Chapter 739 – Your Skills Are Lacking! I Won’t Play With You! (Part 1)

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White River Valley, Blood-Red Altar.

The fight between these two powerful enemies, Yue Yang and Ancient Demon King, had reached a perfervid state as soon as it had begun. This was a matter of life and death.

“You call THAT a domain? Your skills are lacking!” quipped Ancient Demon King as he released his own domain. Once Yue Yang was enveloped in the domain, he immediately began to maximize his Spirit Qi. With every additional level, his Spirit Qi would exponentially increase. When his power reached Heaven Stage Level 1, it produced a shockwave that swept over the earth like a howling wind. In an instant, heaven and earth were engulfed in darkness, and countless stones were hurtled about by the storm. Once his power had increased to Heaven Stage Level 2, his power was multiplied ten times, causing the whole sky to feel as if it was filled with invisible talons. After the third rise in power, when his strength had reached Heaven Stage Level 3, suddenly the heavens split open and the earth began to shake. In the White River Valley, the earth shattered and the heavens collapsed. Tens of thousands of rocks were violently ejected into the sky. They looked like a massive meteor swarm blazing across the heavens. It was only after several miles that the rocks began to fall back to earth.

After Ancient Demon King’s power had soared to Heaven Stage Level 4, Ye Xiao, Zi Guang, Yue Su and Bei, all of his subordinates couldn’t withstand the pressure. In order to survive, they had to retreat for a good ten miles.

As for the weakest person present, Bloody Queen, who was Red’s mother, she ducked into the passage under the blood-red altar. It was a smart choice to make. Surprisingly, no matter how much the surroundings changed, the inside of the passage was as peaceful as before. Even Yue Qiu, who still carried the stone gate, was not affected by Ancient Demon King’s power. The supreme sealing mudra protected the blood-red altar from all external forces.

In contrast, it was almost unimaginable how much strength would be needed in order to crack the altar and destroy the head and arm of the female statue. What kind of inconceivable power would be necessary to damage the altar?

Ancient Demon King had raised his energy to an astonishing level, but it still couldn’t damage the altar, not even the tiniest bit. It could be inferred that the power needed to damage the blood-red altar had to be close to God level.

“Fifth expansion!” Ancient Demon King raised his power even further to Heaven Stage Level 5, but it didn’t end there. “Sixth boost!” About ten seconds later, Ancient Demon King’s strength reached Heaven Stage Level 6. At this level, even Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wuxia, who were hundreds of kilometers away from where their battle was taking place, could clearly sense his overwhelming power.

Heaven Stage Level 6 was certainly not the innate limit of Ancient Demon King’s strength. Unfortunately for him, his original Divine body had been sealed, and the body he had captured had been destroyed multiple times by high-level warriors like Prison Emperor, so the body he had recently occupied hadn’t been able to support him in reaching his peak power. Heaven Stage Level 6 was the highest level that his body could sustain right now, but he was convinced that this was enough to defeat Yue Yang, who was still at the level of Quasi-Heaven Stage. No matter how abnormal Yue Yang was a warrior at Heaven Stage Level 6 should be an insurmountable barrier, even if he had killed many warriors that were at a higher level than him.

Ancient Demon King currently wielded the power of a Heaven Stage Level 6 warrior. He had also accumulated countless treasures, war beasts, and subordinates. Now that the plan he had devised a long time ago had failed he had decided to kill Yue Yang since he couldn’t obtain the powerful, perfect God body inside Gods’ Ruins.

Normally he wouldn’t expose too much of his strength in front of the Scarlet Emperor, Navagraha King, and the others. However, he had no time to think about that right now. As long as he could kill Yue Yang, he was willing to pay any price.

“Do you feel lucky? Do you think you can escape from me? You’re wrong! You’re going to die! No matter who they are, no one will be able to save you!” As Ancient Demon King surmised the situation he glanced over at Zhi Zun, who remained motionless while standing on top of the blood-red altar. As usual, Zhi Zun was extremely cool, calm, and collected. She seemed neither pleased by external gains nor saddened by personal losses. Upon seeing her calm demeanor, Ancient Demon King became annoyed. He immediately summoned his grimoire, pressed his hands against it lightly, and said, [Duplicate].

Ancient Demon King’s summoning grimoire emitted a bright light that completely enveloped him. As the light faded, there were now two Ancient Demon Kings where there had been only one before.

There were two Ancient Demon Kings! Of course, none of his allies believed that both figures were real. Still, the two Ancient Demon Kings appeared to be exactly alike; in their level of power, the clothing they were wearing—even their facial expressions were the same! The most bizarre thing was that these two Ancient Demon Kings, whether real or not, had their own individual grimoire. Even the other high-level warriors, like Scarlet Emperor and Scarlet Concubine, couldn’t distinguish the real Ancient Demon King from the false one.

“How?” Yue Su turned to look at the very mysterious Bei, who, among his companions had never exposed his true appearance, nor shown his true strength. Bei didn’t speak, he just gently shook his head to indicate his confusion.

“It’s impossible to have two grimoires.” Scarlet Emperor commented. He knew that a grimoire was not reproducible, so one must be fake. The problem was, the illusions in Ancient Demon King’s domain were so realistic that none of them could see through them, to determine the truth. When Scarlet Emperor saw Ancient Demon King’s skill, he was deeply shocked. If he were in Yue Yang’s position, this would definitely be a very harsh fight for him to win.

To Scarlet Emperor’s great surprise, both Ancient Demon Kings simultaneously pressed their hands on top of their respective grimoires, then spoke the word, [Duplicate]. Both summoning grimoires emitted a bright light, and two more Ancient Demon Kings appeared. Now there were three fakes and one real Ancient Demon King. Strangely enough, even with the additions, no one was able to figure out which one was the original.

For the first time Navagraha King, who wasn’t concerned about the fight, took a serious look at them. He found it strange that he couldn’t detect even a trace of Ancient Demon King’s current body. He knew this was impossible, but he couldn’t discern a single flaw. Ancient Demon King could not have four grimoires, nor could he have four bodies. Only one could be his actual body, the other three had to be replicas. How was it possible that these illusory bodies were so real that they were able to delude everyone’s senses as if all four were the real Ancient Demon King?

It didn’t end there. The four Ancient Demon Kings duplicated themselves again, producing four more bodies. This caused Scarlet Emperor to become completely bewildered. How would this battle be settled? If Ancient Demon King had an actual body and seven fake bodies, all with equal strength, then it had now become an eight on one fight. Would Yue Yang be able to resist their coordinated attacks?

No wonder Ancient Demon King had been able to survive for tens of thousands of years, and no one could kill him. Ancient Demon King had this unique Inherent Skill. Scarlet Emperor became so alarmed by this, he almost choked on his own saliva. Even if he was restored to his full strength, it was unlikely that he could defeat Ancient Demon King. If Ancient Demon King could regain his original Divine body or obtain the powerful, perfect God body inside Gods’ Ruins who would be able to defeat him?

When Scarlet Emperor’s gaze shifted to Yue Yang, he found himself in a state of even greater bewilderment. Currently, Yue Yang was already at the peak of his strength. So, while Ancient Demon King was busy creating eight duplicate bodies, Yue Yang had used the time to become invisible.

Making use of his abilities, Scarlet Emperor could clearly sense Yue Yang’s movements. Shockingly, he found something beyond his expectations. Something that didn’t make any sense to him. Yue Yang’s strength, who was at Quasi-Heaven Stage, was in no way inferior to that of a warrior at Heaven Stage Level 5. Both he and Navagraha King were stunned by Yue Yang’s performance.

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Chapter 739 - Your Skills Are Lacking! I Won’t Play With You! (Part 2)

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