Chapter 745 – Are Ten Seconds Enough to Kill a King? (Part 2)

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The two [Black Bullets] Zhi Zun had condensed before didn’t seem to be any different on the surface but a dramatic change had taken place inside these two [Black Bullets]. Originally, they were hollow. Now, a kind of special energy crystal had formed inside each of the [Black Bullets] creating an inner core. They attracted everything around them in a way that was similar to a black hole. What was actually happening was, the two special energy crystals were providing the power needed for the surface of the small black holes to absorb everything around them. These two special energy crystals had been formed purely from Zhi Zun’s spiritual energy, so they were fully under the control of Zhi Zun’s will.

Once released, unlike previous [Black Bullets], they wouldn’t disappear after absorbing a certain amount of energy. Unless Zhi Zun willingly dissolved them, these [Black Bullets] would never disappear until she succeeds in killing her enemy.

As soon as he saw these two [Black Bullets], Yue Yang’s heart shook. Like a bolt of lightning striking his mind, he gained a sudden insight into their nature. If these two [Black Bullets] were able to expand a thousand times, ten thousand times, a million times, expand until the area they encompassed was equal to that of the terrible black hole where Empress Fei Wen Li was imprisoned, would Zhi Zun be able to seal a powerful ancient warrior or a true God?

How did a sealed black hole, like the one Empress Fei Wen Li was inside, come into existence? This was a question that had perplexed Yue Yang since he first saw it. Now, he had finally found the answer.

In essence, a sealed black hole was a manipulation of Space Law combined with the use of one’s supreme will. What Zhi Zun had mastered were the rudiments of creating a sealed black hole. Even though it was still far from a fully functional sealed black hole Zhi Zun understood the fundamental concepts, but what she currently lacked was sufficient energy and the copious amount of will needed to create one. One day, she would be able to seal her enemies directly inside a black hole, just like those who had previously mastered this extraordinary skill, rather than having to kill them, one by one. 

[Black Soul Seal], was a terrifying skill that imprisoned a person’s soul. If Zhi Zun had already mastered this skill, [Black Soul Seal], then even Navagraha Queen, who was quietly watching the fight from far away, wouldn’t be able to escape being sealed by her, let alone Ancient Demon King, Scarlet Emperor, and Navagraha King.

After all, the Queen of Conquest, Empress Fei Wen Li, who had swept across the whole of Heaven Realm, was still confined within the [Black Soul Seal] where she had been imprisoned. Even after tens of hundreds of thousands of years, she was still sealed inside that desolate space—unable to escape! 

“Give me ten seconds.” Zhi Zun didn’t immediately use the two powerful [Black Bullets]. Instead, she continued to refine them. She beckoned Yue Yang to cover her, and on the other side, the tiny Blood Winged Angel, who had been flying around, transformed into its Humanoid Divine Weapon form, a blood-red, double-edged, Angel’s sword.

“Yes!” Compared to Yue Yang’s War Goddess Guard, the dragon sisters, Yao and Yu, Blood Winged Angel did not have as much potential to increase its strength, but it was far better when transforming, and in cooperating with its summoner. The War Goddess Guard, Yao, and Yu, still couldn’t transform into a humanoid form, but Blood Winged Angel could completely transform in an instant, which greatly enhanced Zhi Zun’s power.

With the Angel sword held in her hands, Zhi Zun’s energy changed and she began to emanate an imposing aura. Almost everyone who saw her would stare at her in awe, just like a lofty mountain. Once Zhi Zun, who had mastered the Sovereign Will, increased her energy, her will would be as powerful as that of Navagraha King. Shortly a blood-red pillar of light shot up from the Humanoid Divine Weapon that Zhi Zun was holding in her hands. The light rose until it reached the highest point in the heavens.

Next, Zhi Zun summoned her Diamond Grimoire, which was close to a Celestial Grimoire. Then, using her left hand, she casually flipped to a random page. When she did that, all of the space within White River Valley was immediately subdued by her. 

Even though the [Hell Prison] Ancient Demon King had summoned had been destroyed by the six-in-one combo attack, the space around the blood-red altar was still under his control. From the time that Navagraha King decided to fight he had also dominated some of the space. Of course, Scarlet Emperor and Navagraha Queen, who had been secretly watching the fight, had been using their spiritual powers as well. Nevertheless, when  Zhi Zun had opened her Diamond Grimoire and flipped to a random page, their will, their spiritual power, and their domains of power had all, without exception, been completely shattered.

What took their place was an ultimate will that made people tremble with fear. It was the manifestation of Zhi Zun’s daunting will.

A moment later, Zhi Zun’s Sovereign Will had locked onto Navagraha King. Even though Zhi Zun hadn’t yet launched her attack, Yue Yang felt, no matter where Navagraha King tried to flee or how quickly he tried to run away, he wouldn’t be able to evade Zhi Zun’s attack.

“What the Hell‽” Navagraha King’s countenance changed again as he was struck by a sudden sense of danger. “Can’t I avoid her attack? There must be a way I can avoid this, isn’t there?” He could tell that his realm and will had been completely suppressed. “If I can’t avoid this attack the consequences will be…”

Navagraha Queen suddenly gave up watching the battle and broke her long silence, speaking for the first time, “These two little children are very interesting. This girl with such strong energy and that boy who has been hiding his true power throughout his fight against Ancient Demon King, both of them have aroused my curiosity. Tong Tian Tower is indeed an interesting place. There wis an endless number of talented warriors residing there. Dong Yao, do you mind if I switch places with you, and take-over your fight?”

“Please, help yourself. Since you are curious about these two children, I accede to your request.” Navagraha King was secretly delighted. He thought that both Yue Yang and Zhi Zun would either be quickly killed or captured by her. However, if these two were at our mercy, they would hold the key to entering God’s Ruins. As for Ancient Demon King, there was no need to keep him alive. The ancient treasures inside God’s Ruins should only be used to cultivate members of the Navagraha tribe, not shared with others, especially a high-level warrior like Ancient Demon King.

“Give me ten seconds.” repeated Zhi Zun. It seemed that Zhi Zun had anticipated that Navagraha Queen would get involved and take action.

“Yes.” Yue Yang nervously replied, then noisily gulped some of his salivae.

“Could he delay her for 10 seconds?” There was no doubt that Navagraha Queen was extremely powerful, but Yue Yang was fairly confident he could do that.

When Navagraha King and Ancient Demon King heard this, they thought it would be absolutely impossible for Yue Yang to accomplish this task. How could Yue Yang resist Navagraha Queen’s attack for ten seconds? Did Yue Yang know what a Queen of Heaven Realm could do in ten seconds?  Navagraha Queen could completely destroy the White River Valley several times over! Even if Yue Yang was able to block Navagraha Queen for the full ten seconds—then what? 

And, what about Zhi Zun? Was she truly confident she could kill Navagraha King within ten seconds? Even Ancient Demon King and Scarlet Emperor couldn’t hinder him. Couldn’t Navagraha King easily kill her, all by himself, within those ten seconds? It wasn’t just the three giants from Heaven Realm, even the Master of the Divine Central Hall wouldn’t dare to claim that they could do that. However, the self-confidence showed by Zhi Zun, and her unquestionable and undeniable intention to fight was clearly evident.

After taking refuge in his grimoire world, Scarlet Emperor was glad to see the current situation unfolding in this way. So, he began to countdown, “Ten, nine, eight, seven…” No matter what happened, whether Zhi Zun killed Navagraha King or failed to kill him, whether Yue Yang succeeded in intercepting Navagraha Queen or not, it didn’t matter. In Scarlet Emperor’s opinion, it was better if this fight destroyed both sides. It would be even better if Ancient Demon King also ended up seriously wounded. Then he would be the last man standing and it would be a case of winner-takes-all. He would reap a great profit from this war.

“Die!” Zhi Zun screamed. She held the Humanoid Divine Weapon in her hands while a kind of holy radiance, that seemed to be able to judge all things, was shining from deep within her clear blue eyes.

As soon as she acted, just by raising her weapon, everyone’s doubts were instantly dispelled.

As she did so, Navagraha King’s expression changed for the third time. Originally, he wanted to laugh with joy, but after seeing Zhi Zun’s take action that feeling quickly gave way to one of deadly seriousness. He frowned and clenched his fists. 

Nobody could tell whether he had decided to fight or to flee.


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