Chapter 736 – The Truth (Part 1)

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The person who felt most shocked was not Yue Yang, but Ancient Demon King.

Ancient Demon King had thought that by depending on the body and the memories he had gained, plus knowledge of some touching events, he could persuade Fourth Mother to recognize him as the real Yue Yang. Even a cold-blooded, ambitious person wouldn’t be able to resist this feeling of deep kinship and love, like soaring flames, let alone Fourth Mother, who deeply cared about others and had a kind soul.

Fourth Mother should know that the body he occupied was the real one, the body of the 3rd son of the Yue Clan. Why would she still choose that fake son over him?

I’m the real Yue Yang!

Why didn’t Fourth Mother trust me?

Ancient Demon King couldn’t figure out why the situation he had been expecting to occur had gone south instead. From the beginning, he had done his best to think about all the possible circumstances that might occur. For example: Yue Yang might kidnap Fourth Mother, he could erase her memory using some unknown means, or Fourth Mother might still recognize Yue Yang out of consideration of the family’s affection for him and his achievements.

However, Ancient Demon King had never thought about the possibility that Fourth Mother wouldn’t accept him at all.

Ancient Demon King suppressed his rage with great effort and tried to weaken his devilish side, as much as possible, letting San-er’s emotions and memories come to the fore. Then, in a sorrowful voice, tears streaming down his face, with despair evident in his unwilling expression, he blurted out, “Fourth Mother, Fourth Mother, I am the real San-er!” In the face of all of this, no one’s mother could remain untouched. Completely ignoring Yue Yang, Ancient Demon King knelt on the ground and stretched out his arms imploringly towards Fourth Mother, then cried out, “Do you remember these events when I was ten years old? Brother Yan attacked me and  I was seriously injured. It was you who applied medicine to my wounds. During that time you were also the one who kept encouraging me to try to summon a grimoire. Then, when I was fifteen years old and even Bing-er had succeeded in doing that, I became a stain upon the honor of the Yue Clan. When we were later thrown out of the Yue Clan, during the Spring Festival, it was a rainy day and the road was slick. I slipped and fell. My head was hurt and bled ceaselessly. It was you who cared for me and carried me down the mountain. Have you forgotten all of these things? Fourth Mother, don’t you remember me‽

“You are not my San-er.” Fourth Mother shook her head slowly, enunciating every word.

“Fourth Mother, why won’t you accept me? Please take a careful look at me. Although my previous injuries have all been healed, I didn’t completely remove all of the scars. I wanted to keep a few as remembrances of your upbringing.”

When Ancient Demon King saw that Fourth Mother had fallen silent he thought that things might have taken a turn for the better, so he quickly began to defend himself. “If you don’t believe me, we can perform a blood test (an ancient method used to verify the blood’s familial affinity. This is accomplished by dripping the blood of an infant on a deceased parent’s bone to see if it is absorbed or not). Although I inherited Ancient Demon King’s power, I have never done anything harmful to the Yue Clan. No matter how strong I become, that will never change. I’m a man of the Yue Clan!”

Fourth Mother gazed at Yue Yang, her eyes full of tears, then said, “Today I feel deeply grieved. My San-er doesn’t recognize me while an outsider tries to deceive me by using flattery to try to gain an identity within the Yue Clan. Do you intend to just stand by quietly and do nothing? I’m so disappointed in you!”

“Trust me, I am the real Yue Yang!” Ancient Demon King screamed anxiously.

“I don’t want to explain all of this, but if I don’t expose the truth, you will continue to live in a fantasy world and my San-er will feel guilty and refuse to recognize me.” Fourth Mother gave Yue Yang a rueful smile, wiped her tears and then turned towards Ancient Demon King, “If a wicked man moves into a house that belongs to you, do you think the wicked man will be the real owner of the house?”

Hearing Fourth Mother’s words, Ancient Demon King felt extremely shocked because he had never expected that she would think about the matter in this way, “No, I’m your San-er. What you said isn’t true. Other than the power I inherited from Ancient Demon King, my mind and body are all part of the Yue Clan.”

He had the original body and memories of Yue Yang… Why wouldn’t Fourth Mother recognize him as the genuine 3rd son of the Yue Clan?

Again, Fourth Mother shook her head slowly.

She gave a sigh and continued in a low voice, “That wicked man occupied the house and got hold of the deed to the property. On the surface, it appears that he is the legal owner of the house, but in reality, he is just a squatter who has occupied another person’s possession. Having existed for thousands of years, how can you still be unaware of this truth? The body you possess is not, by itself, alive. Life comes from the soul. And while ordinary people can’t perceive your soul, once your body is examined by a special method your demon soul will be exposed. You are Ancient Demon King. That’s an incontrovertible fact that will never change no matter what you do.”

Ancient Demon King was stunned by her words. Then Fourth Mother turned to Yue Yang, “San-er, you have a brilliant soul. Even though your soul has become much stronger than before, you are still my San-er. The qualitative changes to your soul may be due to: your success at summoning a grimoire, the removal of the seal that my sister put on your body, your purification by Nirvana Fire, or the knowledge you inherited from my sister. I don’t need to search for the truth because only you can inherit my sister’s will and knowledge! As for your appearance, I think, it must be the personification of my sister’s will. So, San-er, are you still worried that Fourth Mother will drive you out of the Yue Clan? Did you think I could become so confused that I would recognize an outsider as my own son?”

“No matter what you say, with the body and memories of Yue Yang, I am also the 3rd son of the Yue Clan. The blood of the Yue Clan runs through my veins!” Ancient Demon King became crazed. Now that he knew that it was absolutely impossible to gain Yue Yang’s identity for himself, he struggled to obtain a share of Yue Yang’s identity as the 3rd son of the Yue Clan. As long as he acquired part of this identity, he would be eligible to gain the inheritance of Yue Qiu couple, even if he had to settle for only half of Yue Yang’s identity.

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