Chapter 732 – Si Hai, a Powerful Man with Sovereign’s Will (Part 2)

“She’s not alone…” Phoenix Fairy Beauty said, after she had finally restored her makeup. “I don’t believe you’ll object if we fight two-on-one,” she cunningly remarked.

“I’m afraid you won’t have a chance to fight together. For the sake of all the treasures inside Gods’ Ruins, all the fighters of my Navagraha tribe have been dispatched here. So, all of you are destined to die. It’s time for us to wipe out the humiliation given to us in the past. Maybe you’ll think it’s unfair but the culprit is your weakness.” Li Pan pointed behind himself, at the black shadows, indicating that all the people behind him were from the Navagraha tribe. In order to gain all the treasures within Gods’ Ruins, they would have absolutely no compassion for womanhood.

Behind Li Pan stood a tall man who was as thin as a rake.

The man was looking at Phoenix Fairy Beauty like a venomous snake stares at its prey. “I can see Si Yue’s Revenge Rune on your body. You really are stronger than the others. You managed to kill Si Yue without receiving any heavy wounds. So, let me be the one to bury you! My favorite thing is to send strong warriors to their graves! Before you die, remember my name, the funeral mourner, You Jin!”

Phoenix Fairy Beauty shook her head, “What a terrible nickname!”

Xue Wuxia, who had been observing these enemies, suddenly closed the 𝐵𝑜𝑜𝑘 𝑜𝑓 𝑇𝑟𝑢𝑡ℎ and pointed to Li Pan, “His advantage is he can absorb a great deal of physical damage due to his superior ability to physically defend himself. However, he’s weak at defending himself psychically.” Then she pointed at You Jin and said, “On the contrary, that man has a strong ability to defend himself psychically but is slightly weaker in terms of physical defense. Moreover, he’s quick, is good with battle skills, and has a special kind of coffin beast that can devour his opponent… Exchange places or it will be very hard to fight them. Queen Night, please dispose of the person sitting on the rock. If I have guessed correctly, he’s the leader of the Navagraha tribe, as he’s the only person I couldn’t get information about!”

The shadow sitting on the rock shook his head, casually waved his hands, then said, “No, I’m not. Both the king and queen of the Navagraha tribe are waiting underground. I’m just an old warrior here to fight.”

He paused a moment, then continued, “You can call me Si Hai. Si Yue, who was killed by that little girl, is one of my sons.”

Hearing these words, Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wuxia felt uneasy.

Si Hai might be stronger than they’d imagined.

He seemed indifferent to his son’s death, remaining calm and modest. There was no trace of resentment or anger showing on his face. He embodied an inexorable will… Apparently, Si Hai was a real Innate Elder with an unwavering Sovereign’s Will.

There were some slight changes within Queen Night’s Starry Sky Domain, more stars had appeared.

As Queen Night slowly increased her strength, revealing an unprecedented serious attitude, she responded in a gentle voice, “Senior Si Hai, I’ll be your opponent! Although I don’t like killing, I sometimes lose control of my strength. If I overreact, let me apologize first.”

Queen Night wouldn’t restrict her strength anymore. She had decided to fight using her full strength.

It could be said that these words were a declaration of war between her and her opponent, Si Hai.

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In the face of mysterious Queen Night, who had mastered Starry Sky Domain, Si Hai couldn’t afford to be careless, “Every warrior will eventually die in a fight. That’s the best end for all warriors – to die in the hands of the strong. Ten-thousand years ago I never lost in Western Heaven Realm, during the first half of my life, but I was defeated by Tong Tian Tower’s warriors three times. In the first battle, I had a strength greater than my opponent but I was defeated due to carelessness, so I wasn’t convinced they were the better fighters. Comparatively, in the second battle, my opponent was a little stronger than me, but my fighting skills, combined with the use of beasts, was slightly inferior, so I lost again. At that time, I thought Tong Tian Tower’s people were all like this, just slightly better than me. In the third battle, the people from more than a hundred tribes joined forces to fight against Empress Fei Wen Li. I was at Heaven Stage Level 6, so I felt confident that even if I couldn’t compete with her, one-on-one, I would be on the winning side when she fought against thousands of Sky-rank Innates. I didn’t expect the entire army would be destroyed. I ended up seriously wounded and was ignored like an insect because of this. I had to crawl out from among the dead. I felt sorrow for my ignorance of the situation, but lucky to have survived. Since then I have learned my lesson. True power is comprised not only of one’s strength but also one’s mental attitude. Even if a person is extremely strong, it’s no guarantee one will win.”

“After thousands of years, I’ve finally realized what Sovereign’s Will is. So I decided to participate in a fourth challenge to rectify the dishonor done to my name. Please instruct me!” Then Si Hai stood up and saluted Queen Night solemnly.

“Please.” Queen Night’s voice was gentle as the wind but firm as a mountain.

She also had Sovereign’s Will, so she didn’t feel worried even though her opponent was stronger and was of a higher rank than her.

The fight between them wouldn’t only involve direct combat power, it would also include many other abilities. The one who had mastered more – understood Sovereign’s Will best – would be the winner.

Xue Wuxia slightly pursed her lips to relieve the tension in her heart.

She understood Queen Night had made up her mind. If she failed to defeat Si Hai, a Heaven Stage Level 6 or Level 7 innate, she was determined to take him with her when she died. Today’s fight might cause Queen Night to fall. However, she didn’t speak these thoughts out since Yi Nan and Yue Bing wouldn’t be able to accept this right now. Their enemies were unprecedented in strength. Not only Si Hai but also the king and queen of the Navagraha tribe were more powerful than any of their previous enemies.

Besides the king queen of the Navagraha tribe, there might be even more powerful enemies. In order to defeat Yue Yang, Ancient Demon King had decided to give up all the treasures inside Gods’ Ruins and give them to these people from Heaven Realm.

No wonder Fourth Mother wanted to stop this conflict at all costs.

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