Chapter 738 – One to One, Fight Till the Last Gasp (Part 1)

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Shun Tian had lost count of the times he had knocked down this damn Fatty Hai. One hundred times? Two hundred times?

He had beaten Fatty Hai until he was black and blue, but every time he knocked that monster to the ground, Fatty Hai would somehow manage to unsteadily stand up again. Even after transforming into an ugly monster, and being so severely wounded that there was blood spattered all over his monstrous face, Fatty Hai’s blood-red eyes still shone with infinite fighting spirit. This made Shun Tian a little worried, and a little scared. Even though he had knocked that monster down hundreds of times already, he could not forcibly destroy Fatty Hai’s will to fight.

“If you rely solely on the body of this monster to win, it will be impossible to defeat me!” Shun Tian sneered. He was incandescently enraged as he knew that Fatty Hai could not bridge the gap between their strengths just by transforming into a muscular monster.

Shun Tian was superior to Fatty Hai, not only in strength but also in all other ways, including combat skills, fighting experience, rank, treasures, and war beasts. 

If Fatty Hai was able to survive today, he would have to retire from his position, after all, he had great advantages in this fight. If he couldn’t kill Fatty Hai under these conditions, how could he possibly compete with Yue Yang, who was becoming stronger and stronger? In order to regain his dominant position and the feeling of superiority as their predecessor, after much thought, had decided to participate in this war. In fact, it didn’t matter to him who the ultimate victor would be, Ancient Demon King or Yue Yang. Because the right to determine the final ownership of Tong Tian Tower was no longer in his hands.

As a high-level Innate Ranker, Shun Tian was not willing to let any of the younger generations surpass him. He had seized this opportunity to once more prove his worth as a warrior.

“Hippo Meteor Punch!” Fatty Hai’s answer was always the same.

In the face of Shun Tian, he had to resort to his strongest combat skill as his other combat skills would be easily interrupted, just like teaching his grandmother to suck eggs. He knew that he couldn’t unleash the full power of his other fighting skills. Sometimes they would even cause him to take some serious damage.

He’d never had any expectations that he would be able to defeat Shun Tian.

During the fight against Shun Tian, he just wanted to hit his target, at least once. Landing one punch on Shun Tian’s body would be the greatest victory of his life. If he could hit Shun Tian one time, he wouldn’t lose face. If he could hit Shun Tian a second time, he would be collecting for all of the pain he’d received so far, plus interest. 

Of course, Shun Tian was intelligent, so he understood Fatty Hai’s desperate thoughts. What’s more, he was a cautious man by nature, so every time he hit Fatty Hai he would only use a small part of his strength to strike the monster from a distance. Due to this, even though Fatty Hai’s monstrous body wasn’t strong enough to fight on equal terms with Shun Tian, there was this oddly unequal but deadlocked battle that continued on and on, with no end in sight.  


Fatty Hai was knocked down, again! Still, a minute later, he was once more struggling to stand up. He looked extremely miserable with his face covered in a mixture of blood and dirt. Yet, he continued to show his unyielding determination and dogged perseverance to fight until the very end.

“Today, I’ll kill you!” screamed Shun Tian, who had the obvious advantage. He was not pleased. In his eyes, it was one of his greatest failures that he couldn’t intimidate Fatty Hai. Even though his body was physically in the best state for combat, tiredness and exhaustion were fogging his mind, and his self-confidence was gradually declining. Am I really too old for this? As a Super Innate Ranker, how is it I can’t even defeat Fatty Hai like the ant he is? Was I really a high-level warrior? Of course, these negative thoughts flew through his mind for just a few moments. After that, he immediately regained his self-confidence and growled, “Maybe I did look down upon you before, but I now realize that you have the potential to become a high-level Innate Ranker. However, you should have waited to challenge me until you gained a few more years of experience. There is a big gap in strength between us that you can’t nullify. Now, I will kill you using my strongest attack. Even Yue Yang has had no chance to see it. This way, you will die gloriously and with great honor!”

“Hippo Meteor Punch!” Fatty Hai’s answer was the same.

Yue Yang once jokingly stated that as long as one could merge together with their fists, then they would be able to exert a strength a hundred times more powerful than before.

At that time, everyone was curious and asked, how do you do that? Yue Yang became slightly more serious, then meditated for a long time before he answered, “Forget about merging with your fists. When facing your enemy, throw a punch with the unshakable conviction that you can take out your enemy with this one blow. That’s the actual mindset needed to reach this level.”

Fatty Hai hadn’t reached the level Yue Yang had mentioned. If Xue Tan Lang, a man of exceptional intellect, couldn’t do it either, how could he? 

Nevertheless, today, during the battle where he was destined to die, Fatty Hai had begun to understand Yue Yang’s words in a different way.

Although his attack still hadn’t reached that final level, Fatty Hai had forgotten himself and his fists. Fatty Hai had thrown his punches without a moment of hesitation.

A sudden feeling of danger struck Shun Tian who was about to use his strongest attack to kill Fatty Hai. He looked up to see that Fatty Hai’s monstrous eyes weren’t bloodthirsty and full of madness. Instead, they had become calm and serene. His eyes glowed with an orange light, and his impetus hadn’t diminished, it had actually risen to a level higher than it had been at before.

For whatever reason, Shun Tian felt a chill run down his spine.

This was… 

Will I be defeated by this fat idiot‽

For the first time, this strange thought took root inside his mind—growing like a weed.

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