Chapter 732 – Si Hai, a Powerful Man with Sovereign’s Will (Part 1)

When Yue Yang was about to follow Ancient Demon King into White River Valley, passing through the devastated area, all his people stared at him.

They wanted to say farewell to him, but they were afraid doing that would be unlucky.

Yue Yang turned around and saw Princess Qian Qian prop herself up as she turned her face away, just in case he caught any trace of cowardice on her face. She didn’t want Yue Yang to worry about her. Luo Hua City Mistress nodded slightly. Phoenix Fairy Beauty was busy looking in a mirror to check if her make-up had become a little messy due to her previous battle. Yi Nan’s slender fingers were sliding over her lips. Yi Nan wanted to throw Yue Yang a kiss, but when she saw that the others weren’t showing any dramatic reactions, she felt a little embarrassed. Therefore, her gesture was her way of saying, “I support you, please accept this sweet kiss.”

Yue Bing raised both of her small fists to prove that she would live up to his expectations.

Yue Yang smiled, then stretched out one of his hands to stroke Yue Bing’s head.

Instead of encouraging his sister, as usual, he just nodded silently.

Yue Yang also noticed the different reactions of Hai Yingwu, Drunken Cat Sister, and Blazing Flame. He nodded and smiled at them. Then, once he had left Hui Tai Lang, Hong, Ah Man, and all the other war beasts behind, Yue Yang took a deep breath, then quickly chased after Ancient Demon King – like a bolt of lightning.

After Yue Yang left, Princess Qian Qian immediately burst out in a forceful and imposing manner. “Who dares to fight me?” With Hellsword in her hand, she was unmatched in all of Tong Tian Tower.

She casually wielded a slash directed at their enemies.

A huge trench three-hundred meters long appeared in the ground, and the sword Qi of Hellsword slashed out at dozens of black shadows on the opposite side with unsurpassed force.

She wanted her slash to reveal their enemies’ true appearance hidden inside their cloaks, since they were deliberately trying to be mystifying, so that they would lose their mystique, making it impossible for them to maintain that kind of peculiar and aggressive pressure on their minds. As long as their true appearances were exposed, Xue Wuxia could adjust their combat tactics according to the shifting needs during battle. Inside Xue Wuxia’s spirit domain, the more information about the enemies she got, the better the results would be.

However, in the face of Princess Qian Qian’s slash, the black shadows kept calm and remained motionless, except for a few who had lean slightly to one side.

“Insignificant skill.” shouted a huge black shadow, as it lept out, heading straight for the sword Qi.

With a roar of thunder, he stretched out his strong right arm, like a pillar, to block the sword Qi that Princess Qian Qian had activated using Hellsword.

The Heaven Stage Level 1 innates absolutely did not dare to try resisting Hellsword’s sword Qi using only their arms. Even though Princess Qian Qian had not yet strengthened the slash with her Saint force, nor had she applied her ultimate strength, her thunderous slash couldn’t be blocked easily by Sky-rank Innates.

However, the huge black shadow was using his long, golden right arm to block the attack.

No tricks at all. It was a contest of pure strength.


Hellsword’s sword Qi struck his long golden right arm that he was using to block the attack, colliding with such violence that it stirred up a fierce shock wave.

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In the valley, the earth trembled so violently that pebbles rolled and sand flew everywhere. Even rocks in the distance collapsed, making it seem like the end of the world.

As the dust gradually settled, the situation shocked her. Except for the man with the long, golden right arm, all the other black shadows behind him were still standing on the rocks and remained motionless. Even their cloaks weren’t damaged, not even a little! Only the mantle of the man with long, golden right arm had been shattered by the sword Qi, exposing his strong upper body. It looked as strong as a yak’s.

This big-headed, rock-faced man had a particularly long right arm.

Compared to his left arm, the right arm was twice as long.

The length of his right arm was close to that of his entire body.

Unlike his left arm, his right arm bore no weapons, nor was it armored. It glowed with a golden light, and it appeared to be made of something harder than metal.

Princess Qian Qian’s slash only left a small wound, no more than ten centimeters in length, on his long right arm. The wound was so shallow that it didn’t even bleed. It quickly disappeared after he licked it in a particularly disgusting way.

“I haven’t felt pain for a long time. That slash of your divine equipment really made me excited!” The man, strong like a yak, laughed wildly and said, “Let me introduce myself first. My name is Li Pan, a man from the Navagraha tribe who will kill you later. I came to Tong Tian Tower and Heaven Stairway ten-thousand years ago. Of course, I wasn’t welcomed at that time. Since then I have been waiting for Tong Tian Tower to pay for what they did to me. Fortunately, today’s Tong Tian Tower has fallen, and the strong fighters from back then have already been buried. So, I had to find you, the strong fighters of this generation’s Tong Tian Tower!”

“As a person who’s going to die, I don’t need to remember any of that.” Princess Qian Qian riposted.

The tall man named Li Pan shook his head and laughed, “Haha. I know you’re dreading having to fight against me. You’re definitely not worthy to be my opponent, even though you do have a divine sword. Even if I’m a Heaven Stage Level 5 innate, all the warriors of our Navagraha tribe have super strength, so I can even vie with a Heaven Stage Level 6 innate. No matter what, you can’t win!”

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Chapter 732 - Si Hai, a Powerful Man with Sovereign’s Will (Part 2)

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