Chapter 735 – The Fourth Mother (Part 1)

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The fifth floor of Heaven Stairway, White River Valley.

In the devastated valley, that stretched for thousands of miles, Yue Yang chased after Ancient Demon King.

Even if Ancient Demon King had set an unexpected and dangerous trap, Yue Yang had regained his confidence after working through his heart knot. In Xue Wuxia’s eyes, the previous matter he had worried about never mattered at all. Xue Wuxia loved him, not his identity. Now that this issue was no longer a problem, what else would Yue Yang fear?

Even though Ancient Demon King, a senior who had lived for thousands of years, possessed some unique abilities, didn’t Yue Yang hold several trump cards? He had Heavenly Sword Goddess, the two Phoenix girls, and Bing Yin, the Qinlin girl, who were all Holy Beasts who could fight independently against strong enemies.

As long as the Fourth Mother and the other elders didn’t favor Ancient Demon King, due to his identity, Yue Yang could be confident that he would be able to defeat Ancient Demon King.

Flying and transporting ceaselessly, they arrived at a position three hundred miles away from Princess Qian Qian, before Ancient Demon King finally stopped.

In front of them, there was a huge red altar. It looked as if it had been stained with blood. Judging from the scattered debris around the altar, it appeared that, in the past, a fierce war had broken out near it. Even the huge altar hadn’t been spared. It was riddled with cracks, which were spread over its surface like spider webs.

In the center of the huge blood-colored altar was a statue about a hundred meters high. Under it was an ancient Sealing Circle.

The statue’s stone head had been completely destroyed and only a small part of its upper body remained. Still, the statue had obvious gender-based features, it looked female. Except for the base, the sculpture had only one arm still attached. The fingers of this hand formed a very mysterious hand mudra with the palm facing outward. There were ancient runes on the pads of the fingers which interacted with the mudra being performed to create a seal. Although Yue Yang wasn’t familiar with all of these ancient runes, one point he could be sure of was their function was to strengthen the ancient Sealing Circle under the statue’s base.

After its head and one arm were destroyed, the female statue could no longer create a seal that could exert the maximum force possible. However, the seal still couldn’t be easily removed by common summoners.

As he observed the seal carefully, Yue Yang discovered ten figures on the huge blood-red altar who had been lying in wait for him.

One of them was Zhi Zun. The other nine people were standing opposite him, keeping their distance. According to the information, Zhong Guan and the other three people that surrendered had provided, out of the group of nine, Yue Yang was able to easily recognize Ye Xiao, Zi Guang, Yue Su, and Bei. Apart from these four high-level warriors, Scarlet Emperor and Scarlet Concubine were partnered up with them. Although they wore camouflage cloaks, Yue Yang still recognized them at first glance.

After all, Yue Yang had fought against them before. Did they think they could deceive him just by wearing camouflage cloaks? That was not possible! Moreover, the camouflage cloaks had already lost their effect on Yue Yang as he had mastered Insight of Heaven.

In addition to Scarlet Emperor and Scarlet Concubine, there were two other people who deserved special attention. To Yue Yang’s surprise, he could only sense their existence because they seemed to be completely invisible. Even worse, although he could sense them, he couldn’t identify who they were, nor could he tell their level of strength. As for Queen Night, who owned Starry Sky Domain, Yue Yang could now see a shadowy figure when he used Insight of Heaven. She was no longer completely invisible as she had been before.

Here and now, the two people in front of Yue Yang were completely invisible. What did this mean? It meant that their strength was at a much higher level than Queen Night’s!

Yue Yang suddenly realized why Zhi Zun had insisted on going first. She had been worried that the high-level warriors on the other side would launch an attack as soon as the first person appeared.

When Yue Yang saw the last person a feeling of familiarity caught Yue Yang by surprise. It was as if he had seen this person somewhere before. Strictly speaking, the individual was not a human being but a beast. However, her figure was very similar to a human’s, close to that of a Holy Beast.

It was not particularly strong, but this female beast had perfected the ability to morph into a human form. Except for a pair of blood-colored wings on her back, there was nothing to distinguish her from a human being.

The female beast looked at Yue Yang before turning toward Ancient Demon King. As she stepped forward her face took on a peculiar expression. She spoke in a strange tone, as if she was desperately suppressing her emotions, “Are you Yue Yang, the 3rd son of the Yue Clan? Can I ask you something? Is she still by your side? Is she well? At first, I didn’t want to leave her but I really had no way…”

Yue Yang was confused. What was she talking about? Had Yue Yang met her before?

Then Yue Yang took the time to carefully look at her appearance. There was an indescribable sense of familiarity. Suddenly something clicked into place and Yue Yang exclaimed, “You, you are Bloody Queen Red’s mother‽”

“Is her current name really Red?” The woman who looked like Red seemed delighted to hear that, but then she became depressed. With her eyes full of tears, she said, “My poor child. I heard that she had become your Guardian Spirit Beast. Has she evolved into a Holy Beast? How could she allow herself to be drawn into such maelstrom? Our Bloody tribe exhausted all of our energy to keep that secret, we were almost wiped out of existence. Now, she won’t be able to avoid the same fate.”

“Why would you stay here with them?” Yue Yang felt confused, again. Except for Yue Yang, all the people at present were at least Heaven Stage Level 4 Innates, but the woman was not even a Holy Beast. Why was she here with them? What was her relationship with Ancient Demon King?

What happened during that year? It was a secret between Fourth Mother and Yue Qiu. But what was their relationship with the Bloody tribe?

Ancient Demon King silently appeared behind Yue Yang, as he chuckled,” Don’t you know? Of course, I understand your situation quite well. For an outsider like you, it’s impossible to know the truth.”

Yue Yang kept silent. It was useless for him to argue with Ancient Demon King. Today, the truth was strength, not reason. He moved close to Zhi Zun, then quietly asked, “Where is the Fourth Mother?”

Yue Yang hadn’t seen Fourth Mother near the altar. Had the Fourth Mother been captured by Ancient Demon King? The thought lingered in his mind, then he was startled. Ancient Demon King was not the kind of person who refrained from using weak woman. On the contrary, this guy would take the Fourth Mother hostage, if he possibly could.

Zhi Zun didn’t reply to his question. Instead, she hinted that he should wait awhile and see what happens.

About ten minutes later, the ancient Sealing Circle emitted some waves of energy, however, they were immediately suppressed by energy from the statue’s sealing mudra.

Suddenly, the base of the statue split apart.

The base separated, disclosing two stone walls and a passage about ten meters in length . At the end of the passage was a gate that the Fourth Mother stood in front of. As Yue Yang walked towards her to escort her out, all of a sudden he was stunned by what he saw in front of the Fourth Mother. There was a man kneeling on the ground supported only by his left arm.

With his eyes wide open and an angry glare, the giant man kept trying to lift the stone gate, even though he couldn’t figure out how long ago he had died. The bulging muscles that covered his entire body looked like they were hammered wrought iron.

Even if the man had lost his life, his heroic action still gave people the feeling that he was going to immediately stand up and lift the stone gate. For him, the stone gate was not a burden at all. It was the seal on the stone gate that had led to his death. In life, this man had sworn to open the stone gate, so even after his death, he was still supporting the stone gate on top of his body.

Who was he? Why was he doing this?

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