the Black Demon, the Heart of Madness refining from the Crazy dancing grass was more suitable for the absorption of the Thorny Flower Demons.

However, the energy of the Heart of Mist was a stroke above the Heart of Madness.

Two days later, before the final evolution of Star Scorpion, a Thorny Flower Demons completed its variant evolution and turned into a super-large Mad Thorny Flower General of up to 50 meters. Its upper body was similar to the female general in vine armor, wearing a wreath of countless thorny flowers, but its lower body was still a huge thorny flower vine. This Mad Thorny Flower General inherited most of the power of the Crazy dancing grass. It could remote the psychic blow, combined with the powerful strength of the original Thorny Flower Demons, its combat power was ten times more powerful than before.

The most important thing was that it owned the ability to fight independently, even during the period when Duo Duo lay dormant, it could come out to help Yue Yang fight.

Another Thorny Flower Demons that absorbed the Heart of Mist was still evolving.

At noon on the third day, the unprecedented Star Scorpion, an Earthly Divine Soldier of the armor gloves created by Yue Yang, was finally born. In the splendid brilliance, the huge Star Scorpion was constantly deformed, its energy quickly converged in the core of the Scorpio, and then relying on the core, it constantly changed its combinations to form the shape of the Sky Scorpion Gloves. Almost exactly the same as the original Sky Scorpion Gloves, just by adding a miniature version of the Star Scorpion on its top, the long gold tail with a blue tip.

Although it was a glove rather than a weapon, Star Scorpion, the Earthly Divine Soldier, was also good at attacking.

Any life, once it’s strung by the tail, there would only be one result.

That is, all tissues, including the blood, would develop a nervous twitch. The scorpion venom was very sharp, comparable to the Antiaris toxicaria, no antidote in the world.

Yue Yang specially fused the golden wool that he also had gained in the Twelve Zodiac Temples with the glove of Star Scorpion’s, who was an Earthly Divine Soldier, in order to enhance its comfort and aesthetic feeling.

Sure enough, Star Scorpion bitterly opposed using the golden wool as the glove’s inner decoration at first.

It was only later that Star Scorpion approved of Yue Yang’s idea when they found using the golden wool as the inner decoration could make Star Scorpion transform easier.

Yue Yang had determined to find more golden wool in the Heaven Realm and multiply Star Scorpion’s transformation speed thanks to this unexpected discovery. Except for Hui Tai Lang, who was familiar with transformation and transformed a little faster than Star Scorpion, nobody else could match Star Scorpion in transformation speed for the time being.

Tao Tie Blade was slow compared with Star Scorpion in transformation, but its greatest superiority was its appetite of the inner world that could contain a great number of things, so it could be used either as a warbeast cleaner or a temporary jail for captured enemies.

“The pity is that I only have one glove. It will be much better if I have another glove and make a pair.” Being unsatisfied with the glove, Yue Yang said with his right hand in the Sky Scorpion Glove, for which even the Lionheart King in the Heaven Realm had a strong desire. Hearing that, Yue Yu tittered. She knew that her younger brother was a man who would never be content with the status quo. For example, if he was given a pair of Sky Scorpion Gloves, he would regret that he didn’t have shin guards; even if he had the Sky Scorpion suit, he would sigh with pity that he was unable to give everyone the same suit.

“Ye Kong and others have arrived. It seems that they have made some discoveries.” Sickly beauty knocked at the door outside the laboratory.

“What have they found?” Yue Yang hurried out.

When Ye Kong and others saw Yue Yang, they just kept silent, looking at each other in dismay.

Yue Yang felt strange – what made these guys hesitate to speak? Did Fourth Mother have an accident? The thought scared him a lot. But the sickly beauty looked calm; Ye Kong and others also behaved normally, so he drove this terrible thought out of his minds.

Ye Kong and Fatty Hai just kept silent, but Xue Tan Lang, who had always been uncommunicative, nodded to Yue Yang, “Well, we have a mission on the Sixth Floor. We accidentally heard the news in a tavern – Oleander City was destroyed by war. We knew that you had been to Oleander City before to look for Uncle Yue Qiu’s belongings. We didn’t have time to inform you and rushed to the city, but it turned out that it had been leveled to the ground. It was not caused by war, but by a super Sky-rank Innate.”

Hearing that, Yue Yang asked in shock, “Are there any survivors?”

The Prince of Tian Luo replied, “Fortunately, Bao Er found a strange mound at that time. We dug up a survivor who was seriously injured. He died after saying two sentences. We’ve found out his identity – he is a receptionist of local Mercenary Guild. He has been stationed in Oleander City for decades and has never been transferred.”

“The first sentence he said was ‘we got the wrong person’, and the other sentence was ‘Mr. Tiger Slayer… White River Valley’. We can’t figure out what he said between ‘Tiger Slayer’ and ‘White River Valley’!” Liu Ye answered first.

“But there is no place called ‘White River Valley’ in the Tong Tian Tower.” Fan Lun Tie, the Ox-head girl, added.

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