Chapter 731 – Fight for Happiness! (Part 1)

Yue Yang had worked through his heart knot and completely dispelled his misgivings.

His heart gradually dissipated the haze.

Just as a darkened sky was suddenly lit by the golden rays of the sun, Xue Wuxia’s words suddenly enlightened him.

Yue Yang didn’t say farewell to Ye Kong and Fatty Hai, mainly because he didn’t want to lose his companions who were still growing and gaining strength in the battle against Ancient Devil King. If Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, or anyone else participated in his battle, it was destined that there would be someone who couldn’t return safely. So far, there was still a vast distance between their strength and that of Sky-rank Innates. Therefore, Yue Yang, together with Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian, silently went to the tenth floor of Tong Tian Tower. First, they needed to meet with Queen Night and ask for the secret location of White River Valley. Then the life-and-death struggle against Ancient Demon King would be waged.

There was a strong feeling in Yue Yang’s heart that the White River Valley should be inside Heaven Stairway, but he was uncertain what floor it was on.

Queen Night was not on the tenth floor of Tong Tian Tower but at the entrance of the first floor of Tong Tian Tower.

Queen Night was invisible. If Yue Yang had not mastered Creation Domain in the Gate of Life and Death, he wouldn’t even be able to see her figure, not even dimly. When Queen Night saw Yue Yang, who had completely restored his self-confidence, she smiled softly, seemingly quite delighted, then spoke in a celestial voice, “I know you can work it out. Every strong person will confront various problems. It is impossible to grow up without any difficulties. But at the same time, due to overcoming these difficulties, they are able to reach a point where they can break through to a higher level. Grasp this chance, it’s not just a challenge, it’s also an opportunity. In your future, there will be more tough battles and stronger enemies. If you want to keep going, then you are doomed to fight to overcome all obstacles, one after another. This is the real process of growth!”

“I know.” Yue Yang did not say thank you. Just as Xue Wuxia said, these words should be left for strangers.

“Let’s go!” Then Queen Night gently said, “I didn’t expect you to overcome this so soon. I planned to persuade you to go in person. Now that you have overcome this, let’s hurry to this long-prepared banquet. If Fourth Mother hadn’t insisted on it, I would really want to ignore that self-righteous guy.” Her words were like a spring breeze that warmed Yue Yang’s heart.

“Ah?” Yue Yang was startled. “Has Fourth Mother gone there?”

Fourth Mother had no combat power at all. If she tried to contend with Ancient Demon King and died from that, he would feel deeply guilty for the rest of his life.

Why did she want to see Ancient Demon King?

Was there any way to persuade Ancient Demon King who had been scheming for a long time?

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No matter how good her method was, it would be impossible to persuade a madman like Ancient Demon King, who would try all sorts of tricks to achieve his goals. If he was provoked, he would likely try to kill Fourth Mother out of anger!

Queen Night led Yue Yang, Xue Wuxia, and Princess Qian Qian to the fifth floor of Heaven Stairway.

She explained, “Now that Fourth Mother insisted that I couldn’t stand in her way. Moreover, sooner or later, this matter has to be resolved. In the past, I was afraid that you would not figure it out, so Zhi Zun and I decided to delay the fight after talking it over. But now Ancient Demon King took a chance and challenged us, Fourth Mother felt it’s necessary for her to personally go and resolve this thorny that I could only agree with her choice.”

Yue Yang was extremely anxious, “But Fourth Mother is so weak that she will be unable to stand up against even a little breeze. What if Ancient Demon King takes her hostage?”

“Since Queen Night is here, Zhi Zun must be with Fourth Mother. You’re sunk inside your own imaginary fears. Don’t worry.” Xue Wuxia said as she tried to calm Yue Yang down.

“That’s true. Zhi Zun is with her. If not, I wouldn’t spend so much time sealing the spatial gap in the Guang Ming Continent. This time, the remnants of Ancient Demon King’s partisans must be eliminated. No matter how powerless Tong Tian Tower is currently, I won’t allow those Heaven Realm’s mercenaries and careerists to do all kinds of evil here. Since they haven’t followed the rules of Tong Tian Tower, I have to send them into their graves to rest their heads.” Queen Night sighed slightly, “I am different from Zhi Zun. I rarely kill my opponents, but this time they have gone too far!”

“Leave them to me!” Yue Yang regained his confidence and volunteered to do it.

“Of course, Ancient Demon King is yours. You’ll also need to handle some of the other underlings, so it will be very hard for you. Fortunately, this time it’s just a few careerists from Heaven Realm, rather than the super seniors from inside the ancient Sealing Circle. Otherwise, it would be more intractable.” Queen Night’s words came as a shock to Yue Yang.

It seemed that it was not just as simple as dealing with Ancient Demon King.

On the fifth floor of Heaven Stairway, it was a sure thing that there were more superpowers with Sky-rank Innates, and it was likely that some of them had the same power as Lionheart King, or were even stronger.

If this was the case, then Zhi Zun and Queen Night needed to join the battle against these people, and he (Yue Yang) would have to fight against Ancient Demon King, and Ye Xiao, Zi Guang, Yue Su, Bei had to be against other weaker Heaven Realm mercenaries. He might have to face the attacks of Scarlet Emperor, Scarlet Concubine, Shun Tian, Black Prince, and Thousand Goblins Sect Leader. Possibly, he would even have to fight the rankers from Western Lion Pagoda and Floating Mist Sect.

It would be a tough battle to wipe out all of these remaining forces in one go.

They could confirm that Emperor Wu Shuang and his three powerful underlings; Peerless Environment, Peerless Beauty and Peerless Place, did not escape from the Sealing Circle, but the power of Ancient Demon King couldn’t be sniffed at either.

A person as cautious as Ancient Demon King would only fight in situations where he was sure of victory. Now, the only thing they could do was to engage in a fight to the finish against Ancient Demon King.

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Chapter 731 - Fight for Happiness! (Part 2)

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