Chapter 741 – The Most Powerful Little Loli in History (Part 2)

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Scarlet Emperor thought Ancient Demon King would seize the opportunity to throw Yue Yang into the mouth of Soul Crystal Bone Meal, but Ancient Demon King didn’t do that.

After Ancient Demon King had summoned Dragon Griffon, Soul Crystal Bone Meal, and Skeletal Bone Trap, he had summoned a fourth war beast, Ferry of Death. 

Upon being summoned, a sampan mysteriously appeared in the sky. Steering it was a boatman. It was an ordinary skeleton of the Skeleton tribe whose true power was at Heaven Stage Level 1. Surprisingly, the real body of the war beast, Ferry of Death, was the sampan floating in the air. It had the power of Heaven Stage Level 5 war beast. Among all of the war beasts Ancient Demon King had summoned, it had the highest rank and was the most powerful.

Skeletal Bone Trap dragged Yue Yang, who seemed to be unconscious, onto Ferry of Death.

The skeleton on Ferry of Death didn’t react at all. It just kept on guiding the boat using a long oar made out of bone.

In the sky a Stygian hole suddenly appeared.

Ferry of Death carried Yue Yang directly towards the Stygian hole, then began to slid into it, into the realm of death and eternity.

When Ferry of Death was about to be completely engulfed by that Stygian hole Yue Yang suddenly opened his eyes. Instantly, [Nirvana’s Flame – Phoenix] emerged, covering his entire body. These flames quickly transformed into a fire phoenix. As soon as it formed the fire phoenix stretched its wings out and grasping Yue Yang in its claws, leaped off Ferry of Death.

The skeleton from the Skeleton tribe immediately used the long bone oar to stab at Yue Yang, but the fire phoenix proved to be faster. Even Skeletal Bone Trap, who was still holding onto Yue Yang, couldn’t move fast enough to prevent Yue Yang from escaping Ferry of Death.

At this point, Ferry of Death had almost fully entered into the Stygian hole, so it couldn’t turn around. It could no longer affect Yue Yang in any way.

“Go to hell!” Ancient Demon King acted in a way that made all of his allies that were present ashamed. He rushed upward, raised his arms, then brutally tore open the shrinking Stygian hole using brute force. The devouring property of the Stygian hole swallowed up his demonic energy at an alarming rate, but he turned a blind eye to this. Next, he lifted one of his gigantic feet and kicked Yue Yang, who was hanging from the fire phoenix’s claws, into the Stygian hole.

Unexpectedly, Yue Yang, who had finally managed to escape from Skeletal Bone Trap, took advantage of his kick to grasp a couple of the curved claws on Ancient Demon King’s toes.

Startling everyone, a giant loli, who had already been strengthened by [Giant Shadow][1], jumped out from Yue Yang’s grimoire world. She punched Ancient Demon King on the back of his head a few times, then grabbed onto the demonic horns on his head while he was still woozy. From this position she kneed Ancient Demon King in the back. She wanted to jam Ancient Demon King, who had attempted to kill her brother, into the narrowing Stygian hole, so she used tremendous force when kneeing him.

None of Yue Yang’s enemies had anticipated that the situation would suddenly be reversed, so they were struck speechless with astonishment. 

What the hell‽ Ancient Demon King had tried to murder Yue Yang using Ferry of Death to convey him through the Stygian hole that he had just painfully enlarged, but he failed. Now, the Stygian hole might end up being the place where he would be buried!

“Hit you, hit you, I hit, hit, hit, hit!” yelled the giant loli when she saw that Ancient Demon King was holding tightly onto the edge of the Stygian hole, But no matter how many times she punched him, he wouldn’t let go. It was annoying, so she hit Ancient Demon King even harder. Relying solely on the Ancient Titan’s advantage in physical strength, she was about to pound him into mush. The most miserable thing about the situation that Ancient Demon King was in, he couldn’t escape.

Howl! After taking dozens of punches, Ancient Demon King was finally able to recover  Ferry of Death that he had been holding in place using his arms. He had been able to immobilize it partway through the Stygian hole by manipulating the edges of the hole. Once Ferry of Death was removed from the Stygian hole it shrank until it completely disappeared. Best of all, he had survived!

“F**k you!” Yue Yang had finally freed himself from Skeletal Bone Trap’s grasp by using [Nirvana’s Flame – Weaponize] and joined the giant loli to pummel Ancient Demon King.

Ancient Demon King’s tremendous body rolled sideways to avoid the wheel of light that was shot out by Yue Yang’s [World-Exterminating Wheel]. The situation had suddenly become extremely unfortunate for him. Even if he had to pay a high price in order to escape it was better than being killed by Yue Yang. 

As he was thinking this, the giant loli used her feet to trample on his back several times. He ordered Skeletal Bone Trap to capture the giant loli so that he could escape from her constant attacks. At almost the same time, he tried to summon another new war beast.

Skeletal Bone Trap, which could easily capture Yue Yang, wasn’t powerful enough to catch the giant loli. It could only get ahold of one of her legs. After all, the Ancient Titan had a natural advantage—she was HUGE!

For human beings, it was a substantial trap, but for an Ancient Titan, it was just a slightly oversized mousetrap.

The giant loli felt a sudden pain. Enraged, she reached out and tore Skeletal Bone Trap off her leg. Then, she continued to destroy it by severely twisting its fingers apart, one by one. Finally, she used her arms to utterly crush Skeletal Bone Trap into dust. After thoroughly crushing [Second Sage] Skeletal Bone Trap, she raised her head to the heavens and screamed with satisfaction. The force of that sound shook the surrounding mountains and rivers.

After seeing that, Scarlet Emperor felt stunned as did Navagraha King.

Ancient Titan? Was she a royal noble of the Ancient Titan race? Fortunately for them, she was currently just a loli. If she grew up, she would definitely be a much tougher opponent.

Ancient Demon King summoned Mountain Ridge Giant, a Heaven Stage Level 5 war beast. It looked like a fat five-hundred-meter mountain. As soon as it was summoned, Mountain Ridge Giant rushed towards the giant loli. Every step it took caused a small earthquake.

“Fatty, come die!” The giant loli was not the same as she was before. After Yue Yang’s instruction, her strength had made great strides. Moreover, due to the strengthening of [Giant Shadow], she could easily deal with Mountain Ridge Giant. First, she lifted Mountain Ridge Giant over her shoulders, getting Mountain Ridge Giant into a fireman’s carry position. Then, she pushed it forward, off her shoulders, slamming Mountain Ridge Giant face-down onto the ground.


Mountain Ridge Giant crashed into the ground, then bounced. Mountain Ridge Giant flew three kilometers away, smashing into a mountain, causing it to suddenly collapse.

The power of that move, the power that collapsed a mountain and shook the heavens, made all of Yue Yang’s enemies break out in a cold sweat. What a powerful little loli! Perhaps, she was the most powerful little loli in history!

*** *** ***

[1]. Yue Yang > Inherent Skill > [Phantom Shadow] 

[Giant Shadow]: By overlapping five [Phantom Shadows], a Giant Shadow can be created. When applied to a person or beast it will increase their strength a hundred times. Duration: One minute, but the time can be increased to three minutes if additional shadows are overlapped. [Giant Shadow] can be applied to any person or beast.

[Never Leave Your Side]: All of the Phantom Shadows’ exist due to the will of the owner. Unless the owner dies Phantom Shadow(s) will not leave their owner. Phantom Shadow is exempt from all laws and restrictions that would prevent it from leaving Yue Yang. Duration: Forever unless dismissed by the owner. [Never Leave Your Side] can be applied to any person or beast. [back]

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