Chapter 733 – Today, I’m the Boss! (Part 2)

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Bao’er held the cracked Meteor Shower Pearl and stammered, “I really didn’t mean to…”

“No!” Fatty Hai suddenly roared in a thunderous voice, “The point isn’t Liu Ye, nor the Meteor Shower Pearl. It’s us! Damn! We have to leave here right away because Shun Tian and others might be on the way. Monkey, you should immediately lead the team to White River Valley. Only when everyone is by the side of Zhi Zun and Yue Yang, can all of them be safe!”

“Aren’t you against this?” Ye Kong was stunned.

“Now the situation has changed. Ancient Demon King must have reinforcements, strong enough to fight against Zhi Zun and Yue Yang. When he hears this news, Shun Tian will certainly launch an attack on us, so we must leave now. Liu Ye wasn’t the only one who had this kind of feeling, all of us did. However, none of us considered it to be the kind of mental warning summoners can receive.” Fatty Hai roared, as he grabbed Ye Kong’s collar.

“What?” Ye Kong, Xue Tan Lang, and Tian Luo Prince were shocked.

Everyone thought the reason why they felt uncomfortable was that they couldn’t participate in the fight between Yue Yang and Ancient Demon King. They were too weak to support him and would have to wait helplessly for his return.

Shockingly, this was not correct. The real reason was that a strong enemy was coming soon.

Sometimes, the indescribable connection between grimoires and their summoners could be of great help and importance, such as sending a mental warning of danger. If this was the case here, they must leave at once or the consequences would be incalculable. No one realized that it was already far too late to do anything about this matter when they became aware of this possibility.

Suddenly, a golden light flashed and Shun Tian’s maleficent figure appeared before them. Appearing together with him were Black Prince, who was almost invisible, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader, and the crafty Marquis of Zi Jin, who hid inside a Goblin cloud. In addition, Guang Ming Continent’s innate rankers from the Winged Clan, the Southern Floating Mountain Mist Sect, and Western Lion Pagoda Sect stood beside them. Their arrival made Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, and the others’ faces turn pale.

Even the weakest person in Thousand Goblins Sect Leader’s team, Marquis of Zi Jin, had the power of a Level 8 Innate. Shun Tian, Black Prince, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader, plus the Elders of the Winged Clan Senate, the master of Southern Mountain Floating Mist Sect, and the outer Elder of Western Lion Pagoda’s power levels were beyond mentioning.

There was a massive strength gap between their two teams.

“To be honest, Fatty Hai, you were the one I despised most. You unexpectedly gave me a nasty surprise. If I had known you were so smart and decisive, I would have killed you during the battle at Yue Clan Castle. A little ant like you should have grown up to threaten me today. If you’re allowed to continue to practice, for a few more years, it won’t end well for me.” Shun Tian sighed, shaking his head. With a smirk, he continued, “Before sending you to your grave, I want to tell you a secret that will kill any hope you have of Yue Yang returning in triumph. Don’t be so naive as to expect Yue Yang will save you because there are more than enough and strong enemies to kill him. Besides Ancient Demon King, have you ever heard of Navagraha King? He’s a king whose power is at Heaven Stage Level 7, and his territory is much larger than Tong Tian Tower. Moreover, Yue Yang’s strongest enemy isn’t him. His strongest enemy is Navagraha Empress Mother. She is a powerful warrior at Emperor Stage, and she’s one of the candidates to become a magnate in Heaven Realm. When a person like her arrives at Heaven Stairway, do you still dare to dream that the invincible 3rd son of the Yue Clan, Yue Yang, can reverse his fate in this situation? Bwahaha! Impossible!”

Shun Tian’s arrogant attitude, his sarcastic tone, and his supercilious smile – all these incited Ye Kong to furiously shout, “I want to kill him!”

“Monkey!” Fatty Hai grabbed Ye Kong’s arms tightly to stop his attack.

“I will fight Shun Tian this time, Black Prince is your opponent.” Ye Kong was determined to fight Shun Tian to the death. It might be useless as far as helping Yue Yang, but at least they could clean up the traitors inside Tong Tian Tower. Shun Tian, Black Prince, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader, Marquis of Zi Jin, and the others, were all enemies they absolutely had to kill!

“Are you mad? We’re not going to fight them!” Fatty Hai shook his head and objected firmly. He hugged the furious Ye Kong tightly as he shouted, “Calm down! He wants to make us act rashly. Understand? What we need to do is fight against what he wants. That way he’ll be unable to predict what we’ll do, be off balance, and vulnerable. Yue Yang isn’t here, so I’ll take command. Withdraw immediately, then go find Queen Night. She can protect you, so stay by her side. I believe Yue Yang will be victorious, no matter how strong his opponents are. I’ve never doubted that!”

“What about you?” Ye Kong noticed a strange light he’d never seen before within Fatty Hai’s eyes.

“I’ll stay here to delay them!” Fatty Hai replied, enunciating every word, while still remaining extremely calm.

“Impossible…” Ye Kong wanted to argue some more with Fatty Hai, but Fatty Hai just stared at Ye Kong. His piercing glare had him trapped. Fatty Hai grabbed Ye Kong’s collar and shouted in a gruff voice, ” I’m not asking for your opinion! I’m commanding you to do this, understand? Yue Yang isn’t here, so today, I’m the boss! Your responsibility is to ensure the safety of others. If you don’t want the whole team to die, right in front of you, follow my commands!”

“You…” Ye Kong felt angry since he knew what it meant to stay behind. He wanted to exchange his assigned position with Fatty Hai or fight side by side with him. However, Fatty Hai had given him a more important task, to lead the others to safety. There was no doubt that he had a more difficult task than to remain behind, heroically fighting to the death in a losing battle that could only delay their enemies. It was a greater responsibility, a heavy-duty, to get the rest of the team safely away as their enemy’s pursued. If he could choose, Ye Kong would choose to die heroically in battle, but he didn’t have that choice. Yue Yang wasn’t available and the remainder of their team needed a leader.

“As your boss, I’ve never acted the way a boss is supposed to behave. Today, I’m your boss!” Fatty Hai suddenly laughed, “Don’t you think your boss is extremely dignified? Being a boss, that’s not a job anyone can do!”

“Go!” Ye Kong fought to hold back his tears, as he spread out a Transportation Scroll. He roared loudly in grief and with indignation, just like a solitary wolf howls at the moon, “Go, our boss will be bringing up the rear!”

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