Chapter 739 – Your Skills Are Lacking! I Won’t Play With You! (Part 2)

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“A strange but strong kid.” Navagraha King said.

In the Western Heaven Realm, how many Sky-rank Innates were there who deserved Navagraha King’s sincere admiration? The one thing Scarlet Emperor could be sure of was—only a handful of people would ever obtain it. Moreover, it was impossible if those warriors didn’t have the power of a Heaven Stage warrior. In Scarlet Emperor’s eyes, Ancient Demon King was like a Thunder Hammer that smashed everything and everyone that got in his way, and Yue Yang was like a poisonous snake that silently slithered around, selectively killing his chosen targets. If he underestimated either of them, he knew he would have a miserable death.

For the first time, Scarlet Emperor hoped that Yue Yang would perish together with Ancient Demon King. The power of these two individuals was well beyond his calculations, so the best result would be if they died together. Otherwise, he would be completely unable to compete for any of the treasures inside Tong Tian Tower and Gods’ Ruins.

“[Eight-Sided Circle of Death]!” All Eight Ancient Demon Kings simultaneous opened their mouths and shouted, as they attacked Yue Yang from different positions. For a while, Scarlet Emperor felt dazed as he was unable to distinguish the real Ancient Demon King. If he was in Yue Yang’s position, his only choice would be to defend himself using a piece of Divine Equipment. All counterattacks would be in vain if he couldn’t identify the real Ancient Demon King. There was also the fact that he wouldn’t be able to launch an effective attack while under this kind of unrelenting onslaught.

Currently, Scarlet Emperor retained a small hope. If Ancient Demon King’s illusory figures disappeared after being attacked, then it would still be possible for him to deal with Ancient Demon King.

Yue Yang casually stretched out his fingers and thousands of slivers of Sword Qi shot out, like a volley of arrows. There were so many slivers of Sword Qi flying towards all eight Ancient Demon Kings it was almost a certainty that one would directly pierce through the real Ancient Demon King’s heart.

However, the eight Ancient Demon Kings took evasive action when they were being attacked, which shocked everyone who was present. All eight figures used a different method to destroy Yue Yang’s slivers of Sword Qi, then immediately retaliated against Yue Yang, who was still invisible, using condensed spirit energy to create a variety of weapons, such as; swords, arrows, and spheres. Even if the eight Ancient Demon Kings couldn’t see Yue Yang’s physical form, his invisibility was still completely ineffective within Ancient Demon King’s domain.

The eight Ancient Demon Kings attacked him from all directions. Under this kind of onslaught, anyone in the center would be immediately destroyed. Scarlet Emperor didn’t have to see Yue Yang’s response because whatever he tried would fail. The best way for Yue Yang to deal with this kind of situation was to do his utmost to resist the eight Ancient Demon King’s attacks, rather than try to escape or fight back. Among all of the high-level warriors in Tong Tian Tower, there was only one person that Scarlet Emperor knew that could possibly overcome the joint attack just launched by the eight Ancient Demon Kings.

He glanced at Zhi Zun to discover if Zhi Zun would personally step in to assist Yue Yang if she determined that he was in danger. If Yue Yang was in danger of dying, could she really stay calm and just stand by, doing nothing to help? To his great disappointment, Zhi Zun didn’t move at all. She seemed to have turned a blind eye towards Yue Yang’s fight.

At first, Ancient Demon King had been wary of a sneak attack by Zhi Zun. He never expected that Zhi Zun would just stand there indifferent to Yue Yang’s situation. Even when he was going to hit Yue Yang she did nothing! He was thrilled.

“Die!” screamed Ancient Demon King.

When the eight Ancient Demon Kings was going to brutally crush Yue Yang into dust—a cold voice rang out—”Get the f*ck off!”

All the eight Ancient Demon Kings raised their heads at the same time. Not one of them knew how Yue Yang had managed to escape, then appear in the sky above them.

Yue Yang stretched out his right hand and gripped the throat of the Ancient Demon King standing northeast of him.

Scarlet Emperor and others were shocked. How did Yue Yang figure out which one was the real Ancient Demon King?

Yue Yang had ignored the attacks of the seven other Ancient Demon Kings to directly grab the real Ancient Demon King with his right hand, then threw him over to the blood-red altar. An instant later, Xiao Wen Li flashed out of Yue Yang’s grimoire, to appear just behind Yue Yang. Together, they stared at the body of the real Ancient Demon King.

Even though Ancient Demon King’s power had already soared to the peak of Heaven Stage Level 6, he was unable to move. He could only watch as Yue Yang took him out. He completely lost all face and was totally disgraced.

Finally, the attacks of the other seven Ancient Demon Kings were about to take effect. Each of them embodied half the strength of the real Ancient Demon King and would persist for an entire hour. When their attacks were about to hit Yue Yang, he suddenly shifted reappearing directly overhead of the real Ancient Demon King.

Ancient Demon King felt so ashamed and humiliated. He never expected that Yue Yang would be able to see through to his real body so easily. He would have used this skill to intimidate the others, but this plan had been ruined by Yue Yang as well. If he was not in the [Eight-Sided Circle of Death] pattern, Yue Yang could easily harm him. Yue Yang had managed to quickly discover his weak point, then seized the opportunity to use it.

This caused Ancient Demon King to become truly furious. Like lava erupting from a volcano, he punched out furiously at Yue Yang’s chest. The heavy blow landed soundly, knocking Yue Yang flying, tens of thousands of meters high.

Still feeling unsatisfied, that this just wasn’t enough, Ancient Demon King summoned a Heaven Stage Level 4, Dragon Griffon. “[Purgatory Skybomb]!” The Dragon Griffon spit out a hurricane. If there were no mistakes, Yue Yang would spin uncontrollably for at least three minutes, as soon as he came into contact with the cyclone.

Next, Ancient Demon King drew a circle, with his sword, on the blood-red altar, as he snorted, “You’re going to die here!” There was no enemy who could survive Ancient Demon King’s latest attack. Once they were caught up in the hurricane they would lose all control. Even Prison Emperor had known he needed to avoid it, so he had seriously injured the Dragon Griffon as soon as he possibly could.

“Am I?”

The words came from behind Ancient Demon King. Incredibly, when Ancient Demon King turned around he saw another Yue Yang! Except… there was still a Yue Yang flying through the sky, at least 10,000 meters above him.

“Your skills are lacking! I won’t play with you! Go cry yourself to sleep in that circle you drew!” After saying this, Yue Yang reached out his right hand for the second time. Once more, Ancient Demon King found himself unable to move. Terrified, he knew that this time it wasn’t that little loli lamia’s skill that was responsible.

“The Ruling Power!” Scarlet Emperor shouted in surprise, as his expression changed.

“Eh?” Navagraha King exclaimed in surprise. He quickly became aware of the fact that, though the power level Yue Yang had used was weak, he had indeed used the Ruling Power.

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