Chapter 743 – Navagraha King, [East of the Sun] (Part 1)

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Heaven Stairway, Fifth Floor, White River Valley, The Blood-Red Altar

Due to the giant loli’s timely assistance, Ancient Demon King’s Ferry of Death and Skeletal Bone Trap had failed to kill Yue Yang during the fight between Ancient Demon King and Yue Yang. Even worse, the five-hundred-meter Mountain Ridge Giant, who surpassed the giant loli in rank and size, was very clumsy. Due to this, it couldn’t compete with the giant loli’s masterful combat skills and superior strength.

Even though Mountain Ridge Giant was embarrassed that it wasn’t doing well, thanks to its huge size and unparalleled physical defense it wasn’t likely to lose the fight anytime soon.

The battle between these two giants caused the earth to shake. No matter where their battle took them the shock waves arising from their exchange of blows caused the earth to be rent asunder and mountains to collapse. The collapse of the mountains resulted in innumerable landslides, each of which contained massive amounts of sand and stones which were flung into the air.

Gradually, the battle between these two giants shifted away from the blood-red altar in White River Valley to a region where they could exert all their combat power.

“[Hell Prison] descend!” shouted Ancient Demon King, then he merged with his Guardian Spirit Beast, Ju, immediately summoning countless fireballs that covered the sky as far as the eye could see.

Fire and brimstone fell like rain from the sky, myriad volcanoes arose from the ground, then erupted, creating fiery fountains that sent large gouts of magma high into the sky. In a few moments, White River Valley had completely transformed into Ancient Demon King’s [Hell Prison] Domain of Power, except for the blood-red altar, which was still in one piece.

Inside of his [Hell Prison] Domain of Power Ancient Demon King’s strength was greatly enhanced His strength increased until it was several times greater than it had been only minutes before. In addition, [Hell Prison] continually gathered an unending stream of fire energy into his body. If [Hell Prison] wasn’t destroyed, he could stay at the peak of his power indefinitely.

Both Yue Su and Bei could no longer tolerate staying inside Ancient Demon King’s evolved domain, which unified Ancient Demon King’s Domain of Power, his war beast, Ju, and White River Valley. Although they didn’t feel any hostility towards them from Ancient Demon King, they instinctively sensed the danger they were in. They were in more danger than if they were standing on the rim of an active volcano.

Ye Xiao and Zi Guang looked at each other.

At the start of the fight, Ye Xiao and Zi Guang had absolute confidence that Ancient Demon King would be victorious, but after watching the fight unfold right in front of them, it severely weakened their confidence in his ability to prevail. Without a better body, which could support his true strength, they knew it would be difficult for Ancient Demon King to kill Yue Yang, who was unusually strong and crafty. This became clear when they saw that Yue Yang was still able to move about freely inside of Ancient Demon King’s [Hell Prison] Domain of Power. They needed to do something to turn this around.

“Yue Su and Bei, we aren’t asking you to participate in this battle. Unlike us, both of you are honorable Heaven Realm Warriors.” Ye Xiao suddenly shouted, “Ancient Demon King is the Lord to whom we pledged our allegiance. We can’t just stand by and do nothing. No matter what others might say, we won’t feel ashamed of our actions. If we die during this fight, please inform our allies from Heaven Realm. I promised them we would fight together, but now it’s extremely unlikely that we will have that chance.”

“I’m glad to have worked with you. Good luck!” Zi Guang nodded slightly as he took off his cloak, exposing his handsome face.

“Shit!” Yue Su knew that Ye Xiao and Zi Guang were planning to join Ancient Demon King to attack Yue Yang. Worse, their additional attacks wouldn’t be a problem for Yue Yang. Once Ye Xiao and Zi Guang joined hands with Ancient Demon King to attack Yue Yang, their actions would make Zhi Zun furious. The most likely consequence of this choice was Zhi Zun killing both of them using her [Dimension Slash] skill.

Ye Xiao and Zi Guang were heading towards certain death, knowing full well that their deaths wouldn’t make a difference. So, they wanted to entangle Navagraha King and Navagraha Queen in their plan to help Ancient Demon King survive. They wanted to mire them deeply in their troubles, to where they couldn’t run away.

Once Zhi Zun decided to take action, Ancient Demon King would be quickly defeated by Zhi Zun and Yue Yang’s joint attacks. If Navagraha King continued to watch and do nothing he would lose one of his strongest allies. If he explored Gods’ Ruins alone, could he survive from the dangerous place? Ye Xiao and Zi Guang were clear on this point—Hell No! They would willingly sacrifice themselves if they could entangle Navagraha King in their fight. The sooner Navagraha King was forced to take part in their battle the safer their Lord, Ancient Demon King, would be. As for their own safety, they never even gave it a single thought.

Due to the fact that Ancient Demon King could only fight a losing battle against the high-level warrior Zhi Zun, they didn’t want to know how terrifyingly powerful her attacks might be.

“I will join you.” Bei, who seldom spoke, clearly stated his stand in this matter. He had suddenly decided to fight beside Ye Xiao and Zi Guang.

“I, I am also your teammate.” Yue Su haltingly said as he nodded.

“Thank you.” Ye Xiao replied humbly. He knew that this kind of respect and commitment was very hard to earn. After all, you only live once. If his teammates hadn’t given up hope at this critical moment of life and death, what more could he ask for?

Zi Guang summoned a glowing ball of with purple light. It was his Guardian Spirit Beast, Yuan. Meanwhile, Ye Xiao summoned a war beast. It had a human face with one horn, the body of a bird, and only one claw on each of its two feet. It was very similar to the ‘Human Faced Owl’ found in Heaven Realm among the Eastern Region Demon Race.

In the past, Ancient Demon King had taken a huge risk when he used his skill [Create Variant] to reshape Ye Xiao. Among Ancient Demon King’s four commanders and eight generals, Ye Xiao had been the weakest of them all, but he was the one that was the most loyal. After Ye Xiao had been reshaped he became Ancient Demon King’s most capable warrior. As for the others, some had been killed and some had been sealed, only Ye Xiao had escaped these fates and survived.

Eventually, the incredibly talented Zi Guang joined Ancient Demon King’s ranks. Nevertheless, even with the passage of thousands of years, Ye Xiao was still the most loyal and trusted of Ancient Demon King’s generals.

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Chapter 743 - Navagraha King, [East of the Sun] (Part 2)

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