Chapter 740 – Dicey Situation, Soul Crystal Bone Meal (Part 2)

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“Both of us are peerless talents with superlative abilities, but we made the tremendous mistake of becoming enemies. My plan to obtain the powerful, perfect God Body was wrong. If given the chance, I wouldn’t follow the tracks of an overthrown chariot.[1] As for you, Yue Yang, you turned up out of nowhere, at the wrong time and place. We both could have led glorious lives if we have risen to power in different ages, but our karma has forced us to fight. It’s a trick played on us by destiny. 

Life sucks! I avoided Emperor Wu Shuang, Empress Fei Wen Li, and Prison Emperor. I also steered clear of some other legendary warriors like Tian Lun, Qian Ye, Wu Se. I thought that I would be able to rule Tong Tian Tower during this era. But I have never expected someone like you to suddenly appear!” Ancient Demon King shouted so loudly that it echoed across White River Valley like thunder. “Encountering me was your misfortune. If you hadn’t been forced to contend with me, your achievements would have been beyond those of Prison Emperor, Empress Fei Wen Li, and Emperor Wu Shuang. However, today—only one of us will survive—you or me!”

“Since it’s karma, what else can I do?” Yue Yang replied while shaking his head.

“Even if I succeeded in killing you, my karma will not change. Nevertheless, I must kill you! Destiny is damned!” Ancient Demon King roared towards the sky, feeling oppressed by his own fate.

“I agree! This karmic battle is really a huge mistake.” Yue Yang glanced over at Scarlet Emperor and Navagraha King, then sighed. “In life, sometimes we have to do something, even though we know it’s not going to help. We are enemies by nature and neither of us can change that. To be honest, I actually sympathize with you. 

During the time you were rising in power you must have felt dismayed when you met Emperor Wu Shuang. After him, you had to deal with Empress Fei Wen Li. It wasn’t just you. At that time, all the high-level warriors were feeling the same frustration, including Tian Lun, Qian Ye and Wu Se. Tong Tian Tower will always have many peerless warriors. That’s one thing that’s constant. 

If you want to stand at the peak of Tong Tian Tower, you have to take steps to ensure that you’ll be strong enough to get there. If you aren’t the best, the most talented, and the most powerful, then don’t blame anyone or anything but yourself. If I am dying, I won’t blame karma for what’s happening. Similarly, if your dying, don’t moan about karma being responsible. Karma treats everyone fairly. If you can’t change your own destiny, then karma will control you!” Yue Yang concluded.

As soon as he finished, everyone was shocked by his words.

Scarlet Emperor was startled.

Navagraha King’s expression changed.

Zhi Zun nodded slightly. Even she was satisfied with Yue Yang’s present state of mind. 

Life was like this. If you don’t take control of your life, then you will be dominated by karma! In other words, people who are not strong enough to change their own destiny will be carried along by the tide! Only the strongest can do whatever they want, swim against the current, leap up a waterfall to reach the peak[2], so they can look down on all other living beings.

Ancient Demon King stood still for a long time, spitting out fierce flames that soared into the sky. Suddenly, he roared “You’re right! I’ll challenge my destiny!” He furiously gathered together the demonic power he had been accumulating over tens of thousands of years. 

He didn’t know whether he could survive or not because even if he managed to defeat Yue Yang, it was extremely unlikely that he would escape from Zhi Zun, Navagraha King, and Navagraha Queen. His plan had failed, and then he’d been forced to fight to the death. If he had the opportunity to do things over again he would do things differently.

He wished that he had continued to wait for a better opportunity, just like he had bided his time and avoided Empress Fei Wen Li and Prison Emperor. But now there was no other choice. He must fight! Scarlet Emperor had returned from Heaven Realm, as had Navagraha King and Navagraha Queen. However, right now, his opponent was Yue Yang who had started to master the Ruling Power and Zhi Zun, a woman he had never dared to disdain.

Ancient Demon King didn’t know whether this would be his last battle or not. Either way, he was determined to fight without reservations! He would use his true demonic power, accumulated for tens of thousands of years. Even if the fight ended with his death—he would go out with a BANG!

“[Retribution]!” Ancient Demon King pressed his hands against the ground in White River Valley. Tens of thousands of years of demonic power immediately lit up the entire valley when the magma underground was instantaneously released. Abruptly, the surrounding mountains collapsed and the ground gaped open, like the mouth of a Primordial Monster. Lava erupted from a multitude of cracks, shooting high into the sky while roiling clouds of dense smoke and volcanic ash shrouded the heavens and earth.

Within a radius of ten kilometers inside the White River Valley, it had become a living hell! Lava was flowing throughout the valley, and the mountain walls were covered with demonic flames. As Ancient Demon King stretched out his right arm and pointed at Yue Yang, a bloody glow shot out from one of his fingertips. This was [Demon King Finger], the most powerful attack possible between Ancient Demon King and his Guardian Spirit Beast “Ju”. Even the unsurpassable Prison Emperor had suffered a serious wound from this attack.

Of course, Yue Yang knew better than to try to resist this attack using spiritual Qi, so he immediately rid himself of Ancient Demon King’s lock and transported far away.

Like a hot knife through butter, the bloody light of [Demon King Finger] pierced a fist-sized hole in the blood-red altar, which couldn’t be damaged without using power close to that of a God, or so Yue Yang thought.

After witnessing this event, Scarlet Emperor’s eyes twitched and he trembled with fear. He understood that this was an attack that he would be unable to block, even with the protection of his Divine Equipment. If he couldn’t find a counter for this move, Ancient Demon King would be able to seckill him.

[Demon King Finger], how much power was needed for this attack‽ While Yue Yang was still in shock, Ancient Demon King suddenly grasped one of his ankles. He had accurately predicted the location Yue Yang would appear after he transported. 

“Soul Crystal Bone Meal.” Ancient Demon King summoned a peculiar war beast which looked like a millstone. Its rough, torus-shaped body was covered with runes, which ceaselessly rotated releasing an irresistible force. Ancient Demon King grabbed Yue Yang and shoved him into the mouth, located in the center, of this bizarre beast. He strongly desired Yue Yang to be painfully crushed into a bone meal by his pet millstone.

“What?” Scarlet Emperor’s face took on a deathly pallor. This kind of beast reminded him of an unspeakable legend—a legend about ancient war beasts!

[1]. To follow the tracks of an overthrown chariot > To repeat the same mistake. (back)

[2]. Swimming against the current to become strong enough to leap up a waterfall is how a carp becomes a dragon.


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