Chapter 740 – Dicey Situation, Soul Crystal Bone Meal (Part 1)

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Ancient Demon King had never expected that one of Yue Yang’s trump cards would be the Ruling Power, nor did Scarlet Emperor or Navagraha King. After all, he was only at Quasi-Heaven Stage. Even though Yue Yang hadn’t fully mastered the Ruling Power, he showed the beginnings of being able to control its infinite power.

At the start of the fight, all of Ancient Demon King’s allies thought that he would be the clear winner if he used his power at Heaven Stage Level 6, and [Eight-Sided Circle of Death]. But unexpectedly, it turned out that he was the one that was completely suppressed. This was not due to his lack of strength, but Yue Yang’s exceptional ability to plot things out in advance. 

Of course, both Scarlet Emperor and Navagraha King could see that the Ruling Power Yue Yang controlled was not powerful enough to kill Ancient Demon King. Moreover, Yue Yang could only apply the slightest amount of the Ruling Power for about a minute. This was the current limit of his ability. Even Navagraha Queen, an emperor in the Heaven Realm, wouldn’t be able to seckill[1] Ancient Demon King.

The biggest mistake Ancient Demon King made was to fight against Yue Yang using a human body where he couldn’t exert all of his demonic spiritual power. Yue Yang’s mistake was not joining hands with Zhi Zun to fight together. If he had done so, Ancient Demon King would have been seriously wounded. Both of them had made serious mistakes, Scarlet Emperor and Navagraha King thought.

When Yue Yang’s time limit for use of the Ruling Power had passed, he stood there motionless. It was as if all of his spiritual energy had been exhausted. After witnessing this, Scarlet Emperor felt a little comforted. Even though Yue Yang was strangely powerful and had begun to master the Ruling Power, it would take several years, at least, for him to gain full control of the Ruling Power. Now, if Yue Yang had been able to maintain the Ruling Power for ten minutes, then Ancient Demon King would have died.

𝐻𝑜𝑤𝑙! Ancient Demon King started to act when Yue Yang began to adjust his breathing. His entire body trembled violently—his feet took root in the rough rock—his fingers bent into claws—an extremely strong wave of demonic energy exploded outward from his body. The human body he was occupying, which looked so similar to Yue Yang—was quickly shredded into bone meal size pieces—blood splattered everywhere. The fragile human body wasn’t able to withstand his true power, the demonic power he had been accumulating over tens of thousands of years. 

The best possible vessel to contain his demonic power was his original Divine Body or the powerful, perfect God body. In order to win the trust of Fourth Mother, and gain the latter, Ancient Demon King had concealed his demonic spirit energy. What’s more, he had also hidden it to trick Scarlet Emperor, Navagraha King, and the others into becoming his allies. If Yue Yang hadn’t used the Ruling Power, he would never have released his demonic spirit power.

Once he activated his demonic spirit power, that he had accumulated over tens of thousands of years, his present body showed signs of being unable to bear it. Even worse, if he couldn’t find a usable vessel within a certain amount of time, his demonic spirit power would no longer be able to be restored once it was used up.

There was another potential problem that Ancient Demon King had to take into consideration. If Navagraha King saw his sealed Soul Crystal he would be able to take advantage of this knowledge in the future. Well, he’d have to be sure to burn that bridge, now that he’d crossed it. When Yue Yang had used the Ruling Power, he no longer had a choice in the matter. In order to survive, he’d been forced to expose his Soul Crystal.

Ancient Demon King knew that in the future Scarlet Emperor and Navagraha King would launch a joint attack to get rid of him. So, this matter was an important one but he had no time to think about it at the moment. The first thing he needed to do was deal with Yue Yang, who was the paramount threat to his life right now. He MUST kill Yue Yang! Yue Yang had mastered the Ruling Power. If Yue Yang escaped…

“I don’t need the body of the 3rd son of the Yue Clan anymore. His identity is worthless to me. You need to die!” Ancient Demon King lowered his head as he spat out these words. 

BOOM! Ancient Demon King’s body suddenly exploded. It was so finely minced it looked like bone meal. Like an erupting volcano, towering flames and an enormous amount of spiritual Qi burst outward from his Soul Crystal.

“Oh?” Scarlet Emperor noticed the sealing rune on Ancient Demon King’s Soul Crystal. He tried to decipher it for a while but couldn’t. However, he made certain that he would be able to recall it.

“There’re six Soul Stars on his crystal.” murmured Navagraha King, who knew more about runes than Scarlet Emperor.

After Ancient Demon King’s physical body exploded in the sky, the huge amount of spiritual energy and flames quickly condensed to form a 100-meter-tall figure. The 100-meter-tall figure, whose body consisted of flame and pure energy, had a fiendish demon head with curved black horns, two long tusks, eyes that emitted light like flickering flames, and flaming wings that gave off curls of smoke. Ancient Demon King’s figure struck terror into the hearts of all that saw it. When this 100-meter-tall Ancient Demon King stretched his arms out, high into the sky, his strength shocked Scarlet Emperor and the others.

Now, Scarlet Emperor was certain that a warrior at the same level as Ancient Demon King, Heaven Stage Level 6, could be seckilled by him, just like killing an ant. Ancient Demon King was a real Innate Elder, a warrior that possessed supreme will!

Staring at Ancient Demon King, who was a 100-meter-tall, and displaying the strength he had accumulated over tens of thousands of years, not only Yue Yang, even Scarlet Emperor felt insignificant in front of him. Scarlet Emperor was arrogant, but he, now, clearly understood that he was definitely not Ancient Demon King’s equal, even with the protection of his Divine Equipment. Scarlet Emperor felt confounded and troubled. Navagraha King looked on with an extremely grave expression.

The first thought that came to Navagraha King’s mind was—‘Fortunately for us, Ancient Demon King wasn’t able to obtain the powerful, perfect God body’! If he had, Scarlet Emperor was afraid that even his ancestor wouldn’t have been able to defeat Ancient Demon King.

No wonder he had insisted on pretending to be the 3rd son of the Yue Clan. He wasn’t weak at all! What he’d really needed was a perfect vessel. If he had obtained the powerful, perfect God body, there would never have been peace in Tong Tian Tower or Heaven Realm. If Ancient Demon King had acquired the powerful, perfect God body and the ancient treasures inside Gods’ Ruins he would have become a greater threat to me than Prison Emperor. 

It was going to be difficult to kill him. Even if three giants launched a joint attack they might not succeed in killing him. Thinking about this, Navagraha King did his best to keep calm on the surface, but deep inside his mind, he harbored a strong intention to kill him. No matter how the fight turned out, he couldn’t let Ancient Demon King escape alive!

Navagraha King recalled the words of some of the ancient Elders at the Central Palace. They were right! As long as all the high-level warriors of Tong Tian Tower weren’t killed or sealed Heaven Realm would never know peace!

[1]. “秒杀 (miǎoshā)” > “秒 (miǎo)” means “a second of time”, and “杀 (shā)” means “to kill.” When you combine the two into “秒杀 (miǎoshā)” it literally means “one-second kill.” The term comes from online multi-player video games, in which a player, who has no other option, must kill his opponent using an instantaneous attack. [back]

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