Chapter 738 – One to One, Fight Till the Last Gasp (Part 2)

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Hope Town.

Black Prince’s sharp brows were closely knit together.

According to their plan, Shun Tian should have arrived here within half an hour after his battle against Fatty Hai had begun. Couldn’t Shun Tian defeat Fatty Hai in that amount of time? Had Shun Tian been confronted by an even stronger enemy?

If Shun Tian had been confronted by a strong enemy, which caused him to be delayed, then the situation couldn’t get worse. One of the things Black Prince had worried about was traps. If it turned out that Yue Yang, who was extraordinary in both intelligence and strength, had already set some traps before their battle began, then they could already be in crisis. Without the help of Yue Yang, the cowardly Fatty Hai would definitely never have dared to stand up and be the first one to bring up the rear. Even if Fatty Hai was behaving uncharacteristically at that time, it was the subsequent actions of that team that really made him confused. Ye Kong had stayed to intercept me and, several kilometers away, Tian Luo Prince was fighting against Thousand Goblins Sect Leader. Wasn’t this all going according to Yue Yang’s plan?

“Huh?” To Black Prince’s surprise, Ye Kong showed a dogged vitality. Even though he had been knocked down more than a hundred times, he still struggled to stand up.

“Your Ghost Fire is nothing!” Ye Kong shouted as he tore off the flesh on which the Green Phosphorous Ghost Fire was burning. Instantly, his face turned completely white due to the massive amount of pain. 

Ye Kong had enhanced himself with King Kong Demon Ape, then summoned Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle and young Earthquake Dragon. He couldn’t have withstood so many heavy hits by Black Prince, if not for his unique [Stand Straight] Inherent Skill and having his Guardian Spirit Beast [Fortitude]. That way, even if it was doubly painful for his spirit beast, it would be able to continue to fight as long as Ye Kong insisted.

Black Prince saw that Ye Kong had stood up—again! His brows furrowed into deep creases. It seemed that he’d picked the wrong opponent.

If I had fought against Fatty Hai, who acted so rashly, the fight would already be over. It would also have been easier to fight Tian Luo Prince or Xue Tan Lang, but he had been picked to fight against Ye Kong, who had the unique [Stand Straight] Inherent Skill and his Guardian Spirit Beast [Fortitude].

While he was thinking about how to decisively kill Ye Kong, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader appeared in a flash in front of him, all the way from the bottom of the valley, and yelled, “Exchange opponents with me!”

“What?” Black Prince startled. Couldn’t Thousand Goblins Sect Leader defeat Tian Luo Prince on his own? Although Tian Luo Prince, the second strongest person on Yue Yang’s team, owned a Heaven Stage war beast, he had just learned to fuse with it, so the fusion would only last for a short period of time. What’s more, his strength was far from that of a Sky-rank warrior. With the advantage of greater overall strength, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader should be able to defeat him easily.

“He has a secret treasure to predict my movements, and he’s wearing a special kind of blood rune armor, which is resistant to my attacks.” If he knew how to deal with Tian Luo Prince, he wouldn’t make this demand. He felt extremely embarrassed.

“No problem.” Black Prince replied. Right now he wanted to switch places, but he knew if this fight wasn’t critically important, he would never have agreed to do so. Instead, he would have sneered at Thousand Goblins Sect Leader’s failure.

However, right now, the situation was critical. If they didn’t work together, the tide of battle would soon be reversed by their enemies. He knew that Yue Yang had already managed to reverse the situation when his group thought that victory had been within their grasp, over and over again. What’s more, Yue Yang had never lost. So he quickly transported from Hope Town to the camp at the bottom of Despair Abyss.

Tian Luo Prince, who looked quite wretched, bit by bit, was doing his best to recover from his fight. Fortunately, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader hadn’t managed to kill him or his Heaven Stage Level 2 war beast, [Fire Wings Heaven Demon], but he had been seriously wounded. 

During the time that Thousand Goblins Sect Leader was exchanging places with Black Prince, he quickly tried to recover from the fight. He even swallowed the highest grade Martial Spirit Pill to boost his energy temporarily. Perhaps it was an utterly inadequate measure, but he knew that he was the only one on their team who couldn’t afford to lose. If he was killed, it would directly affect the overall situation. It would be an absolute disaster. To the contrary, if he could destroy his opponent successfully, then he could lead all the others in a counter-offensive.

“Bring it! Let’s see which one of our fires is the strongest, your Green Phosphorous Ghost Fire or my Meteor Heaven Fire. In the future, there can be only one high-level warrior with the title of Prince in Tong Tian Tower, you, Black Prince or me, Tian Luo Prince!”

“I know that you have a Heaven Stage level war beast, but do you really think you can contend against me with just that?” Black Prince sneered, “The power of your Heaven Stage war beast isn’t even equal to your own strength!”

*** ***

Despair Abyss, Black Water Lake.

Xue Tan Lang and Marquis of Zi Jin were still in a face off. Both of them remained motionless looking for the weak spots in each other’s defense.

This was different from other fights. Their strength had already peaked, so they knew the fight would be over after only a few attacks, at most.

It was inevitable that their fight would end with the death of one or the other. Marquis of Zi Jin was far superior to Xue Tan Lang in strength and rank, but he didn’t dare to misjudge his opponent. Especially when, before the fight, Xue Tan Lang had given him the details about his war beast’s combat skills and abilities. This caused him to become deeply confused. 

Was it possible that this ice-cold man was confident that he would be able to overcome his limits after he confessed everything to his enemy? He had no doubts about that being true because Xue Tan Lang wasn’t a talkative person like Fatty Hai, who liked to brag about his strength.

The only thing that could explain Xue Tan Lang’s action was that he must have a secret trump card. Probably a latent ability which would only be exposed during a mortal struggle.

“Today, only one of us will survive! You or me!” Marquis of Zi Jin’s raucous voice rang out. Then he immediately summoned his grimoire and Guardian Spirit Beast, opened a domain, he had just mastered recently, which formed a protective shield.

After Xue Tan Lang had introduced his war beast’s combat skills and abilities, he fell silent again, but under his feet, Black Water Lake was becoming an ice lake.

Silver lightning flashed through the air.

The two of them launched their strongest attacks at the same time. Neither held anything back!

After this exchange, one of them was destined to die. Only one of them would be left standing at the end of this fight! At this moment, even they didn’t know who would be the one!

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