Chapter 737 – Fighting Against You for a Long Time, Would I Also Become Stupid? (Part 1)

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If Fourth Mother wasn’t behind him, Yue Yang wouldn’t have used his Wheel of Eternity.

He had intended to find an appropriate chance to use it when it could make Ancient Demon King suffer a great loss. But he worried that Ancient Demon King’s punch could hurt Fourth Mother. After all, she was just a weak, ordinary person. When two high-level, Sky-ranked innates fought, even the shock waves that were produced by their collisions were, beyond a shadow of a doubt, devastating. Yue Yang had used his Wheel of Eternity because it kept everything within ten meters motionless. Xiao Wen Li was very familiar with Yue Yang, so she tacitly cooperated with him, immediately sending Fourth Mother into his grimoire world.

Fourth Mother had rejected Ancient Demon King but she had recognized him.

Fourth Mother’s attitude had surprised Yue Yang but, at the same time, enhanced his confidence tremendously.

No matter what the truth was, as long as Fourth Mother didn’t become angry with him, what else was there to be afraid of? After all, Yue Yang had mastered Sovereign’s Will.

“…” Fourth Mother had been gazing at Yue Yang the entire time until she entered his grimoire world. She may have wanted to tell him to be careful, or to warn him of something else. But under the control of his Wheel of Eternity, she couldn’t speak, so she could only express her thoughts of concern and support through her gaze.


As soon as Fourth Mother was sent into his grimoire world, Yue Yang was sure that she was out of danger. He immediately launched a series of hard punches. Ancient Demon King, who couldn’t move inside his Wheel of  Eternity’s area of effect, was blown away. Like an artillery shell, Ancient Demon King flew through the air for thousands of meters before crashing into a mountain. The mountain instantly collapsed. With a loud clatter, countless rocks hurtled outwards.

Seeing this, Ye Xiao and Zi Guang were greatly astonished.

As for Yue Su and Bei, they withdrew a few steps, stunned by Yue Yang’s momentum.

Scarlet Emperor and Scarlet Concubine looked at each other.

All they felt that Yue Yang had become much stronger since the last time he had fought against them. Improving at such a fast pace, if Yue Yang was allowed to practice for several more years, it was possible that none of them would be able to face him if they meet again in battle.

With the help of Navagraha King, Scarlet Emperor had been restored to full strength. Nevertheless, his brow still wrinkled even when using a piece of Divine Equipment.

He questioned his choice in joining hands with Ancient Demon King and Navagraha King. Could he defeat Yue Yang by himself?

NO! The answer was clear.

Fortunately, Ancient Demon King was determined to kill Yue Yang, and Navagraha King had brought many high-level warriors to support him. Navagraha King could not only suppress Yue Yang outside but was able to contain Ancient Demon King inside. Due to this, he would definitely profit from their conflict. Scarlet Emperor turned towards Zhi Zun, who stood nearby, calm as still water. 

He felt that Zhi Zun’s threat to him was no less than that of Prison Emperor. Prison Emperor was very powerful, but there were still some methods available to deal with him. As long as he didn’t directly confront Prison Emperor, then it should be all right. However, this Zhi Zun was different. Obviously, she was not as strong as Prison Emperor, but she still emanated a sense of danger.

She had been born with a natural scent of murderous intent. Even if he had the protection of a piece of Divine Equipment, he still felt somewhat frightened when thinking about facing her in battle.

While Zhi Zun was not as powerful as Prison Emperor, nor did she have invincible momentum, she still possessed a strength that could likewise challenge the world. She was not a good leader or a strong commander, but she was the strongest arbiter, as well as the most terrible executioner. Once you began a fight against her one party was doomed to die.

If a higher-level Sky-ranked innate wanted to harm or defeat her, they would have to pay a high price.

“You dare to hit me? Damn you, fake!” Ancient Demon King flew out from the debris and tore off his cloak, exposing his strong-armed body. His demon flame wings spread out behind his back. Ancient Demon King no longer harbored the hope of gaining Yue Yang’s identity, so he quickly tore off his disguise and let his inherent energy burst out. His face, that closely resembled Yue Yang’s, was distorted with rage.

“Cut the crap.” Yue Yang wasn’t going to waste any time on him. Whatever he said the result would still be a fight to the death.

“If I can’t have it, then you can’t have it!” Ancient Demon King was extremely malicious.

If Fourth Mother had recognized both of them, Ancient Demon King wouldn’t have lost his mind.

The problem was that Fourth Mother, Yue Qiu’s remaining will, and that legendary woman who had gone into Gods’ Ruins, refused to recognize him. Not only did Fourth Mother’s sister sabotage all of his plans, she’d sent another Yue Yang to this world. She’d even passed on knowledge to Yue Yang. Among this knowledge, there was a high probability that she had told Yue Yang the secret of how to enter Gods’ Ruins. After working hard for so long, he wasn’t going to get anything at all. He’d only contributed to Navagraha King and Navagraha Queen’s success.

How could Ancient Demon King not be furious?

Ancient Demon King was an ambitious person who had lived for thousands of years. The lowering of his status, after such a sudden blow, deprived him of his ability to reason, for a while.

Ancient Demon King suppressed his rage and regained his sanity. This allowed him to quickly become calm. His left hand touched the injury on his face, and as the injury gradually healed, he said, “Even though you got the recognition of Fourth Mother, do you think you’re going to get everything? Stop dreaming! From this time forward, you will lose everything you care about: war beasts, teammates, relatives, loved ones, even your own life. If I can’t possess them, then I will destroy every last one of them, wherever they may be. Just like I dealt with Prison Emperor, I will make your life a hundred times more miserable than Prison Emperor’s!”

“Bring it! Show me what you got!” was Yue Yang’s simple and snide reply.

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Chapter 737 - Fighting Against You for a Long Time, Would I Also Become Stupid? (Part 2)

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