Chapter 734 – Fatty Hai’s Trump Card (Part 2)

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One elder of the Winged clan stepped out and summoned a white fish-shaped war beast, that floated lightly in the air.

The war beast spat out countless bubbles that had long strings of bizarre characters covering their surface. Gazing at these symbols the elder seemed to gain some secret information. He immediately reported it to Shun Tian. “They’re very crafty. They’re no longer heading to the White River Valley on the fifth floor of Heaven Stairway, Tong Tian Tower, or Yue Clan Castle. They’re heading for Despair Abyss!”

Marquis of Zi Jin moved the fastest. He immediately unrolled a transportation scroll and used it to pursue the others. Fatty Hai couldn’t react quickly enough to stop him from traveling in the direction of Despair Abyss!

Now, it was up to Ye Kong and Xue Tan Lang. They were being confronted by Thousand Goblins Sect Leader, the last and strongest of the enemies they needed to dispose of.

Ye Kong and Xue Tan Lang had failed to intercept their team’s pursuers because they had to face attacks from Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and the Great Elder of the Winged Clan. By the time Tian Luo Prince was able to force Black Prince back, out of the way, many of their enemies had already stepped through the portal. Seizing this opportunity, Ye Kong and Xue Tan Lang immediately rushed through the portal to catch up to those pursuers, to help protect Liu Ye and the others.

As soon as Ox-Head Li Ao and Fan Lun Tie were able to force back the enemies, who had been fighting them, they also made a dash through the portal in an effort to support their companions.

However, it seemed that the enemy had been well prepared. Even their most confidential gathering place had been exposed. The situation was too terrible for words. Tian Luo Prince launched multiple attacks against the elder who had the tracking fish, but the elder managed to avoid them all. Worse, Black Prince and Great Elder took advantage of this exchange savagely attacking Tian Luo Prince several times. This caused Tian Luo Prince, who was the strongest person on Fatty Hai’s team, to become the next one to be seriously injured.

“Tian Luo Prince, Go! I’ll pay my debts in my next life!” Fatty Hai rushed to his side and took the brunt of a heavy blow meant for Tian Luo Prince, then he threw Tian Luo Prince through the portal.

Next, Fatty Hai forcibly destroyed the portal to stop the Great Elder of the Winged Clan from chasing after Tian Luo Prince.

Shun Tian explosively released the Force of the Dragon and Mammoth, then he punched Fatty Hai. He was blown a hundred meters away.

The Black Prince saw that Shun Tian had completely suppressed Fatty Hai in their fight but wasn’t boasting about it. They picked up Shun Tian’s transport scroll and left.

Shun Tian taunted Fatty Hai, as he was struggling to get up off the ground, “Are you smart or stupid? To be honest, I really don’t know if you are a smart person. For the sake of your teammates, you were willing to sacrifice yourself in a fight to the death to delay us. What a heroic move that was! Although I think your choice was foolish, I’m forced to recognize that you’ve left a great impression on me. If we didn’t have the tracking fish, we might have been deceived by your maneuver. You deliberately told us that Ye Kong and Xue Tan Lang would go to look for Yue Yang. If we had all stayed here, to kill you first, the others might have managed to escape. Unfortunately, no matter how cunning the fox is, it’s no match for a good hunter…[1] Hai Da Fu, do you still want to fight me? Bwahaha! You’re still wet behind the ears!”

Even with blood spattered all over his face, Fatty Hai gave a brilliant smile, then confessed, “I’m surely inferior to you in terms of schemes; I’m really too young to compare with you in the aspect of strategies; as for the strength, I’m your junior. However, Shun Tian if you think you’re enough to kill me, you’re wrong.”

“Do you still think you will live to see tomorrow?” Shun Tian shook his head and laughed. Bwahaha! It was as if he saw an ant trying to topple an elephant.

“Today, I may not survive.” Fatty Hai laughed, then he crookedly smiled at Shun Tian, “But don’t you wonder why Ye Kong agreed to leave me behind?”

“You have stronger war beasts? A Heaven Stage level war beast?” Shun Tian was stunned.

“Wrong!” Fatty Hai exclaimed peremptorily. After shaking his head he continued “If a Heaven Stage level war beast is forced to contract with his owner, once his summoner falls into danger, it will put its own life first and flee. No matter how stupid I am, I will not quench my thirst with poison. We really have several Heaven Stage level war beasts, but I disdain to do that to any of them. Even if I don’t have a Heaven Stage level war beast, it’s still not impossible to defeat you, Great Emperor of Zi Wei! You see, not only do I have the strength you’ve seen, but I have a power I almost never use.”

Upon hearing these words, Shun Tian’ eyes turned cold and he immediately summoned his Guardian Spirit Beast and his Diamond-ranked, Level 9 Emperor.

Fatty Hai removed the seal to release his hidden power causing his entire body to tremble in agony as black lights flew out to cover his entire body.

Great Emperor of Zi Wei was good at combat skills. He released a thin thread of power into the air that fell on Fatty Hai’s body, but there were no longer any wounds on his body. It was like a clay ox entering the sea.[2]

When he saw this, Shun Tian’s expression changed again. He immediately summoned two more war beasts for support, a giant white elephant and a golden dragon. As Shun Tian combined these two war beasts’ power, two huge dragon horns sprouted from his head and long wings appeared on his back. Moreover, Shun Tian released his energy causing his unique domain to take form.

Shun Tian had always been prudent in this way. A lion uses its full strength even when hunting a rabbit.[3]

After all, he didn’t want to suffer a setback at the hands of such a worthless person as Fatty Hai.

He watched as Fatty Hai’s body rapidly expanded, transforming from a person into a hideous monster more than 20 meters high. He could see there were long tusks and sharply curved claws that stretched out from the ugly monster’s mouth, hands, and feet.

Suddenly, Fatty Hai’s eyelids opened. They were filled with pain and shown with an unnatural lurid glow.


The ugly monster howled, for a long time without ceasing.

When Shun Tian realized that Fatty Hai’s strength had increased nearly 100 times after he had transformed into a hideous monster, he began to regret fighting Fatty Hai alone.

The corners of his eyes began to twitch.

[1] “No matter how cunning the fox is, it’s no match for a good hunter.” (狐狸再狡猾, 斗不过好猎手) This is a Chinese proverb.
Meaning: No one stays on top forever. (Said when someone “meets his or her match.”)
Apparently, the original was “Enemy cunning, can escape the Buddha’s palm.” Later writers changed this to “Fox cunning, but no match for a good hunter.” A modern version of the latter was used in this chapter. [back]

[2] “A clay ox entering the sea” (泥牛入海 ní niú rù hǎi) This is a Chinese idiom.
Meaning: To disappear with no hope of returning (like a clay figurine dissolving in water).

[3] “A lion uses its full strength even when hunting a rabbit” (獅子捕兔, 亦用全力 shīzi bǔ tù, yì yòng quánlì) This is a Chinese idiom.
Meaning: You can’t relax even against a weak challenge.

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