Chapter 745 – Are Ten Seconds Enough to Kill a King? (Part 1)

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Yue Yang felt that the power of the six-in-one combo attack was almost equal to the destructive power of an atomic bomb.

The Heavens fell and the Earth was rent apart.[1] 

A sense of imminent doom was pervasive. This feeling struck deeply into the minds of all the people present, turning their faces to ones of shock and dismay.

“Watch Out!” Yue Yang immediately embraced Duo Duo, whose skin was fragile, protecting her with his [Nirvana Flame Wings]. As he was leaving the area, he grabbed hold of Ika’s small hand and pulled her along. They all hid behind Ancient Demon King. Truth be told, Yue Yang had acted without thinking. He knew that the defensive abilities of these two beasts were in no way less than his. Still, he deeply cared about them and would always do his utmost to protect them.

“Damn!” Ancient Demon King badly wanted to rescue his subordinates, Ye Xiao and Zi Guang, but Yue Yang had already summoned Xiao Wen Li and had her use [Binding Chains] on him. After Xiao Wen Li had released her extraordinary [Binding Chains], entangling him, he couldn’t move. He had been fixed in place, forced to act as their shield! When the time limit for [Binding Chains] ended, freeing him, the six-in-one combo attack had already occurred. All six energy balls had exploded.

A massive blast wave spread outward from ground zero. It tore through the sky like a wild beast. Everything within range of the blast wave lay in ruins. 

Yue Su and Bei were so panicked by what they saw that, despite their injuries, they fled in desperation but the blast wave caught up to them in the blink of an eye, tossing their charred bodies into a mountain wall a good ten thousand meters away. 

Ancient Demon King watched in horror as Ye Xiao and Zi Guang, who were unable to escape, were engulfed by the blast wave. 

Meanwhile, hidden in the passageway, at the base of the blood-red altar, Red’s mother knew she wouldn’t be able to withstand the force of the blast wave, but she didn’t know which of the levers to press down on in order to seal the passageway.  Whether by luck or other means she still managed to close the passageway at the altar’s base. No one who was there saw how she managed to do it, nor which lever she moved.

The blood-red altar and the female statue above were the only two objects that were still standing after the blast wave had passed. Shockingly, they hadn’t been damaged in any way. 

Navagraha Queen, who had been invisible until now, raised a protective shield around herself. Her shield was covered with several matrices comprised of diverse golden runes. In addition, there was a  special guardian spirit beast that had appeared next to her. 

To Yue Yang’s shock and dismay, he wasn’t able to see through her shield using his [Insight of Heaven] skill. What was even worse, he wasn’t sure how long the violent blast waves would last. After some time had passed, they finally began to subside. When they eventually ceased most of White River Valley had been completely destroyed.

Yue Yang could see that the violent blast waves from the explosion had left some semi-circular gaps in the mountains of White River Valley. It looked like a Heavenly Dog had decided to play with them and had taken a few bites. The Heavenly Dog must have found them distasteful and spit them back out, as countless pieces of debris, that had been blown into the sky, were still falling back down to the ground. Crackling sounds could clearly be heard as these pieces of debris struck the scorched ground. Throughout the valley, fissures, several hundred meters deep, had been torn open. They looked a lot like the gaping mouths of ancient war beasts. The only thing that had survived intact was the blood-red altar.

Fortunately, the altar’s base was still supported by the pillars beneath it. It had remained completely intact. It had been protected by the seal that had placed around it. Regrettably, Zhi Zun had only created a cylindrical shaped seal around the alter, so the surrounding area had turned into an abyss. 

As soon as Yue Yang, Duo Duo, and Ika, landed on the blood-red altar, that he had thought wouldn’t have been damaged by the catastrophe, he found that it had still been affected. Some of the hellish heat of the explosion had been transferred to the stone altar. He felt as though he was standing on the surface of a blazing-hot, cast-iron, frying pan. 

Underneath the blood-red altar, on top of the foundation, in the shelter of some pillars, Ancient Demon King was finally able to locate and rescue Zi Guang. Zi Guang was extremely fortunate to have been able to take refuge there. It allowed him to avoid the effects of the catastrophic blast wave. Ancient Demon King could easily tell that he needed help. From head to toe, Zi Guang’s  body had been completely charred, and he had fallen unconscious

In the sky, from a great height, a person was plummeting to the ground. He appeared to have passed out as he made no effort to stop his fall. Ancient Demon King moved quickly to catch the person. It was none other than his most loyal subordinate, Ye Xiao.

Ancient Demon King didn’t know that Ye Xiao had pushed Zi Guang underneath the blood-red altar. If Ye Xiao hadn’t done that he would have been the one who had taken shelter within that space. But he had given up that opportunity to save Zi Guang’s life. As a consequence of that choice, he hadn’t managed to escape the effects of the blast wave. He had been whisked upwards until he reached the apex of the sky. Luckily, he was still alive but he had been so seriously wounded he was on death’s doorstep.

Next, Yue Su, who had been the first to flee, crawled out from a distant pile of debris. He was gray-faced and nowhere near as handsome and debonair as he had been. He had failed in his attempt to get far enough away to be out of harm’s way. He hadn’t been able to avoid the edge of the blast wave, but he HAD managed to successfully avoid being inside the core of it, otherwise, he would have been killed. His current level of power just wasn’t sufficient to guarantee his survival during such a catastrophic event. 

Bei’s state was better than that of Yue Su, but not by much! 

Having managed to survive the fight between Zhi Zun and Navagraha King, a feeling of being impotent arose in all four of their hearts. Even though they were recognized as Sky-rank Innates when they were compared to the Navagraha high-level warriors they were still just ants. Well, big ants, but ants all the same. 

Their tribulation had made it exceedingly clear that the power of a warrior at Heaven Stage, Level 10 was absolutely appalling. They all wondered, if the six-in-one combo attack was this overpowered, what would the nine-in-one combo be like? 

Yue Yang looked around, giving the area a quick once-over. He noticed Ye Xiao and Zi Guang but he wasn’t concerned about them at all. He was only worried about one person—Zhi Zun! Navagraha King had reaped what he had sown, but Zhi Zun had also been at the center of that insanely massive explosion. What happened to her? Did she escape? Was she safe? Was she injured?

He looked around, again, hoping to find Zhi Zun, but it was Navagraha King that he saw first. Navagraha King was inside the abyss that now surrounded the blood-red altar. 

Yue Yang was stunned when he looked at Navagraha King’s naked body. Navagraha King’s skin had only been slightly injured! There were no serious wounds! The only damage was a little blood, oozing out of a few small wounds, here and there. Even his shaggy, tawny, lion-like hair had not been burned! The only change was, the ends of his hair were now nicely curled. The only real proof that he had been at the epicenter of the insanely massive explosion was that his face had been charred.

It had been such a massive and violent explosion, why didn’t he die? Why wasn’t he seriously hurt? Was this guy really human? Yue Yang was so astonished that you could have knocked him down with a feather.

Originally, Yue Yang had envisaged that Zhi Zun would break one of Navagraha King’s arms, or fracture some of his ribs, or burn him to a crisp. However, unexpectedly, this guy had survived! If he hadn’t seen the minor injuries left by the six-in-one combo attack Yue Yang would have thought that Navagraha King had managed to escape at the last second. Navagraha King had withstood the power of the six-in-one combo attack and hadn’t even been seriously wounded! This guy was a total freak of nature!! 

Yue Yang couldn’t understand how this was possible. He was clueless that Navagraha King and Lionheart King were both Heaven Stage, Level 10 warriors from Heaven Realm. Nor did he know that their power had almost reached the peak of Level 10, so they were both close to attaining the level of a Protector God. 

The Lionheart King had warned Yue Yang that Navagraha King dared to covet God’s Ruins and Tong Tian Tower. This was why Navagraha King had dispatched all of his high-level warriors to take part in this fight. There seemed to be no limit to Navagraha King’s ambitions. In Heaven Realm, ambitions were directly proportional to strength. Navagraha King had the audacity to try to grab all of the treasures inside God’s Ruins for his tribe. This alone was a testament to his ambitious nature.

“Are you disappointed now that you have discovered that I haven’t been killed?” Navagraha King looked at Yue Yang, shook his head, then sighed, “Actually, I was injured. The power of my six-in-one combo attack is not easy to overcome, even for me.”

“Hey, King, does your lesbian grandmother flaunt her breasts and sell herself?.” Yue Yang couldn’t stand it. This jerk shouldn’t be bragging about how powerful he is.

“I can launch that attack at least fifty times. How many times can you manage to evade it?” Navagraha King asked in an attempt to persuade Yue Yang to join him. He thought that Yue Yang was a genius. If Yue Yang was willing to cooperate with him, it would save him a lot of time and effort when they explored God’s Ruins. Moreover, if he could convince Yue Yang to accompany the Navagraha tribe, Zhi Zun would accompany him, to aid him during the endeavor. With the addition of these two people, the exploration of God’s Ruins will undoubtedly be like a tiger that has grown wings[2].

“Maybe I won’t be able to avoid your attack, not even once.” Yue Yang raised his eyebrows slightly, as his smile turned into a mocking one. Then, he continued speaking, “But if I don’t try I’ll never know, will I?”

“Must you fight to the bitter end?” Navagraha King didn’t think fighting this way would bring about the best results—for him.

“I can’t make that kind of a decision.” Yue Yang’s behavior suddenly changed to that of a reverent student. He showed that his respect for his master came from deep within his heart by turning slightly to one side and bowing. “I’m happy to obey my master. If my master orders me to make a journey to the East—I won’t make a journey to the West! 

In a flash Zhi Zun appeared beside Yue Yang, the two fully refined [Black Bullets] were still grasped in her hands. “Six-in-one combo attack? It’s nothing special!” 

[1]. 天崩地裂 tiān bēng dì liè = The Heavens fall and the Earth is rent. (idiom)

To sway or tilt violently back and forth because of an impact, earthquake, or explosion. [back]

[2]. Chinese idiom) 如虎添翼  rú hǔ tiān yì > Like a tiger that has grown wings 

Meaning: Powerful people that get help, become more powerful. [back]


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