Chapter 742 – Fighting? Right and Wrong Have Nothing to Do With It! (Part 1)

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The fifth floor of Heaven Stairway, White River Valley.

As the fight between Yue Yang and Ancient Demon King was taking place near the blood-red altar, outside of White River Valley, Queen Night’s fight against Si Hai, as well as all the other fights, had reached a perfervid state.

Inside Queen Night’s [Starry Sky] Domain of Power all twelve constellations comprising the Zodiac Temples had already formed. Each of them possessed great power. If the opponent fighting against Queen Night was not Si Hai, who had Sovereign’s Will and the power of Heaven Stage Level 6,  her opponent would have immediately been crushed into dust under Queen Night’s fierce attacks. However, there was no sign that Si Hai was losing the fight. He moved carefully, mindful of every step he took, during the fight. Sometimes Queen Night had to step back to defend against one of his attacks.

The decisive fight between the two high-level warriors wouldn’t end within a short time. It would be a long-drawn-out battle that would last, at least, a few hours. 

Compared to the fight between these two warriors, the balance of power had tipped in favor of Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wuxia’s favor.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty fell to the ground due to her serious wounds but her Guardian Spirit Beast, Charm Demon Queen, managed to bring her back safely. As for her opponents, two warriors at Heaven Stage Level 4 from the Navagraha tribe, they had been burned to ashes by her Card of Fate [Sky Law – Judgement] before they could even tell her their names. Nor could their protective treasures withstand [Sky Law – Judgement] that Phoenix Fairy Beauty released, which was very close to the Ruling Power in strength. If Phoenix Fairy Beauty hadn’t been badly injured during the sneak attack by Si Hai’s son, Si Yue, and the funeral mourner, You Jin, she could have killed the two warriors using the power of Card of Fate [Sky Law – Judgement] without much effort. Additionally, she wouldn’t have overused her mental capacity and lapsed into a coma.

Two Navagraha warriors at Heaven Stage Level 4 had been seckilled with one blow. She had also badly injured the funeral mourner, You Jin. She had given him one serious and three minor wounds. Then there was Si Hai’s son, Si Yue, whom she had killed. In this battle, this was Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s enviable record!

Both Li Pan, who had behaved arrogantly before, and the funeral mourner, You Jin, who was confident he was immune to her psychic blows, were shocked by Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s skill, Card of Fate [Sky Law – Judgement], which could seckill so many high-level warriors. If it had been Li Pan who’d attacked Phoenix Fairy Beauty, not You Jin, Li Pan would have been the third person from the Navagraha tribe to be killed.

“So incredibly powerful!  I admit it. I despise these women!” said Li Pan, who had lost his previous arrogance.

“Humph!” The funeral mourner, You Jin, exclaimed as his expression turned icy cold. If his ally hadn’t rescued him in time his strongest coffin beast would have been broken into pieces by Charm Demon Queen.

The person that he feared most wasn’t Phoenix Fairy Beauty, who had lapsed into a coma, so she couldn’t participate in the fight anymore, or Princess Qian Qian, who had almost killed him with her Hellsword. The person he feared most was Xue Wuxia. She had remained inactive throughout the fighting, calmly reading the “Book of Truth” that she held in her hands.

According to the information collected by Ancient Demon King, Scarlet Emperor, Marquis of Zi Jin, and others, You Jin knew Xue Wuxia was considered to be Yue Yang’s most capable assistant. No one in the Yue family could match her in wisdom or spiritual power. He had known that she was very powerful, but after his fight, You Jin realized that the previous information had seriously understated Xue Wuxia’s abilities. Unfortunately for Xue Wuxia, she was still young or she would definitely be a high-level warrior like Queen Night, possibly even surpassing her. Standing guard beside Xue Wuxia was a female giant at Heaven Stage Level 5. If the funeral mourner, You Jin had the chance to choose his foe, he would rather fight against that female giant than become Xue Wuxia’s opponent. Hell, he would rather fight against two female giants than Xue Wuxia.

It was due to the fact that Xue Wuxia had stayed out of the fight to gather information on their enemies from within the “Book of Truth” that his two companions, Li Que and Li Sun, who had the power of Heaven Stage Level 4, had no chance to escape, and been seckilled by Phoenix Fairy Beauty. Phoenix Fairy Beauty may have been the one that killed them, but it was Xue Wuxia who was actually responsible for their deaths.

Luckily, among the warriors of the Navagraha tribe, there were some warriors who could see through the matters at hand and get to the core of the critical issues. 

“Kill her!” screamed You Jin’s cousin, Li Pan, while pointing at Xue Wuxia. Then he and Li Chang, who was at Heaven Stage Level 3, rushed headlong towards Xue Wuxia.

You Jin tried to warn them. He wanted to stop them, but he had been badly wounded. He was dismayed to find out that some of his blood had congealed, blocking his throat, preventing him from calling out to them. Moreover, Li Pan and Li Chang were enraged. Their ability to reason had been overwhelmed by the strength of their hatred.

SCRAM!” The female giant moved to stand in front of Xue Wuxia, blocking Li Pan’s blow. Then her Dragon power burst out as she wholeheartedly launched an unconditional attack against Li Pan. As for Li Chang, who was at Heaven Stage Level 3, Barbarian Cow Shadow, Ah Man, wrapped her God Binding Chains around him, then jerked him back and forth, giving him whiplash. A short time later he hit the ground with a dull thud. Ah Man quickly started lifting the nearby boulders and smashed them into his head.

Yue Yang’s guardian beast, Spirit of Sky Fire, had summoned her contracted beast, Blazing Queen Bee, some time ago. The Blazing Queen Bee had already hatched countless Blazing Bee Soldiers. Together with Reaper Mantis, she was looking for any opportunity to harass her master’s enemies. Even though they had no power to impede the Sky-rank warriors they were an important factor in the fight, that couldn’t be ignored when they used their abilities to hinder them during battle.

In addition, if the enemy’s war beasts could be badly injured, chances for them to help would quickly come their way. If Xue Wuxia’s hit one of their enemies or one of their war beasts they would immediately launch an attack, assaulting them. Staying beside Xue Wuxia allowed them to exercise their fighting skills to their greatest extent. They weren’t Holy Beasts or Mythical Beasts, but when they were protected and supported by Xue Wuxia’s [Spirit] Domain of Power they had enough fighting strength to actually be useful, as long as they stayed within its area of effect.

Besides these two, Yue Yang’s contracted beasts, the Quintet Golden Puppet Mice did their best to hide within the shadow of Xue Wuxia’s feet.

There were two Navagraha warriors who were very good at tactics. They used their knowledge of runes to create traps. As a consequence of this, Xue Wuxia was able to uncover their plans much faster. This allowed her team to counterattack, using their strengths to great advantage.

With the help of the Quintet Golden Puppet Mice and the ‘Book of Truth’, Xue Wuxia’s current insight was close to Yue Yang’s [Heaven Eyes Divine Vision].

“Nirvana Sunflower!” Luo Hua City Mistress, who stood to Xue Wuxia’s right, summoned her Heaven Stage Level 5, Nirvana Sunflower. As soon as the Nirvana Sunflower appeared it turned into its Sun Scorching Sunflower form and released its skill [Blind Watch]. This caused all of the war beasts within its range of effect to became blind. Once the skill [Blind Watch] was activated Li Pan had to cover his eyes and flee. He was not afraid of physical attacks but he was afraid of a psychic attack that would deprive him of his eyesight. Next, Nirvana Sunflower’s appearance changed to that of its Twilight Flower form. It then released the Twilight Flower skill, a type of spiritual attack, which made all their enemies feel despondent. Among their enemy’s war beasts, even the two Golden Horn Soldiers, who claimed to be warlike, numbly stared at Nirvana Sunflower’s Twilight Flower form, completely paralyzed.

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Chapter 742 - Fighting? Right and Wrong Have Nothing to Do With It! (Part 2)

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