Chapter 737 – Fighting Against You for a Long Time, Would I Also Become Stupid? (Part 2)

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Yue Yang slowly put on the Twin Mask.

The energy that kept emanating from his body had finally reached its peak.

A hundred meters of space was shrouded by his Creation Domain, which he had mastered inside  the Gate of Life and Death. On the surface, nothing seemed unusual about the domain. However, as soon as it formed, Ancient Demon King noticed something different. Of the others, Scarlet Emperor and Scarlet Concubine withdrew swiftly to avoid being affected by the domain.

Even Nevaggraha King and Navagraha Queen, who had kept silent from the beginning to now, felt slightly surprised. Their eyes, fixed on Yue Yang’s domain, shone with a strange light.

Among the high-level warriors of Heaven Realm, there were all sorts of unusual domains, so Nevaggraha King and Navagraha Queen knew of countless variants. However, they had never come across a domain where they couldn’t figure out its inherent strength.

Navagraha King’s captivating voice was not very loud, but it had the qualities of a bell. It echoed deep inside the minds of his allies giving them quite a shock.

Amid the silence comes the crash of thunder![1] 

He warned Ancient Demon King, “This should be a type of spiritual domain. He might be able to control what you see through the use of his spiritual power. Although it is not the power of Rule, it has already taken shape.”

“Really? Let’s see whose domain is stronger, yours or mine!” Even though Ancient Demon King remained cautious and vigilant, he resolutely fought back using his strongest domain, without showing any signs of weakness.

With his body at the center, a dark grey domain formed. It had a radius of a thousand meters that enveloped the heavens and earth completely.

At ten times the size of Yue Yang’s Creation Domain, his domain entirely exceeded that of Yue Yang’s.

Ancient Demon King certainly had transcendent strength. After all, he had practiced for more than ten thousand years. He had lost most of his energy due to the many seals that had been placed on him, otherwise, his domain would have expanded another ten times, and its power would have increased several times as well.

“What do you think?” After leaving the battlefield, Scarlet Concubine turned to Scarlet Emperor and asked for his opinion.

After thinking about it for a while, Scarlet Emperor murmured, “It’s too close to call.”

His remarks made Scarlet Concubine wonder about Yue Yang. Did he really have a domain, that had an area of effect of a hundred meters, that could rival one that extended across a kilometer? She knew the size of a domain didn’t accurately represent its power. Sometimes a small domain could contain a great amount of power. She recalled that Ancient Demon King had worked constantly for ten thousand years to accumulate the massive amount of power he had used to strengthen his domain, so it wasn’t surprising that it could easily cover a thousand meters. How  could Ancient Demon King’s domain be less than Yue Yang’s, which was still at the initial stage?

Yue Yang had only mastered Creation Domain recently, while Ancient Demon King’s domain had steadily been improved over the past ten thousand years. Couldn’t he defeat Yue Yang?

Exactly which domain had this boy mastered?

At that moment, Scarlet Concubine suppressed her hatred and focused intently on watching the upcoming life and death battle, which was destined for the history books, just like the fierce battle between Prison Emperor and the three giants.


Outside Despair Abyss, Hope Town.

Hope Town, that had been rebuilt from the rubble created during a prior battle,[2] was destroyed once more.

As Liu Ye Ye Kong, Xue Tan Lang, and Tian Luo Prince were escorting Liu Ye and the others to this location, the Winged Clan, Black Prince, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader, and Great Elder were chasing after them in hot pursuit, led by the tracking fish. They just couldn’t seem to  catch a break.

“Go.” Without a moment of hesitation Ye Kong stayed behind to stop the enemy, just like Fatty Hai.

“You’re willing to risk your life!” Black Prince sneered.

Ye Kong’s face was expressionless as he resolutely spoke these words, “Even if the outcome is death—I’ll take you with me!”.

Black Prince stayed behind. He was enough to defeat Ye Kong. The rest of the Winged Clan’s warriors continued to chase after the others. At the bottom of Despair Abyss, less than 10 kilometers away from the first mercenary camp near Hope Town, the warriors of the Winged Clan caught up with them. 

Xue Tan Lang was determined to be the third one who stayed behind to stop their enemies, but Prince Tian Luo immediately shoved him out of the way. Seeing this, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader hesitated for a moment, then decided to stay.

Thousand Goblins Sect Leader was the only high-level Sky-ranked innate whose strength was not inferior to Shun Tian’s. For the purpose of disposing of Tian Luo Prince, who had a Heaven Stage war beast, he was the most suitable person to stay and fight.

After this short dispute, Xue Tan Lang, together with the others, fled to the Black Water Lake inside of Despair Abyss where their pursuers caught up to them, again.

This time it was Xue Tan Lang’s turn to fight.

With the help of Ancient Demon King, Marquis of Zi Jin had gained the power of Thousand Goblins King and become a Level 8 Innate Ranker. Due to this, he decided to kill the most promising enemy, apart from Yue Yang. If Xue Tan Lang was allowed to live, Shun Tian’s group was bound to suffer great losses in the future. At Marquis of Zi Jin’s current strength, it was impossible for him to kill Yue Yang but he could kill Xue Tan Lang, who was still growing and not yet strong enough to fight alone against a high-level warrior.

The Great Elder of the Winged Clan continued to lead the team in pursuit of the others.

No matter where Liu Ye fled to, the elder with the tracking fish would easily find them. If Liu Ye hadn’t sent all of her teammates into her grimoire world, and then rode Perforate Deer to transport unceasingly, her entire team would have already been destroyed.


Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace, the entrance to the Water Palace.

Great Elder of the Winged Clan finally caught up to Liu Ye. He shot Liu Ye in the shoulder with a black Cursed Crow Feather Arrow.

Liu Ye fled through the door of the Water Palace before collasping.

“Do you think you can escape? There are no human beings who can escape from me. You will not be an exception.” Great Elder of the Winged Clan had the power of a Level 8 Innate and had only been inferior in strength to Sky Emperor. After the death of Sky Emperor, he had become the most powerful figure in the whole Guang Ming Continent. All of the senators there were also under his control.

“You’re old enough to be her ancestor, but you’re leading a group of people to bully a little girl. Don’t you feel ashamed?” An half-dead old Dragon Turtle, on crutches, walked out of the Water Palace, coughing constantly. He looked like he would die at any moment.

“Shouldn’t you be staying at Yue Clan Castle?” Seeing him here, Great Elder was startled.

“If you could figure out everything, I’d lose my sense of fun. I’ve thought it over, after all, I have lived for more than ten thousand years. All these tricks you play are well known, and I’ve gotten bored. Don’t you have any fresh ideas? 

“Now, Yue Yang, that boy is very interesting. The first thing he did was set a trap for you here. Forget it, it’s no use talking to stupid people like you too much. If I fight against you for a long time, wouldn’t  I also be stupid?” Old Dragon Turtle shook his head and sighed, it was as if he was playing a harp before a cow”[3].

    *** *** ***

[1]  Lu Xun was a writer, a problem solver, and a communist fighter. During his entire life, he was obsessed with financial problems. This focused his attention on the practical aspects of life, giving him an acute perception of the state of the current revolution in China and of its people. [back]

[2]  Chapter 166 – Meeting girls again! 

The whole of Hope Town was already levelled by a frightening power… [back]

[3]  对 牛 弹 琴 = Duì niú tán qín = Play a harp before a cow. (Chinese proverb)


Don’t waste your time offering something that is helpful or valuable to someone who doesn’t appreciate or understand it. [back]

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