Chapter 733 – Today, I’m the Boss! (Part 1)

Outside Rainbow Castle, Ye Kong and Fatty Hai burst out in a violent argument. Even though there were the usual cat-and-dog fights between them, this was the first time their opinions were poles apart.

“I know we are not strong enough to help them, but we should still go to White River Valley. It will be better than waiting here, at least we could dress their wounds.” Ye Kong hadn’t dared to put forward this proposal before Yue Yang left because it was obvious that his strength would be unable to change anything during the fighting in White River Valley. He would just die in vain. If they stayed here, the only thing they could do was to wait for Yue Yang to return in triumph. If they went they might be able to gain a little favor, at the end of the battle, by helping out the wounded.

“Monkey—no heroics! Do you have any brains?” Fatty Hai protested, “Let’s talk about what would happen if we went. To Sky-rank Innates we are the perfect hostages. Our arrival would only cause more trouble. Don’t you think the pressure on Yue Yang is great enough?”

“It’s possible for anything to happen. Nobody can predict what will happen in the future. Maybe they’ll need our help. Should we just stand by and do nothing other than watch Yue Yang risk his life fighting against Ancient Demon King?” an enraged Ye Kong said.

“No matter what you say, I won’t agree to take any chance, as long as there isn’t even a one percent chance of winning!” Fatty Hai replied, digging in his heels.

“Yue Yang is risking his life to fight against Ancient Demon King, why can’t we?” Ye Kong had almost called Fatty Hai a coward.

“I believe in Yue Yang. He has the capability to reverse the situation, but you don’t. If you become a hostage, you’re doomed to die! Monkey, besides you and me, there are many other people in our team, Liu Ye, Bao Er, etc.” Fatty Hai tried to calm Ye Kong down, hoping to convince him to reconsider the matter once again.

“Xue Tan Lang, Prince Tian Luo, you, and I will be enough. The others can stay here.” Ye Kong certainly wouldn’t let Liu Ye or Bao Er participate in the battle.

“If we did that, that would be even worse. What will those left behind do if Shun Tian, Marquis of Zi Jin, Black Prince, and Thousand Goblins Sect Leader attack them?” Fatty Hai immediately retorted.

“They…” Ye Kong hesitated. There was no guarantee that possibility wouldn’t occur. Ye Kong was left speechless.

If the four strongest members of their team left, once Shun Tian and the others found out that the Li brothers, Liu Ye, Bao Er, Fan Lun Tie, Li Ao, Lin En and Anna had been left on their own, Shun Tian and the others would attack them immediately. The consequences of that were unimaginable. Yue Yang, Zhi Zun, Queen Night, Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian, had all left Elder Nan Gong was away supervising the space seal in the Guang Ming Continent, so he wasn’t available either. The Heavenly Imperial Guards of the various countries would only protect their emperors. As for the Demonic Palace, they were rushing to support Yue Yang.

So, if Shun Tian and the others seized the opportunity and captured Liu Ye and Bao Er, they would all be forced into a losing position even if Yue Yang returned in triumph. While Shun Tian and Black Prince normally wouldn’t dare act rashly, if the present situation changed, differing substantially from the previous one, they would be on the prowl, looking for a good opportunity to attack.

No matter where Liu Ye and Bao Er were they would not be safe. Without the fear he had of Zhi Zun and Queen Night, as well as the threat of Yue Yang and the Demonic Palace, Shun Tian would sweep clean through Tong Tian Tower.

All of them were caught up in silence thinking over the crisis Fatty Hai had mentioned.

Everyone wanted a solution to this problem, but there seemed to be no way around it.

Even two Heaven Stage, Level 2, Abyss Manatees had been dispatched to White River Valley. Where could they look to find stronger warriors to protect their teammates?

When Feng Qi Sha, Yan Po Jun, and Yue Ting finally arrived they couldn’t think of a solution either. They would just have to wait with them.

Prince Tian Luo kept on racking his brain, hoping to come up with a possible solution.

Xue Tan Lang gave up on trying to accomplish this hopeless task. He believed that if there was a better solution his sister or brother-in-law would have found it and ordered everyone to carry it out. Since they left without saying anything it proved, to him, that there were no alternate choices.

After coming to that conclusion, he forced himself to read the “Heavenly Realm Fancy Chronicle” that he was holding in his hands. Of course, it was impossible for him to read it aloud in public. While this had no obvious effect, he was able to see a little effect. His Inherent Skill of Energy Releasing had leveled up to Level 4.

While Ye Kong and Fatty Hai were arguing, Liu Ye, who had been sitting in silence, suddenly jumped up in alarm, frightening everyone. They hurried to ask her what had happened.

She began to cry, then replied in a trembling voice, “I don’t know the reason why. I suddenly felt extremely anxious and depressed. I could hardly breathe. Do you think there is something wrong with my Master?” Some of the other people there also had this feeling. They became even more upset upon hearing her words.

“Don’t worry, it’s okay. Yue Yang and everyone else will be just fine!” Anna, the eldest sister on the team, quickly comforted her.

“We must work together to get through this difficult time safely!” Bao Er raised her small fists to encourage Liu Ye.


The Meteor Shower Pearl that Bao Er wore on her head had been presented to her by Ocean Emperor, Hai Lan. It was a lucky pearl that had existed for more than 3,000 years, which had a strong complementary ability to increase the wearer’s luck. Although luck was intangible  Bao Er had always been lucky. In the past, she had incredible success, in many cases where others would have failed.

So, due to that luck, they were all deeply convinced that the cracking of the lucky Meteor Shower Pearl on Bao Er’s head was an ominous omen. The sudden cracking caused everyone’s countenance to change.

What a disaster! How had the situation deteriorated to this extent? Was good luck going to abandon them?

Chapter 732 - Si Hai, a Powerful Man with Sovereign’s Will (Part 2)
Chapter 733 - Today, I’m the Boss! (Part 2)

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