Chapter 744 – Zhi Zun, Sovereign of Space Law (Part 2)

Navagraha King had locked the [Sun] onto his chosen target, using his spirit power, so it could attack Zhi Zun from any direction according to his will. Meanwhile, the [Sun] had continued to accelerate, from extremely slow to incredibly fast.

With enough power to burn down the heavens and destroy the earth, the [Sun] collided with Zhi Zun, but she never lost her grip on the two [Black Bullets] she was holding. Rather than defending or trying to flee, she unexpectedly moved forward instead, directly rushing into the sun-like energy ball. The mysterious [Mirror Wheel] rotated around her, protecting her like a lover, as the shadow follows the body[1].

To the astonishment of Ancient Demon King, Scarlet Emperor, and Navagraha King, the [Sun] didn’t explode when it came into contact with [Mirror Wheel], nor did [Mirror Wheel] get burned to ashes. They were utterly mystified as they watched the [Sun] get swallowed up by [Mirror Wheel]. They could only watch as the [Sun] disappeared into the much smaller [Mirror Wheel] at a speed visible to the naked eye. It was like watching the story of the ‘Heavenly Dog Eating the Sun’[2].

Perhaps [Mirror Wheel] couldn’t accommodate two different kinds of things within it at the same time, or possibly the massive amount of additional energy went way beyond its capacity to contain. Whatever the reason, Ye Xiao and Zi Guang were sent flying from within [Mirror Wheel]’s inner world.

Ye Xiao was ejected high into the sky. His trajectory was beyond his control, so when he fell to earth nearly all of his bones broken. Even though he was physically strong, like a man who was made from iron, he couldn’t prevent himself from moaning.

Unlike Ye Xiao, Zi Guang hit the ground so hard he bounced. He shot back up into the sky to a height of a hundred meters where he inexplicably ricocheted off something. The last thing he careened into was a rocky cliff face. After that, all he could do was lie on the ground, bleeding, battered and exhausted. He looked absolutely miserable.

“She must have learned the Space Law of the Gate of Life and Death, and had enough time to completely master it.” Ancient Demon King knew of Zhi Zun’s great spiritual power, but he had never suspected that she had mastered Space Law. The way she used it differed from the limited way Yue Yang used it to strengthen his war beasts. The domain that Zhi Zun had mastered allowed her to control space!

Zhi Zun was using [Mirror Wheel] as an inner world, so the power of space she could control was far more precise and profound than Yue Yang. No wonder she was able to stay calm while facing Navagraha King’s condensed [Sun].

“[Mirror Wheel]? Let me see just how many energy balls it can swallow!” thought Navagraha King. Zhi Zun had provoked him when she had used her remarkable abilities to withstand his attack. How shameful is it when a king of Heaven Realm allows his opponent to ignore his attack and seriously harm his followers? What’s more, Zhi Zun’s skill aroused in him a strong desire to kill her.

In Heaven Realm, there is a proverb, “An enemy who has mastered the power of the three laws; space, time and destiny, is the most difficult kind of enemy to deal with. Therefore, once someone had mastered these laws, no matter how strong or weak, they must be annihilated as soon as possible. Otherwise, there will be endless trouble in the future.” After all, the power of these three laws; space, time and destiny were unequaled among all other laws. No matter how powerful Sky-rank Innates became, even if they could overcome all their enemies and kill all living beings, they wouldn’t be able to control space or time, and they wouldn’t be able to change their fate. The laws of space, time and destiny were so mysterious that even those God-like Boundary Masters of Heaven Realm didn’t dare to claim that they could control them, let alone the lesser inhabitants of Heaven Realm.

At this moment, there were two things that made Navagraha King feel confident. First, Zhi Zun’s power was less than his. The amount of Space Law that she had mastered was only the initial level. Zhi Zun still had a long way to go before she could master all of its intricacies and perfect those powers. Navagraha King thought that he could fill [Mirror Wheel]’s inner world with so much energy that Zhi Zun would no longer be able to use Space Law to defend herself. Second, there was an even higher level warrior to back him up, Navagraha Queen. She was actually the strongest warrior among all those present. Even if he lost the fight, there was absolutely no question that she would kill Zhi Zun and the talented Yue Yang. Therefore, he didn’t need to worry about that. Thinking about all of this, Navagraha King was filled to overflowing with confidence.

“Navagraha Combo Attack, [Mercury], [Venus] and [Mars][3], three-in-one combo attack!”

Navagraha King flew into the sky and condensed two huge energy balls, one in each of his hands. One energy ball was sapphire blue and the other one was a golden yellow. Under his feet, he condensed a third energy ball, which looked like a smaller version of the [Sun], and was fiery red in color.

The sapphire blue and the golden yellow energy balls streaked away from Navagraha King’s hands towards Zhi Zun. Next, he kicked the fiery red one at her as well. All three energy balls blazed across the sky like meteors, to converge on their target, Zhu Zun.

Although the size of each of the three energy balls was slightly smaller than the previous [Sun], individually their destructive power was a little bit greater than it, not less. The sapphire blue orb, [Mercury], and golden yellow orb, [Venus]’s paths curved until they were set to collide with Zhi Zun. One was approaching from her left and the other from her right. As for the fiery red orb, [Mars], Navagraha King had kicked it directly towards Zhi Zun.

The [Mirror Wheel] began to spin wildly. Zhi Zun seemed to be preparing to absorb the three-in-one combo attack using her [Mirror Wheel] once more.

To prevent this, Navagraha King quickly transported to a spot right behind Zhi Zun. He extended his arms and pressed his hands flat against Zhi Zun’s back, then shouted, “[Jupiter], [Saturn][4], explode!”

When [Jupiter] and [Saturn] were about to explode, just behind Zhi Zun, she suddenly vanished. Like a puff of smoke, she had disappeared, effortlessly escaping from his spirit lock.

“Damn!” Navagraha King had fallen into his own trap. Now, he would have to survive the combination of five concurrent attacks, instead of his opponent, Zhi Zun, wouldn’t he?

Just as Navagraha King was about to escape, Zhi Zun appeared behind him. “Allow me to return the favor!” The [Black Bullets] shot outwards from her hands and streaked into the sky, their paths forming strange archaic runes in their wake. At the same time, the [Mirror Wheel] stopped spinning, then spit out the enormous [Sun] it had swallowed before. Zhi Zun quickly maneuvered it into position behind Navagraha King’s back. The five-in-one combo attack, together with the [Sun], were now all headed towards Navagraha King. Stunned, his countenance changed to one of abject terror.

[1]. (Chinese idiom) 如影随形 rú yǐng suí xíng > As the shadow follows the body / The shadow is always together with the body.

Meaning: Two people are intimate or often together. [back]

[2]. The Chinese story of the ‘Heavenly Dog (TianGou 天狗) Eating the Sun’.

In ancient China, people thought that an eclipse was caused by the Heavenly Dog eating the sun (or moon). So, the people would use anything that made a loud noise, like a drum or firecrackers, to scare the Heavenly Dog which would cause him to spit the sun (or moon) out of his mouth.

This was the ceremony used at the imperial palace. It was performed during the entire time the eclipse was taking place.


Why did this matter?

Emperors ruled in China’s Imperial Courts, only with the support of the Heavenly cosmos. They were recognized as the conduits between the heavens and the earth.

In Chinese cosmology, eclipses were perceived as bad omens for China’s Imperial rulers. An Emperor would no longer be thought of as having the support of the ‘Mandate of Heaven’ when the sun, symbolic of the Emperor, was dominated and obscured by the moon, symbolic of the Empress, as it symbolically extinguished the Emperor’s light. This could literally end that Emperor’s reign.[back]

[3]. Chinese astronomy and alchemy differ from their western versions.
水星 Shuǐxīng (Ancient Name > 辰星 Chénxīng) > Mercury – Element > Water
金星 Jīnxīng (Ancient Name > 太白 Tàibái) > Venus – Element > Metal / Gold
火星 Huǒxīng (Ancient Name > 熒惑 Yínghuò) > Mars – Element > Fire[back]

[4]. 木星 Mùxīng (Ancient Name > 歲 Suì) > Jupiter – Element > Wood
土星 Tǔxīng (Ancient Name > 鎮星 Zhènxīng) > Saturn – Element > Earth [back]


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