Chapter 744 – Zhi Zun, Sovereign of Space Law (Part 1)

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When Navagraha King pushed the [Sun] towards Zhi Zun, both Ye Xiao and Zi Guang perilously rushed to intercept Zhi Zun from behind, just like moths to a flame.

They suddenly swooped down from the sky, trying to cut off Zhi Zun’s line of retreat. As long as they managed to stop her from leaving, she would be forced to face the energy ball head-on. This heaven destroying, earth exterminating [Sun] was almost perfect, but if it had a flaw, it was the lengthy amount of time needed to use it in an attack. Although Navagraha King had used his spirit to lock onto his target there was still a very high probability that a high-level warrior like Zhi Zun would successfully escape.

Even though Ye Xiao and Zi Guang knew that the price they would have to pay would be their lives, the only thought they had was to stop Zhi Zun and force her into contact with Navagraha King’s [Sun]. Would the two of them survive Navagraha King’s [Sun]? The answer was, absolutely not!

When he realized that Ye Xiao and Zi Guang were going to sacrifice their lives in order to kill Zhi Zun, Ancient Demon King roared out his grief and sorrow, yet still continued to fight against Yue Yang.

They were the last, and most loyal, of his subordinates. Now, they were about to sacrifice their lives in an effort to help him. In the face of this overwhelming loss and eternal separation, even Ancient Demon King felt heart-wrenching pain. His kept thinking one thought, over and over, “DON’T THINK ABOUT IT!”

This was a living hell for him. There was nothing he could do to save his subordinates from their impending doom. He was stuck struggling with Yue Yang, trying his best to stop him from using the World-Exterminating Wheel to raze everything in his way that prevented him from reaching Zhi Zun. He could never allow Yue Yang to have an opportunity to accomplish that. He quickly tried to forcibly grab hold of the World-Exterminating Wheel with the claws of his right hand as he used his other claws in an attempt to capture Yue Yang, and retrieve his seriously wounded Skeletal Bone Trap. Even if he could only hold Yue Yang back for just one second, it could be enough to reverse the outcome of the fight.

Yue Yang avoided being captured by Ancient Demon King by summoning his [Nirvana Flame Wings] to escape. He chose to eschew the chance to cut off Ancient Demon King’s arm. Instead, he used the World-Exterminating Wheel to shoot out a wheel of light that rapidly crossed the intervening distance to slash at Ye Xiao and Zi Guang.

The two war beasts, Human Faced Owl and Yuan, descended from the sky, trying to block Yue Yang’s strike. Without concern for their own survival, they bravely dashed towards the World-Exterminating Wheel and Yue Yang’s [Nirvana Flame Wings]. If they could gain a second or two for their summoners that would be justification enough for their taking action.

Just behind the war beasts, Ancient Demon King was rushing to catch up to Yue Yang. As he got closer he began to stretch his arms out to try and grab hold of Yue Yang to delay him.


The Battle Angel, Ika, emerged from behind Yue Yang’s back. She pointed the barrel of one of her energy cannons at Ancient Demon King’s head and fired.

When Human Faced Owl dodged past the edges of Yue Yang’s [Nirvana Flame Wings] and was in a position where it could capture Yue Yang, Ika released her Angel Blades and attacked with a cross slash that pierced through the air.

Yaun immediately jumped in front of Human Faced Owl to block the attack. It wasn’t worried about physical attacks since it was a guardian spirit beast. It knew that even the part of its body that had been cut off by Yue Yang’s World-Exterminating Wheel would heal.

Since Human Faced Owl didn’t have to worry about Ika’s attack, it extended its claws in preparation for a quick dash to get close enough to Yue Yang to use its special skill [Capture] that had never failed to secure its targeted enemy.

Surprisingly, a myriad of colorful lights illuminated the sky as countless flower petals fluttered down, dancing in the wind. An indescribably delightful fragrance pervaded the area around the blood-red altar. This brought a relaxing and refreshing feeling to people’s hearts, making them feel as if they were in a beautiful dreamscape. From the area’s center arose the most beautiful flower in existence. Slowly, the flower blossom began to unfold its exquisite petals.

Then, as Human Faced Owl claws reached a spot just above Yue Yang’s head, with a little sigh, a flawless woman appeared in the center of the fully opened flower blossom. Her beauty was so great that any other female would pale in comparison. Her appearance was unparalleled, overshadowing all others. There were no words that could adequately describe her. Even the most skilled portraitist would fail to capture her essence. Her long golden hair cascaded down over her shoulders like a waterfall. On her jade-like forehead was a chaplet made of purple and green colored vines with emerald green leaves and pink flower buds. The chaplet glowed with a golden light that reflected colorful rainbows onto her skin, which was as fair as the purest snow. All in all, she gave the impression of being more wondrous and delicate than a flower. Behind the chaplet was a small, exquisite crown which was the proof of Duo Duo’s identity—Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, the one and only supreme king among all plant-type war beasts!

Her long eyelashes trembled slightly as she slowly opened her beautiful, starry, green eyes. Even though the whole White River Valley had been transformed into [Hell Prison]; from within the cracks in the rock walls, the gaps between rocks and other debris, on the edges of the magma, and out of the scorched earth—countless flowering-type plant beasts burst forth! It was as if the entire White River Valley was celebrating the birth of Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen. In an instant, [Hell Prison] had turned into a sea of flowers.

Lifting her hand[1], the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, Duo Duo, only needed to use one finger to move Human Faced Owl out of the way. She quickly followed that up by tossing Human Faced Owl and Yuan tens of thousands of meters away into the maelstrom of the newly formed sea of flowering-type plant beasts.

Next, she dealt with the problem of Ancient Demon King, who was trying to impede Yue Yang’s path to Zhi Zun. Duo Duo extended one of her jade-like palms toward him and summoned her Mad Thorny Flower General, then used its ability to strike a psychic blow from a distance. By doing so, she was able to halt Ancient Demon King’s giant body mid-stride, preventing him from catching up to Yue Yang.

When Ancient Demon King found he had been blocked from continuing to pursue Yue Yang, he cried out, “[Chains of Life]!” Immediately, a [Sage]-Level treasure in the form of a golden chain shot out towards Yue Yang, who had just succeeded in breaking through their perimeter, allowing him to launch an attack on Ye Xiao and Zi Guang. The golden chain entangled Yue Yang’s feet allowing Ancient Demon King to forcibly pull him back.

Once that had occurred, in order to protect Ye Xiao and Zi Guang, Bei sent his doppelganger to block the wheel of light, that the World-Exterminating Wheel had transformed into, from successfully attacking them. Before his summoned doppelganger’s time limit was reached, it should be able to change the trajectory of the wheel of light, so that it would be deflected away from its targets.

The wheel of light snipped off bits of Zi Guang’s hair as it streaked past him. It continued to advance at a fast clip until it struck a thousand-meter mountain, breaking it into two pieces, which then proceeded to collapse. The moment the mountain was struck Ye Xiao and Zi Guang had finished getting into position behind Zhi Zun’s back. Their purpose was not to injure her but to hold her in place for at least two seconds. By then Navagraha King’s attack would arrive. If Zhi Zun couldn’t block it, she would be forced to suffer the effects of Navagraha King’s [Sun]—at point-blank range!

“You’re overconfident.” stated Zhi Zun. She didn’t attack Ye Xiao and Zi Guang with the fully formed [Black Bullets] she now held in her hands. Instead, she stepped lightly on the [Mirror Wheel] that was still covered with mysterious runes. As she began to murmur the [Mirror Wheel] quickly expanded, spinning according to her will. Simultaneously, Ye Xiao and Zi Guang’s movement was abruptly halted. When Zhi Zun pointed at them with one of her fingers, they fell into the secret, interior world that was concealed inside the [Mirror Wheel].

However, the efforts of Ye Xiao and Zi Guang were not in vain. Due to the two men’s intervention, Navagraha King’s [Sun] had finally arrived. It was already positioned over Zhi Zun’s head.

[1]. (Chinese Idiom) 举手投足 / 舉手投足 > jǔ shǒu tóu zú
Literally – to raise/lift a hand or move a leg (idiom) > very easy; no effort at all. [back]


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