Chapter 742 – Fighting? Right and Wrong Have Nothing to Do With It! (Part 2)

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A high-level warrior from the Navagraha tribe, who was dressed as a master warlock, waved his black staff and used his sorcery skill [Heal Tribe] while loudly reciting a sacred battle chant.

“Bless Navagraha’s heroes fighting! 

Encompassing battles—we’re striving! 

Courage! Onward! Enemies dying! 

Warriors—heed victory’s calling!”

Listening to the chant, the warriors from the Navagraha tribe quivered as they felt their depression being swept away, as was the blindness caused by Sun Scorching Sunflower’s [Blind Watch].

Li Pan, who had been punched a dozen times by Raging Flame, turned around and immediately began to fight back.

Of course, this sacred battle blessing was not a panacea.

For example, Li Chang was caught in a terrible fix. Ah Man was strangling his neck with the God Binding Chains and ramming her arms and knees into his back. If it was a one-on-one fight he would be able to hold on for a while, but Hui Tai Lang had escaped from his fight against two Sky-rank Innates. Not only that, when Hui Tai Lang arrived, the first thing he did was open his mouth and use his sharp teeth to bite Li Chang’s joystick. Regardless of the pain, no matter how hard he struggled, Hui Tai Lang kept his mouth shut.

Hui Tai Lang was smart. He knew what and where people’s weaknesses were located. As long as he could successfully attack an enemy’s weaknesses he could achieve twice the result with half the effort. This was one of the first “combat tactics” Yue Yang had taught him.

Tao Tie Blade transformed into its beast form. It wasn’t as smart as Hui Tai Lang, but it could coordinate perfectly with him. Using its teeth, it bit into Li Chang’s right leg while gripping his left leg with its claws, giving an assist to Hui Tai Lang, who was attacking Li Chang’s joystick. 

Star Scorpion quietly emerged from the ground and stabbed Li Chang’s spine with the needle-like tip of its tail. You You, You Jin’s younger brother, who was at Heaven Stage Level 3, rushed towards him wanting to rescue his friend, Li Chang.

“Be careful.” You Jin was so angry that he spit out some blood. Just now, he had warned Li Chang not to underestimate their enemies. Moreover, he had warned him not to step into the area of effect of Wu Wuxia’s Spirit Domain. However, he had just turned a deaf ear to it all.

“Go to hell!” After Princess Qian Qian had been strengthened by her [Azure Dragon Saint Force] Domain of Power, she was able to force the Sky-rank Innate in front of her to retreat. She lifted Hellsword high—success!

“Aiee!” You You screamed in horror. No matter which direction he tried to run, he found he couldn’t escape. No matter how he twisted and turned, Princess Qian Qian’s Hellsword found its target—HIM!

“Go!… Now!” Disregarding his own safety, You Jin, the funeral mourner, shoved his younger brother, You You, inside his coffin beast and sent him far away from Princess Qian Qian’s Domain of Power. As expected, while they were escaping, Princess Qian Qian destroyed the illusionary figure he had used to replace the real You You. 

You Jin managed to escape from Princess Qian Qian, but before he got away she managed to land a blow on his back. It left a wound that was so deep some of his bones were exposed. He was not Li Pan, who had a superior ability to physically defend himself. Besides, the power of the Hellsword and [Azure Dragon Saint Force] Domain of Power were so devastating that almost no one’s physical body could withstand their combined power.

As soon as You You was able to jump out of the coffin beast, his companion shouted, “Look out!” An intense heatwave swept the entire sky from behind him. It was the Heaven Stage Level 5, Nirvana Sunflower. Unlike ordinary Celestial Sunflowers in the Heaven Realm, the Nirvana Sunflower was a terrible killer. The Nirvana Sunflower easily broke You You’s body into two parts.  

Next, Luo Hua City Mistress pointed to Li Pan, who had the strongest type of physical body. He was immediately attacked by the Nirvana SunflowerLi Pan, who never avoided a fight, threw himself on the ground to avoid being hit by the Nirvana Sunflower’s attack.

“No!” You Jin, the funeral mourner, cried out in agony. Among the Navagraha tribe, the You family had been in decline. You You, a very talented young warrior, had been the shining hope of the current generation. Unexpectedly, he had survived thousands of battles in the Western part of Heaven Realm but now he had died in Tong Tian Tower.

Li Pan lifted his face to the sky and roared out his grief and rage.

After Li Que and Li Sun had been seckilled by Phoenix Fairy Beauty, Li Chang followed them in death under the coordinated attacks of Ah Man, Hui Tai Lang, Tao Tie Blade, and Star Scorpion. Li Chang’s body gradually transformed into gold. When his spine turned into gold, Ah Man smashed his head. In contrast, Hui Tai Lang and Tao Tie Blade tore open his lower body. Hui Tai Lang swallowed Li Chang’s flesh and Tao Tie Blade drank his blood.

Despite the furious efforts of the high-level warriors of the Navagraha Tribe, who had joined together to block Mad Thorny Flower General and Smog Thorny Flower General, they couldn’t save the lives of their tribesmen.

‘Use lives to change lives.’ this was their way. Yet, at this time, they hadn’t profited in any way from the loss of so many high-level warriors.

Mad Thorny Flower General and Smog Thorny Flower General were the summoned war beasts of their Guardian Spirit Beast, Duo Duo, the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, so they were able to be resurrected. Their people could not be resurrected even though they had more than enough Heavenly Resurrection Crystals as there were no complete bodies. The body of You You had been burnt to ashes and his spirit destroyed. As for Li Chang, most of his body had been eaten by war beasts and his soul had imprisoned by Xue Wuxia’s [Spirit] Domain of Power and the “Book of Truth”.

“You came to Tong Tian Tower not to seek friendship but to conquer. You must pay the price for such greed.” warned Xue Wuxia as she glared at You Jin, the funeral mourner. He was a cunning enemy, the one that she wanted to kill the most but she had yet to find a way to do so.

“Maybe we were wrong and we shouldn’t have come here. But since we’ve become enemies, we must fight to the bitter end. We won’t hide our greed, nor do we intend to justify it. Everyone in this world has various desires. When pain comes, we cry; when we’re happy, we laugh; when we see something beautiful, we desire it; when we see a treasure, we want to grab them. Even if we wanted to restrain them, these desires are beyond our control! Who is right? Who is wrong? It doesn’t matter! We are on opposite sides in this conflict.” 

You Jin was deeply grieved by the death of his brother, You You. The only sign that he had heard Xue Wuxia was his grave expression. 

He waved his arms to keep the attention of the other members of his tribe as he continued to shout, “Brothers, today we may all perish but the honor of our Navagraha tribe will never be blackened! Fighting! Right and wrong have nothing to do with it! We just have to kill our enemies!”

    *** *** ***

This sacred battle chant is edit from “Soldier, Rouse Thee!”Many thanks to our proofreader, Erudite_Birdy.

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