Chapter 743 – Navagraha King, [East of the Sun] (Part 2)

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Originally the Heaven Stage Level 4, ‘Human Faced Owl’ was just a puny owl. After it was reshaped it had been transformed into a variant. This alteration enabled it to become an invincible beast among all the other war beasts of the same level.

In addition to two super skills—[Stealth] and [Sharp Hearing], Ye Xiao’s Guardian Spirit Beast, ‘Human Faced Owl’ had another special skill, [Capture]. As long as its prey was gripped in its claws any war beast that was weaker than it wouldn’t be able to escape, and if the war beast was stronger than it, their ability to fight would be severely curtailed. In other words, [Capture] gave ‘Human Faced Owl’ an ability equal to that of Skeletal Bone Trap.

However, there was one difference between the two beast’s skills that was of supreme importance, Human Faced Owl’s [Capture] skill had never failed to capture the targeted enemy war beast, except for ones that were too big to for its claws to get a grip on. Another difference between Ancient Demon King’s Skeletal Bone Trap and ‘Human Faced Owl’ was that ‘Human Faced Owl’ could immobilize an enemy and launch violent attacks at the same time. The only weakness that ‘Human Faced Owl’ had was not being large enough to capture ultra-large type war beasts such as; Mountain Whale, Mountain Ridge Giant, and Ancient Titan.

Nearby, Bei summoned a doppelganger. It was identical to him in strength, appearance, and deportment. Even the way he smelled had been copied! This was the most powerful of duplicating skills, but there were limits on its use. It could only be used to make one duplicate of the summoner, and the duration of the summons was limited to 10 minutes.

Yue Su didn’t summon a war beast, he summoned a special-type beast, a Heaven Stage Level 3, Silver-Winged Pegasus. As soon as it appeared it transformed into a set of bright silver armor that fit Yue Su like it had been custom-made for him. From the backplate of the armor, a total of eight silver wings unfurled. These wings endowed him with the ability to fly at the fastest speed possible. Thanks to his Silver-Winged Pegasus he had won the title of Heaven Realm’s King of Aerial Battles.

While holding one of Scarlett Concubine’s hands, Scarlet Emperor moved the sleeve of his other arm in a graceful arc that brushed across the sky, sweeping the heavens clean of the countless fireballs that had been falling like rain. Prior to taking this action, he had been watching everything that was going on as though he was a completely uninvolved bystander. However, he secretly supported Ye Xiao and Zi Guang’s plan to entangle Navagraha King in this fight. He also rejoiced when he found out that these two were actually willing to sacrifice themselves to achieve this goal. Now, it looked like he wouldn’t have to get personally involved in this fight.

No matter who won, Ancient Demon King or Yue Yang, he wouldn’t come out ahead by the time this battle ended, so he didn’t give a damn about it. If this battle wasn’t extremely important to his allies, Scarlet Emperor would have taken Scarlett Concubine and left White River Valley to live a life filled with pleasure. What he wanted to see happen the most was for the fight between Ancient Demon King and Yue Yang to end with them both dying from their wounds!

“Supreme Human, please instruct me.” Navagraha King was not happy with the actions that Ye Xiao and Zi Guang had taken, but he had easily figured out what Ye Xiao and Zi Guang were thinking, concerning him. After all, now that Ancient Demon King was embroiled in such a bitter struggle, if he continued to stand by their alliance would be broken.

The Navagraha tribe needed that alliance in order to obtain the secret treasures inside Gods’ Ruins. Due to this, the Navagraha tribe had sent all of their high-level warriors to take part in this battle. Even so, some of those high-level warriors had already fallen.

Navagraha King knew if he didn’t take action soon his fighting force would suffer even greater losses. Therefore, he decided to personally enter into the battle in order to put an end to it. He needed to end it as quickly as possible for the sake of his entire tribe.

To be honest, Navagraha King didn’t want to fight against Yue Yang and Zhi Zun. If he had gotten to know Yue Yang and Zhi Zun before he formed an alliance with Ancient Demon King, Navagraha King would have been delighted to ally his tribe with Yue Yang and Zhi Zun. Cooperating with them would have practically guaranteed success. Unfortunately, the reality was he had chosen the wrong side. Now he must fight aggressively against Yue Yang and Zhi Zun, as an ally of Ancient Demon King.

For the sake of the ancient treasures inside Gods’ Ruins, he had to take action. It didn’t matter if this choice was right or wrong, he still had to act. If the Navagraha tribe wanted to advance in Heaven Realm, they must have those treasures. With the use of God’s Blood, warrior souls, and ancient relics, their Navagraha tribe was destined to become the strongest tribe in Heaven Realm. It was even possible that the Navagraha tribe could replace Divine Central Hall as the esteemed rulers of the entire realm.

Ignoring Navagraha King, Zhi Zun turned around and shouted “Yue Yang, I’ll give you half an hour max. to finish your fight!”

“Supreme Human, I am Dong Yao. Could you please tell me your name before our fight?” Navagraha King became perturbed when the Supreme Human acted with extreme discourtesy by totally ignoring his request. How could she be the Supreme Human of Tong Tian Tower yet dare to treat a king from Heaven Realm in this disgraceful way? Of course, he continued to act humble, but that was only skin-deep. As a leader, he knew that one of the most useless things in the world was anger which could make people lose their ability to reason. For an ordinary person, anger is relatively harmless, but for a leader who controlled the lives of millions of people, along with the fate of an entire nation, anger could cause them to fail to see the big picture.

“My name isn’t important.” Zhi Zun raised her hands and slowly drew a pair of strange hexagram charts. Suddenly, the void shattered into tens of millions of shards which Zhi Zun caused to fall onto the palms of her hands. As these shards were condensed they took on the appearance of smooth, round, black seeds.

Even though Navagraha King was a king from Heaven Realm, who’s name was spoken with respect throughout the realm, he became alarmed as soon as he saw the black seeds start to take form. He instinctually knew they were lethal, and his mind was screaming ‘They’ll kill you—RUN!’

When the silent and invisible Navagha Queen saw the black seeds she was so shocked and disturbed her breathing became rough. This change in tempo even created a ripple in the space surrounding her.

Zhi Zun finally held a fully refined, smooth, round, black seed in each of her hands. They were powerful enough to annihilate everything. Under her feet was a black-hole singularity, shaped like a mirror. It had the ability to absorb everything. Yet, strange as it might seem, it was covered with mysterious runes, and lightning could be seen flashing on its perimeter.

Yue Su swallowed hard when he saw the articles that had been summoned by Zhi Zun. Fortunately, Navagraha King had decided to participate in the fight, otherwise, they would all be killed in vain. He knew that even if they had more people to help launch attacks it wouldn’t make a difference in the outcome of the fight. How could he, Ye Xiao, Zi Guang, and Bei, fight against Zhi Zun? They would all just be throwing their lives away! None of them would be able to survive even a single hit by one of her black seeds.

“Scram! Get out of here!” Ancient Demon King screamed at his subordinates. He knew that Zhi Zun was about to launch an attack, so he wanted them to immediately leave White River Valley—the sooner the better!

“[East of the Sun]!” Navagraha King cried, as he began to condense and refine a huge energy ball that shone more brightly than the sun, and had enough power to destroy Heaven Stairway’s fifth floor. It didn’t matter if it was a rock, some magma, a mountain wall, or a mountain peak, whatever his summoned [Sun] touched would be burned to ashes in less than an instant.

Ye Xiao, Zi Guang, Bei, and Yue Su were so frightened that they escaped as fast as possible. They didn’t even think about stopping until they were tens of hundreds of kilometers away from Navagraha King’s [Sun].

Navagraha King slowly pushed the condensed star towards Zhi Zun. If Zhi Zun failed to block his [Sun], there could be only one result—Death!

As a king from Heaven Realm, Navagraha King didn’t need to use any underhanded tricks to attain victory. In the face of absolute power, all strategies and tactics were futile. As long as his opponent couldn’t block his [Sun], the battle would finally end!


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