Chapter 741 – The Most Powerful Little Loli in History (Part 1)

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Ancient war beasts.

When Scarlet Emperor was young, he had heard some information about ancient war beasts from his instructor.

Due to the passage of time and wars, many types of ancient war beasts had become extinct. Additionally, after many thousands of years had passed, changes in the environment and other factors caused a few types of ancient war beasts, that had survived, to evolve into new varieties. They had evolved in ways that allowed them to adapt themselves to their new surroundings, like the Mountain Whales, Island Turtles, etc. They were different from modern war beasts. What’s more, their power was nonpareil, compared to that of modern war beasts.

It was said that in ancient times, there were numerous diverse types of powerful war beasts that had a plethora of special abilities.

The biggest difference was in the use of specialty war beasts. In ancient times, high-level warriors had developed incredible ways to use specialty war beasts. Today, there are only three main categories of beasts; element-type spirit beasts, strengthening-type spirit beasts, and war beasts. Beasts with special abilities were only used for backup.

Among the latter type of these ancient war beasts, there was a type of war beast, known as the “[Second Sage] War Beast”. This type of war beast was limited in its growth potential. No matter what, they would never meet the requirements needed to evolve into a Holy Beast, regardless of their size, wisdom, or how human they became. However, their combat power was not inferior to that of a Holy Beast in any way. In some circumstances, they were nearly invincible. Consequently, this kind of war beast became known as, “[Second Sage] War Beasts”. Two important features of these ancient war beasts were their special body shapes and unique skills that were specialized to dominate during certain types of battles. Unlike a Holy Beast, they couldn’t fight well in all battles, but they wouldn’t necessarily lose to a Holy Beast in the types of battles they were created to excel in.

Scarlet Emperor looked at Soul Crystal Bone Meal in front of him. The first thing he thought of was “It’s a [Second Sage] War Beast!”

After Yue Yang was shoved into the mouth of Soul Crystal Bone Meal by Ancient Demon King, his first reaction was to lift the millstone shaped war beast, which was pressing down on his body, up and off him.

However, even though he was powerful enough to cause a mountain to collapse, he still couldn’t move the millstone shaped war beast at all. If not for his Creation Domain, he would have been ground into bone meal.

Countless boulders appeared beside Yue Yang, each weighing tens of thousands of tons. Inside his Creation Domain, dozens of duplicate Yue Yangs continuously threw these stones into the mouth of the millstone shaped war beast in an attempt to block Soul Crystal Bone Meal from continuing to rotate. While this was going on, he took advantage of the opportunity to try to flee. He tried but failed in his efforts to escape out from Soul Crystal Bone Meal. He was locked in by Ancient Demon King’s domain. Just like his invisibility failed to work inside this domain, he couldn’t transport outside of it.

Soul Crystal Bone Meal easily pulverized all the huge rocks into a fine powder that resembled flour. Unfortunately, this powerful war beast was useless when trying to deal with the cunning Yue Yang.

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Even though it had managed to pulverize numerous duplicate figures of Yue Yang, his real body would escape to safety every time he was actually in danger of being crushed. Inside the mouth of the millstone shaped war beast, there was only a rather narrow slit where materials could enter. This was its weakness. Strictly speaking, it wasn’t a huge weakness, but it was large enough that Yue Yang could exploit it.

When Soul Crystal Bone Meal spun quickly, even if the interval was just one-thousandth of a second, Yue Yang was able to keep up with it. Yue Yang had managed to find a way to hide safely inside the narrow slit. It tried adjusting its acceleration and changing its angle of rotation but Soul Crystal Bone Meal failed to find a way to grind Yue Yang into bone meal.

Ancient Demon King poured blood-red magma into the mouth of Soul Crystal Bone Meal trying to help his beast kill Yue Yang, so it could succeed in grinding his body into a bloody pulp.

After seeing this, Scarlet Emperor broke out in a cold sweat. If he was in Yue Yang’s shoes, the only choice he would have would be to try to protect himself using Divine Equipment, and to resist the beast with his spiritual qi. There were no other ways to escape.

Ancient Demon King had poured magma into his war beast’s mouth, but Yue Yang had managed to survive! Scarlet Emperor had to recognize that these two individuals were insanely gifted individuals. He could see that the mountain-like boulders that were thrown into the mouth of Soul Crystal Bone Meal had been turned into stone powder. If his opponent had been Yue Yang, he wouldn’t have had any way to effectively deflect that kind of attack. What really bothered Scarlet Emperor was, he didn’t understand how Yue Yang could manage to survive inside the millstone shaped war beast when it could change how fast it rotated. Sometimes its acceleration was extremely fast and at other times it was sluggishly slow. Still, he clearly knew that neither Ancient Demon King nor Yue Yang had yet to exert their full strength or display their ultimate skills.

Ancient Demon King finally came to the realization that Soul Crystal Bone Meal wouldn’t be able to kill Yue Yang, so he summoned another ancient war beast, “Skeletal Bone Trap.” This war beast looked like a huge pair of white skeletal hands and its power level was similar to that of a Holy Beast. Skeletal Bone Trap was ten times more powerful than Soul Crystal Bone Meal.

Skeletal Bone Trap immediately launched an attack. It grabbed hold of Yue Yang and pried him out of the narrow crevice inside Soul Crystal Bone Meal’s mouth. It threw Yue Yang to the ground, then pressed Yue Yang’s body firmly against the ground, crossing its hands to maximum its holding power.

Yue Yang struggled—slashing madly at the skeletal hands—sparks flew like rain—but his attacks… left no marks behind.

Zhi Zun’s eye expression changed slightly. Yue Yang was struggling with those bones?

The strangest thing was that this pair of skeletal hands, a war beast with the strength of Gold Level 10 that was the equivalent of a Heaven Stage Level 3 warrior, was not harmed in the slightest way by Yue Yang’s attacks. What’s more, these two skeleton hands had captured and confined Yue Yang, who was famous for his agility and fighting skills.

“[Burial by Ten Thousand Mammoths].” Ancient Demon King pointed at Yue Yang, with a shining grimoire in his hand.

It was not [Ancient Demon Finger], but another new skill. Neither was a physical attack. It was as if 10,000 mammoths were stomping on Yue Yang’s head at the same time. It was an extremely painful attack. Not only Yue Yang, who was being held down by the skeletal hands, all other people present also felt the same pressure affecting their minds, the pressure of tens of thousands of mammoths stomping on their heads.

Yue Yang, who had never been stunned by the attacks of his enemy, lowered his head and remained motionless as if he had been knocked unconscious.

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Chapter 741 - The Most Powerful Little Loli in History (Part 2)

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