Chapter 731 – Fight for Happiness! (Part 2)

Fortunately, he had mastered Creation Domain in the Gate of Life and Death. Otherwise, the battle would be more dangerous. He was under the protection of Bing Yin’s Eastern Immortal beasts but what about the others? If something unexpected happened during the fight against Ancient Demon King there were some family members, and lovers, who might be killed. For Yue Yang, no matter who died, it would be an unacceptable loss.

Halfway to Tong Tian Tower, Phoenix Fairy Beauty caught up with Yue Yang from behind.

To Yue Yang’s surprise, she was injured. Apparently, she had experienced a fierce battle.

“What’s the matter?” Yue Yang quickly grabbed her jade-white arms and delivered some of his Innate energy to help her recover.

“Nothing serious. Don’t waste your energy.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty deliberately laughed with a casual tone, for fear of causing him to worry, “There was a mouse from Heaven Realm that strayed during transport, then ran in the wrong direction towards the ninth floor of Tong Tian Tower. I caught up with it and killed it, but that mouse retaliated by counterattacking before it died, so I got injured. If I wasn’t in a hurry, how could it manage to hurt me?”

“…” Yue Yang knew, even though she made light of the fight, she must have experienced a difficult battle. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for an ordinary Sky-rank Innate to harm her, a master of the power of Sky Law.

The person who wounded Phoenix Fairy Beauty absolutely had to be above Heaven Stage Level 4. They might even be Heaven Stage Level 5.

Xue Wuxia and Princes Qian Qian just smiled at her.

If they were in her shoes, they would have done the same thing.

For their beloved man, they were willing to fight with him side by side or pay for what he needed, silently. No regrets! They were his betrothed wives, so fighting for their future husband, their future happiness was their ultimate goal in life.

Heaven Stairway, fifth floor.

Even the mountains had collapsed on the ground, so it was hard to measure how many battles had happened there.

There were desolate ruins everywhere, even the wind was stripped of its strength, and the whole earth was shrouded in darkness, and enveloped in dead silence.

Beyond a dry riverbed stretched a valley that had been completely destroyed. It might have been an incomparably beautiful place, with singing birds and fragrant flowers, like paradise on earth but now there was nothing but debris, just like hell. In that desolate place, there were more than a dozen shadows standing quietly on top of a squarish rock.

The leader was Ancient Demon King who hid his true appearance inside a mantle.

Not only Ancient Demon King but almost everyone wore a cloak to conceal their breath so that people couldn’t measure their strength in numbers.

“I didn’t expect you would dare to come here!” Ancient Demon King shook his head and sighed, “If you hadn’t come, that would have been better because it would prove that you’re diffident about your strength. To be honest, I’m not afraid of Zhi Zun’s and Queen Night because their progress is relatively slow, unlike you. Every time I met you, your advancement made me feel that more and greater crises would occur. If I don’t dispose of you early, sooner or later, there will be no place for me to put my feet inTong Tian Tower.”

“Your time has passed. You should sleep underground like other seniors.” Yue Yang sighed emotionally. If Ancient Demon King had not lost his original perfect body, he feared that even if he practiced for another year and made more progress, he would still be unqualified to challenge Ancient Demon King.

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“No matter in Tong Tian Tower or in Heaven Realm, the rule is the same – the law of the jungle.” Ancient Demon King laughed and said, “If you can kill me, I won’t blame you!”

“Those whose courses are different cannot lay plans for one another. Everyone has their own opinions, everyone’s pursuits are different, we’re advancing in opposite directions, so there can only be one winner. No matter what tricks you play or what methods you use, I just want to tell you, ‘this is the end.’ Yue Yang looked very serious, “There can be only one survivor, you or me!”

“Your words really sound confident, but who can predict what will happen next?” Ancient Demon King laughed and said, “Do you dare to follow me to a place?”

“Don’t go!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty stopped him by grabbing Yue Yang’s arm, then shook her head, saying, “It’s definitely a trap!”

“But Fourth Mother is there. I must follow him.” Ignoring the people around him, Yue Yang embraced Phoenix Fairy Beauty and kissed her delicate, lustrous lips lightly, “Wait here for me. Trust me. Since I decided to go, I am not afraid of his secret plans.”

“Hui Tai Lang, Hong, Ah Man, Spirit of Sky Fire, Reaper Mantis, Quintet Seeking Golden Mice, Duo Duo’s Mad Thorny Flower General and Smog Thorny Flower General, Tao Tie Blade and Star Scorpion, all stay here.” Xue Wuxia not only let Luo Hua City Mistress, Yi Nan, Yue Bing, Blazing Flame, Hai Yingwu, and Drunken Cat Sister come out of grimoire world, but also made Yue Yang leave most of the war beasts behind. Besides sleeping Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying and Duo Duo, Xiao Wen Li was the only person to accompany Yue Yang.

Of course, like the Qilin girl, Bing Yin and War God Guards, Dragon Ladies, they were still a secret to outsiders. Xue Wuxia knew this secret and expected that they would play a crucial role at a critical moment.

This battle will be a very difficult one.

If they succeeded, Yue Yang would become the real successor of Tong Tian Tower. In the future, there would be no resistance, except when entering Heaven Realm.

Princess Qian Qian burst out, “Sisters, fight for our future happiness!” Then she activated her Saint Force Domain and pulled out Hellsword on her back. She had shouted so loudly that it seemed as if the sky had shattered and heaven and earth had begun to tremble.

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