Chapter 734 – Fatty Hai’s Trump Card (Part 1)

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“Don’t you want to escape?” Shun Tian sneered at Fatty Hai’s team.

Shun Tian thought, “Even if we allow them to leave, can Ye Kong and the others escape from our pursuit? Moreover, if several of our innate rankers launch an attack on Fatty Hai that would be far beyond Fatty Hai’s ability to handle. As long as we chase after Ye Kong’s group, then we will be able to kill the entire team with minimal effort. However, if we allow them to stay and fight against us to the death, Fatty Hai and Ye Kong might be able to kill one or two of us.

For today’s fight, the Senate of the Guang Ming Continent had sent the entirety of their combat power. So, it will be impossible for Fatty Hai to save the lives of his entire team by sacrificing himself. If that did happen it would be a true miracle!”

It was thanks to Elder Nan Gong going to supervise the space seal that thwarted the Winged Clan’s plan to open that seal, allowing even more high-level warriors from Heaven Realm to enter that place. Even so, Shui Dong Liu and the Dragon Lady, reinforced by Heaven Realm Dwarves, Eastern Goblin Tribe, the Aquatic Race, and the Underworld Clan, were all intercepted by members of the Winged Clan and the Heaven Realm Mercenary Guild.

In order to get the Ancient Relics inside Gods’ Ruins, Ancient Demon King had spent thousands of years weaving an intricate plot. If it was not for Yue Yang, whose sudden rise had disrupted his future plan, Ancient Demon King wouldn’t have decided to launch an attack at this time, let alone use the warriors from Heaven Realm to ‘ride on the back of a tiger, unable to get off’.[1]

Yue Yang’s rapid rise made Ancient Demon King feel tremendous pressure. He had no choice but to cooperate with his enemies. He had made the decision that ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’. For Ancient Demon King there was no path of retreat.

Compared to the high-level warriors from Heaven Realm, Yue Yang was the greatest threat to his plan.

In order to dispose of the 3rd son of the Yue Clan, Yue Yang, who had ruined his centuries of planning, Ancient Demon King decided to completely change his tactics, even if it would expose the plan he had spent so many years preparing.

If his previous plan went smoothly, he would have already reaped the fruits of victory.

But Yue Yang’s appearance completely ruined his scheme.

Shun Tian, who was already cooperating with Ancient Demon King, was anxious to step up to the level of Innate Elder. At present, Shun Tian’s task wasn’t to fight against Yue Yang but to eradicate his teammates. In such a situation, Shun Tian couldn’t imagine failing.

After all, Fatty Hai and Ye Kong were so weak, despite their rapid progress, there was still a huge gap in strength between them and several of the high-level innate rankers on his team. Even if he didn’t join hands with Black Prince and Thousand Goblins Sect Leader, Shun Tian thought he could complete this task on his own.

“Go!” Ye Kong roared as a thunderbolt exploded, in the air, near them.

“Wait for us. I’ll return, together with my Master…” Liu Ye was too soft-hearted to endure such a separation. But on the spur-of-the-moment occasion, she wasn’t ignorant. If she didn’t leave at once, Fatty Hai’s sacrifice would be in vain. If they hesitated, even for a second, they might cause irreparable harm to their side. If they left as soon as possible, then Fatty Hai could withdraw from the fight with Shun Tian giving him more chances to escape from the war.

Liu Ye reached out and grasped Bao’er’s small hands before they began passing through the various obstacles their enemies had placed in their path. Soon they arrived at a portal. She entered quickly, following Perforate Deer who led the way.

Since Liu Ye was synchronized to transport along with Perforate Deer, there was nothing their enemies could do to stop her departure. She barely escaped getting hurt from a burst of Heaven Rank energy, that Black Prince had launched her way when she disappeared through the portal.

Then, under the protection of the Li brothers, Lin En and Anna dashed through the portal. As they did so, Xue Tan Lang endured a blow from Thousand Goblins Sect Leader to help protect the couple. Yan Po Jun and Feng Qi Sha kicked Master Ning Hai through the portal as they forced Yue Ting, the future Master of Yue Clan, through the portal with them.

Tian Luo’s energy exploded outward to block Black Prince who was moving as fast as lightning toward them.

Tian Luo was currently the strongest warrior on the team. On his own, he had managed to resist an attack from Black Prince and Great Elders of the Winged Clan.

Close by, Ye Kong summoned King Kong Demon Ape, forcing Marquis of Zi Jin to retreat.

At that moment, Marquis of Zi Jin hadn’t yet completely absorbed Thousand Goblins King’s demon heart. However, with Ancient Demon King’s support, he had the power of a Level 8 Innate. In addition to this, he had a summoning grimoire with a Guardian Spirit Beast, so his prospects were brighter than that of three high-level warriors. If he was on the winning side when this battle ended, he was bound to regain some of his lost strength. He’d regain strength equal to Thousand Goblins King’s level.

“Hurry up!” Fatty Hai exclaimed as he summoned his Diamond Rhinoceros, Little Hippopotamus, Quasi-Heaven Giant Lighting Mammoth, and Wind Breath Seabird all at once because he was desperate to delay these enemies. Then he punched out at Shun Tian, master of the Five Transformations. When Shun Tian was slightly pushed back, Fatty Hai growled wildly at Ye Kong, “Go! There must an ambush on the way. Don’t look for Yue Yang. Don’t go back to Shang Jing or Yue Clan Castle. Don’t go to Tong Tian Tower. Leave here and go to one of the places where we usually stay. I’ll stay here! I’m enough!”

“Don’t be naive. Wherever you go, you’re doomed to die.” Shun Tian sounded proud and confident but that was superficial. After hearing Fatty Hai’s words, he became a little troubled because he knew there weren’t any traps in several important places. There were many places where they could stay safely inside Tong Tian Tower. The same was true for the Soaring Dragon Continent.

If Ye Kong led the team to hole up in a secret place, it wouldn’t be easy to find them.

Shun Tian immediately revised the plan to ambush them that he had settled on previously. So did Black Price and Thousand Goblins Sect Leader.

Shun Tian was the one who made the final decision, “Go and pursue the others! Leave this fatty to me! I’ll torture him to death!”


[1] The saying “骑虎难下,” “riding on the back of a tiger and not being able to get off” means facing a dilemma or being stuck in a difficult position with no way out but to see it through to the end. [Here the only way off is to kill Yue Yang.]騎虎難下_378493.html

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