Chapter 736 – The Truth (Part 2)

Ancient Demon King had to resort to sophistry for the sake of gaining the treasure left by the Yue Qiu couple—by fair means or foul!

Until his death, what Yue Qiu guarded was a powerful, perfect God body, which was much stronger than Demon Ancient King’s original Divine body. In the ancient past, this God body hadn’t been sent into Gods’ Ruins. The high-level fighters of Heaven Stairway were responsible for keeping it safe. When they gradually died out, the full weight of that responsibility fell to the warriors of the Soaring Dragon Continent. 

As long as he could gain this perfect God body, Ancient Demon King would replace his present body with that one, and directly become a Divine Zhi Zun, becoming closer to a God.

Moreover, after obtaining this God body, he would no longer be far from seizing hold of the ancient relics inside Gods’ Ruins.

Fourth Mother’s sister, the only one person who had ever been insideGods’ Ruins and survived, held the key to entering Gods’ Ruins.

The reason why Ancient Demon King had disguised himself as the 3rd son of the Yue Clan was that, three years ago, he had discovered the shocking secret of the blood-red altar. In the Soaring Dragon Continent, Yue Qiu was the only guardian of the altar that was recognized by the Valley of Butterflies and Hundred Flowers. Even though he was not very strong during his lifetime, Yue Qiu had been recognized by the supreme will of his predecessor, so his physical remains still protected the stone gate.

Without the recognition of Yue Qiu’s will, it was impossible to enter this stone gate.

So, in order to gain the perfect God body, Ancient Demon King had racked his brains, scheming until he had made a perfect plan.

However, quite unexpectedly, just when he had managed to grasp and merge with the original body and memories of the original Yue Yang, another Yue Yang had appeared in the Yue Clan of the Soaring Dragon Continent. Most astonishingly, that Yue Yang had advanced at a dramatic speed. Then, over the past three years, that Yue Yang had grown to such a dangerous degree that he had to begin implementing his plan ahead of schedule.

He knew with certainty that Yue Yang must have some kind of secret support, otherwise, he would not have been able to progress at such a shocking speed.

At first, he had thought that it was the original Yue Yang’s mother who had secretly come back to take care of him. Later, he realized that his guess had been wrong. What had happened was, this Yue Yang had inherited the knowledge of the original Yue Yang’s mother.

These thoughts caused him to become even more confused. “Why would a fake person be recognized and allowed to inherit the knowledge of Yue Yang’s mother? Why wasn’t he recognized by Yue Qiu’s remaining will? But I wasn’t allowed to enter the stone gate, possessing the original Yue Yang’s body and memories.”  

Fourth Mother sighed, “I didn’t want to tell you the secret of our Hundred Flowers Clan, but since you asked, I’ll tell you about it.” She gazed at Ancient Demon King who was still trying hard to suppress his rage, then continued, “Our Hundred Flowers Clan lives inside Heaven Stairway. We’re different from human beings in the Soaring Dragon Continent. God’s Will Flower Tree gave us life. Every flower from that tree was a new life, as was the body you now occupy. The purpose of our sisters’ marriage with the Yue brothers, Yue Qiu and Yue Ling, was just to guarantee that there would be a delay in the Yue Clan’s line of descendants. We prayed to God’s Will Flower Tree and that new life became our descendant. As for you, Ancient Demon King, besides the body you have occupied, what’s your relationship with us and the Yue brothers? And speaking of that, if you hadn’t destroyed God’s Will Flower Tree, how could our Hundred Flowers Clan have become extinct?”

“All the people of our Hundred Flowers Clan were superior in spirit, but inferior physically to the human beings of the Soaring Dragon Continent. You made the mistake of thinking that the person who had the combined bloodline of the Yue Clan and the Hundred Flowers Tribe would possess both superior traits. You thought that, didn’t you? Well, that’s impossible. The life given by God’s Will Flower Tree can’t descend into demons. Therefore, contrary to your expectations, you won’t be able to use your full strength now that you have occupied that body. Ancient Demon King, even if all others are deceived by you, my sister’s supreme will, along with Yue Qiu’s guardian soul, will never let you enter the stone gate.”

“Fuck!” Ancient Demon King suddenly understood why he couldn’t pass through the stone gate supported by Yue Qiu. Yue Qiu’s guardian soul had recognized the disguised state of his soul and refused to let him pass through it.

Their wills surely wouldn’t be deceived by the body and memories he had merged with and the one thing he couldn’t change was—his demon soul!

In the face of this truth, everything else seemed to pale in comparison.

Ancient Demon King couldn’t believe it. He hadn’t felt anything wrong when he’d captured the 3rd son of the Yue Clan.

He’d ordered the 3rd son of the Yue Clan, who was hypnotized, to create an illusion of himself drowning. After several years, when he finished merging with the body, he would be prepared to return disguised as a high-level fighter who had experienced many adventures.  He would then revive the Yue Clan and use his identity to gain the recognition of Yue Qiu’s remaining will. Then, at last, he would be able to smoothly obtain the powerful, perfect God body.

At that time, he hadn’t detected any trace of guardians. Why would another Yue Yang appear in the Yue Clan? Even worse, the speed of that Yue Yang’s progress was startling.

Was that woman who had entered Gods’ Ruins still around?

Was she watching this scene play out, silently from the sky?

With all the things he’d done, why couldn’t he escape from her control‽

“I’ll kill you!” Ancient Demon King screamed. He hated Yue Yang most of all. Yue Yang was the one who had destroyed his greatest hope. If not for Yue Yang, who had appeared from out of nowhere, he would have managed to seize the fruits of victory. Now it was all over. Fourth Mother had penetrated his secret identity, and Yue Qiu who was supporting the stone gate would never allow him to enter… He couldn’t gain the powerful, perfect God body inside the sealed gate, and he’d also lost his original Divine body. He knew if he didn’t possess one of these two bodies Navagraha King and Queen would be on him like ravenous wolves.

Thinking about all of this, Ancient Demon King burst out with all of his strength and fury, launching an attack on Yue Yang.


Yue Yang moved faster than him. The Wheel of Eternity stretched beneath his feet. In less than a second, Ancient Demon King was immediately stopped by the massive force of his large fist connecting with Ancient Demon King’s face.

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