Chapter 730 – Kiss You, My Love! (Part 1)

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Their words led Yue Yang to ponder.

Tiger Slayer was actually the name used by the pitiful guy’s father, Yue Qiu, in Oleander City.

The last time Yue Yang went to Oleander City, he also met the receptionist, but the latter did not ignored Yue Yang’s inquiry out of caution and alertness. He even said that he did not know Yue Qiu at the beginning, but later said that Yue Qiu had disappeared for more than a decade. At that time, Yue Yang was sure that the receptionist must know Yue Qiu, and they were closely related.

But Yue Yang didn’t expect that before he found time to look for Yue Qiu’s belongings, the receptionist was killed.

Who killed him?

A name sprang to Yue Yang’s mind – Ancient Demon King!

Most probably, to gain something valuable like valuable goods or information that Yue Qiu left, the Ancient Demon King found this receptionist and deceived him by using some abilities. He was afraid that others would know it after gaining what he wanted, so he simply destroyed the entire Oleander City.

The only thing that Ancient Demon King didn’t expect was that the receptionist didn’t die until Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, Xue Tan Lang and others arrived at Oleander City.

“I think we’d better put this problem aside first. Now it’s time to upgrade through cultivating, so we might as well go to the Southern Heaven Realm or the Western Heaven Realm to cultivate. Only more battles can help us improve quickly. When we are powerful enough, it is not too late to come back and fight against Ancient Demon King. I think what Uncle Yue Qiu left may be something of no use, so it won’t hurt if we take it back in the later future. What do we need most now? Level up!” Fatty Hai suddenly said something that surprisedYue Yang.

“Yes, Fatty Hai is right. I agree with him.” Ye Kong agreed with Fatty Hai’s proposal, which was even more weird.

“Do you think so?” Yue Yang looked at the Li brothers.

“Yes!” The Li brothers strangely avoided Yue Yang’s gaze and nodded with hesitation.

“As Big Boss, I will be the one to make decisions this time. I think we’d better go to the Heaven Realm and challenge more Sky-ranked Innates. As long as we have super strength, no matter what plots and intrigues the enemy uses, they won’t work for us. In front of absolute strength, everything is useless!” Fatty Hai said anxiously.

“Shut up.” Yue Yang surely knew that it was not that simple, pointing to Liu Ye and saying, “You are the worst liar. Tell me the true reason why you rushed to speak just then. Are you trying to hide something from me? I promise that I won’t get angry. Just tell me the truth.”

“Master…” Lowering her head with her hands grabbing her clothes, Liu Ye remained silent.

“What’s going on? Stop quarrelling!” Yue Yu, who noticed that the atmosphere was tense after tidying up the laboratory, hastened to calm them down. When Yue Yu walked out of the laboratory, Liu Ye was on the verge of tears and hid behind her immediately, avoiding Yue Yang’s eyes as if she was a child who was fear of being scolded since she had done something wrong. Bao Er, who had always been unable to hide her worry, also shook her head and waved her hand, trying to say that she knew nothing. However, even a blind man could tell that she must had something that she dared not to talk about.

“Where is White River Valley?” Yue Yang asked again, but everyone shook their heads.

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Everyone was really ignorant of the White River Valley.

Yue Yang was sure that what they had told him was only a part of the victim’s last words.

They must had heard some rumours that were most probably about him, so they decided to keep silent. Liu Ye even helped them lie to him, but she was seen through by him in an instant. At present, they would rather annoy him than tell him the truth, which indicated that the situation was tense.

Was there anything that they could not tell him?

It dawned on Yue Yang in an instant.

His identity!

He had been dogged by the problem. He had solved the problem with thunderbolt before.

However, this time, it was the Ancient Demon King who took advantage of his identity to attack him. The Ancient Demon King, who had known the critical secret, had learned the information about what Yue Qiu left and been waiting for the best opportunity. Yue Yang believed that he would be trapped in a desperate situation once the Ancient Demon King revealed his secret.

What should he do?

Unlike before, when the Ancient Demon King dared not to fight against Zhi Zun, Queen Night and others directly as he did not recovered, it had regained its power completely, which was proved by its actions. However, how powerful was the Ancient Demon King that dared to challenge Zhi Zun? The only possible trump was its original perfect body.

Since Ancient Demon King had found information about what Yue Qiu left, he had a trump.

But what this really meant? Yue Qiu was probably the caretaker guarding the original body of Ancient Demon King…

At least, Yue Qiu also knew where the original body of Ancient Demon King was, and what he left exposed that. If Ancient Demon King got what Yue Qiu left, it would be equivalent to getting his original body!

Thinking of this, Yue Yang’s face changed slightly.

“Set aside other things, let’s go now. We must stop the Ancient Demon King as soon as possible. It definitely was him, or it will be too late.” Yue Yang decided to ask Queen Night, he thought that she definitely knew where the White River Valley was. If Ancient Demon King had made a move, Zhi Zun would know that right now, and maybe she had already been there. Since Ancient Demon King dared to take action in a blatant manner, then he must have already recruited more reinforcements from Heaven Realm, so he had to help Zhi Zun. Despite other heaven-step reinforcements, just Ye Xiao, Zi Guang, Yue Su, and Bei could be troublesome.

Ye Xiao and Zi Guang, whose power was far above Wo Gua and Gu Deng. If they came to grips, except for Zhi Zun, even Queen Night and Yue Yang would take a long time to disentangle themselves.

Also Yue Su, who had the name of the king of the air battle, and the mysterious Bei were not that simple figures.

With their strength, coupled with much more powerful heaven-step reinforcements, a fierce battle was awaiting Yue Yang… And if the Scarlet Emperor and the Scarlet Concubine returned to Tong Tian Tower and joined forces with Ancient Demon King, then the consequences would be more serious.

Now, what made Yue Yang most worried was that he wondered if Ancient Demon King would talk Emperor Wu Shuang The Peerless in the battle, if the Peerless, Peerless Environment, Peerless Beauty and Peerless Place were resurrected, or other seniors trapped in ancient seals were released, then the Tong Tian Tower would fall into a bloody situation soon, and never would there be days of peace. Ancient Demon King was a person thinking before leaping, so Yue Yang believed that he would not take shots rashly, and even once the war, he wouldn’t accept battle easily.

If Yue Yang didn’t have enough pressure to move forward before, then he had now.

For identity, life, and love, he must accept the attack of Ancient Demon King. Otherwise, he would return to his original state, having nothing.

Chapter 729 - The Survivor's Last Words (Part 2)
Chapter 730 - Kiss You, My Love! (Part 2)

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I guess that’s what he gets for ignoring what Yue Que left behind.

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