Chapter 735 – Fourth Mother (Part 2)

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“San-er, kneel down.” Fourth Mother said slowly, asking Yue Yang to kneel before the man who was keeping the stone gate open using his body.


Yue Yang felt stunned, so he didn’t do as Fourth Mother’s ordered.

However, Ancient Demon King, who was next to him, suddenly knelt in front of the man, without a moment’s hesitation. Ancient Demon King respectfully kowtowed to the man whose glaring eyes were looking straight up. After making nine successive kowtows, Ancient Demon King stood up and walked to stand behind Fourth Mother, as if no one else was around.

Then, Yue Yang finally realized who the man was. The man who was lifting the stone gate was not an outsider, but Yue Qiu whom he had been searching for all these years. Due to overexertion, his countenance had become completely distorted. However, if you looked at him closely, his appearance looked somewhat similar to that of Yue Yang. Compared to Yue Qiu’s steel-like body and chiseled face, which seemed to be carved by swords, Yue Yang looked younger and more fragile. Yue Yang was no match for the mature and strong Yue Qiu.

Even many years after his death, Yue Qiu was still impressive to see while holding the gate open.

Hadn’t Yue Qiu been killed during the demons’ siege?

Why was he here?

What place this was?

Why would he remain to keep this stone gate open, even at the cost of his life? After all, there was an ancient Sealing Circle underground. Did strengthening the ancient Sealing Circle require that the stone gate be open? As this idea flashed through his mind, Yue Yang immediately denied it. This stone gate should be the key to secure the ancient Sealing Circle. Once it was closed, the gate wouldn’t open again for at least a hundred years, maybe even a thousand years. Wasn’t the demons being suppressed by the ancient Sealing Circle under the blood-red altar?

“San-er, kneel down.” Fourth Mother raised her voice and ordered again.

She seldom scolded Yue Yang. However, if Yue Yang spoiled Yue Shuang too much, Fourth Mother would raise her voice in rebuke, reminding him to be a good example for his younger sister, instead of counting ants and playing in the sand alongside her.

Before Yue Yang took action, Ancient Demon King had already knelt down again and spoke to her in a gentle voice, “Fourth Mother, I’m here! Over the years, I, San-er, have been wandering outside and dared not return to see you. I knew I did a lot of wrong things, so I dared not come back, for fear that you would be angry when you found out, nor could I tell you the truth. Several years ago, I found my father’s remains and learned of his last wishes. At that time, there was one word—HOPE—written in blood at my father’s feet. But later, I don’t know who or when but someone erased it. Fourth Mother, I can be the enemy of the whole world, can do many things that would be universally condemned without regret or complaint and I wouldn’t care in the slightest. But I don’t want to oppose you, don’t want to make you sad, don’t want to see you cry… Maybe you don’t want to have anything to do with me anymore, but I’m the real Yun Yang! You may think I have become a demon, but I will always be your San-er!” His words made all of Yue Yang’s pores shrink.

After hearing his words, Fourth Mother remained silent for a long time.

Ancient Demon King suddenly shrugged his shoulders—countless tears fell from the bottom edge of his cloak, dripping onto the ground. “Fourth Mother, In the past, I was bedridden for more than a month, I nearly died. It was you and Bing-er who fed me medicine constantly to save me. Do you still remember those days? In the past, naughty Shuang-er hid a book under the stove, as a result, it burned while you were cooking. Shuang-er knew that she was in a whole lot of trouble, so she cried out for help. At that time, I carried her outside but stumbled while stepping over the threshold. My forehead bled constantly and Shuang-er kept crying, worried that her little brother would die. Do you still remember that? Fourth Mother, I don’t need to prove myself to you. I’m your San-er!” Ancient Demon King took off his camouflage cloak and a face that was very similar to Yue Yang’s appeared. Compared to Yue Yang, Ancient Demon King and Yue Qiu’s faces were more alike in looks.

“San-er dares not ask you to forgive me, nor does I expect your admittance. Fourth Mother, San-er just wants to tell you, I will never be your enemy or hurt you!” Ancient Demon King kowtowed, banging his head, as he watered the ground with his tears.

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Fourth Mother suddenly turned and ordered, “Yue Yang, take off your mask.”.

“…” Yue Yang immediately wanted to tell her the truth.

However, he hadn’t deliberately deceived her. It had been a misunderstanding.

After having lived together as a family for such a long time, Yue Yang already treated her as his closest of kin. Whether this was true or false, he would always be as filial to Fourth Mother as San-er had been. He was even willing to spend his entire life making it up to her for the misplaced love she had given to him.

However, even when these words were on the tip of his tongue, Yue Yang still couldn’t speak them. Nor did he have the courage to meet her eyes.

Yue Yang slowly removed his mask and lowered his head, keeping silent throughout it.

There was no chance that Yue Yang could justify his identity. Yue Yang knew that Ancient Demon King had been scheming for three years, in order to be revived with Yue Yang’s identity and regain everything that had been his before. Quite unexpectedly, he had appeared before Ancient Demon King could merge into that pathetic boy’s body and take his place.

Ancient Demon King, who had obtained the body and memories of the original Yue Yang, would be the only winner in this matter concerning Fourth Mother.

At the moment, Yue Yang was doomed to failure even if he struggled to persuade Fourth Mother of his identity.

Yue Yang no longer insisted on proving this point because Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian loved him, not his identity. The only thing Yue Yang feared was that it would cause Fourth Mother to grieve.

The more he argued, the more grief Fourth Mother would feel.

Therefore, Yue Yang would rather not refute what had already been said.

Even if Ancient Demon King occupied the original Yue Yang’s body, so what? Xue Wuxia and Princes Qian Qian loved him. Ancient Demon King couldn’t take everything away from him just because he was using the body and memories of the original Yue Yang.

“Fourth Mother has never hit you. But today, I have to slap you!” Hearing her words, Yue Yang felt a little depressed but relieved at the same time.

“Go ahead!” Yue Yang nodded. If a slap would make her feel better, he’d let her do so.

Fourth Mother raised her hands and slapped his face. SMACK!

Ancient Demon King, who had knelt down on the ground, felt a little complacent deep inside his heart, but all that showed was an excessively deferential manner. Since Fourth Mother slapped Yue Yang, it proved that she had accepted him and denied Yue Yang. From now on, his plan should go smoothly, developing into the expected situation that he had mapped out a long time ago.

This was the first time Yue Yang had ever been slapped. He felt a searing pain on one side of his face.

If he had dodged, Fourth Mother wouldn’t have been able to slap him. If he had defended even an Innate Ranker would have failed to hurt him, let alone Fourth Mother.

“Do you know why I had to slap you?” Fourth Mother’s delicate eyebrows arched above her sublime eyes as she stared at Yue Yang. Subconsciously, Yue Yang avoided her gaze, bowed his head and remained silent. Fourth Mother’s eyes suddenly turned red, a stream of tears started running down her face. Gasping, she scolded, “The reason why I slapped you is, you’re a child who never tells me what you’re thinking. Don’t you still think I’m your Fourth Mother? The slap is punishment for losing confidence in me and your other relatives!”

“Fourth Mother?” Yue Yang was shocked. He looked up to find a blushing beauty, in tears, who was deeply distressed and remorseful, just like the first time they met when Yue Yang had just arrived in this world.

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