Chapter 746 – Bloody Fight With a Queen (Part 1)

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Navagraha Queen arrived in a flash. She was so fast that Yue Yang couldn’t track her movement, even when he used his skill [Divine Vision]. As soon as she appeared, she stretched out her left arm and attempted to land a palm strike, using her left hand, on Zhi Zun’s forehead.

There hadn’t been enough time for Yue Yang to act before Navagraha Queen arrived. He felt terribly frightened when he found out that he couldn’t stop her advance, not even for a single second. 

Fortunately, he was still using his spiritual power to maintain his [World Creation] Domain of Power. At the last second, he was able to use [Telekinesis] to transport Zhi Zun to a spot behind his back, hiding her from Navagraha Queen’s view. At the same time, he replaced Zhi Zun with an illusionary copy, hoping it would confuse Navagraha Queen for a few moments.

What Yue Yang didn’t foresee was that Navagraha Queen wouldn’t be confused by his decoy at all. Instead, she completely ignored it. She just swerved around it, and continued to rush towards Yue Yang until she stood directly in front of him.

Once again, she stretched out her left arm and tried to land a palm strike,  using the palm of her left hand, on Yue Yang’s forehead. It was the exact same attack she had tried before against the real Zhi Zun. Suddenly, Yue Yang was struck by an intense sense of danger, just like what Navagraha King felt when Zhi Zun’s Sovereign Will had locked onto him.

What happened next was very strange, a shadow of death wrapped around Yue Yang’s mind like a shroud. It terrified him. 

Only then did Scarlet Emperor and Ancient Demon King realize that the person Navagraha Queen wanted to kill first was Yue Yang, not Zhi Zun. They both knew that Zhi Zun was more powerful than Yue Yang, and that it would be difficult for Navagraha Queen to kill her quickly. 

Yue Yang was a different matter. Even if he was a talented warrior, there was still a huge gap in strength between him and Navagraha Queen. This gap was so immense that it couldn’t be bridged by use of his skills. Yes, Yue Yang had abnormal strength and skills, but he was still a far cry from the level of Navagraha Queen. 

Normally, if Navagraha Queen wanted to kill Yue Yang, Zhi Zun would definitely be able to stop her. However, Zhi Zun couldn’t take time out from her fight against Navagraha King to go and rescue Yue Yang. So, right now was the best chance for Navagraha Queen to kill Yue Yang.

“What a delightfully treacherous and talented woman!” Scarlet Emperor swore inside his heart.

Although he didn’t like Yue Yang, at the same time, he didn’t like, and couldn’t cooperate with, Navagraha King and Navagraha Queen. Their alliance was solely based on mutual interests. Nevertheless, Navagraha Queen had no compunction in using Navagraha King as bait to lure Zhi Zun into a fight she would be unable to finish swiftly, just so she could personally kill Yue Yang. Her ruthlessness sent an icy chill down his back. If Navagraha King a disposable piece of bait—what was he?

He knew that Yue Yang’s fate today would likely be his own fate tomorrow. If he still thought that Navagraha Queen and Navagraha King would share any of the ancient treasures with him, after they opened God’s Ruins, he would be as dumb as a wooden chicken![1] He had to stop thinking that Navagraha Queen would kill Navagraha King after God’s Ruins were opened, then seize everything for herself. If he didn’t, and things continued in this way, he was afraid that he would follow in Yue Yang’s footsteps.”

Ancient Demon King’s countenance showed that his thoughts weren’t pleasant ones either. “It was a well-known truth that part of the basic nature of high-level warriors was ruthlessness. As this was a major battle, what Navagraha Queen did was the natural and most reasonable thing to do. However, doing so would cause people’s hearts to become as cold as ice.” thought  Ancient Demon King, as he quietly watched the battle taking place in front of him. 

Navagraha Queen continued her attack on Yue Yang. She completely ignored Navagraha King, who was still locked in place by Zhi Zun’s Supreme Will, as she tried to land a palm strike[2] on Yue Yang’s head. 

Ancient Demon King knew, even though Navagraha Queen’s palm strike didn’t look strong, it was powerful enough to; flatten a mountain, vaporize an ocean, and cause the earth to be torn asunder. If he had to defend against such an attack—he would never survive! Therefore, Ancient Demon King wanted to see if the bane of his existence, his archenemy, Yue Yang, could block her attack. What tricks did this abnormal kid have that would allow him to survive?

ROAR!” Yue Yang’s deafening scream conveyed his bravado, even though he was terrified by the feeling of being shrouded in the shadow of death. Then, suddenly, he focused his Sovereign Will, like a laser pointer, causing all of his spiritual qi to coalesce and immediately undergo a drastic change. His spiritual qi was instantaneously regathered and interlaced to form a huge wheel made up of countless runes. Yue Yang had successfully managed to summon his [Eternal Wheel] Domain of Power.

Nevertheless, even though Navagraha Queen was inside the [Eternal Wheel] Domain of Power her palm strike still continued to fall towards Yue Yang. It wasn’t stopped by the restrictions of the [Eternal Wheel] Domain of Power. Eventually, her palm strike connected with Yue Yang’s forehead. It didn’t make the slightest sound when it hit.

The excruciating pain it engendered was almost beyond Yue Yang’s ability to endure. He felt like his head was about to explode. What a horrible power! Apparently, Navagraha Queen’s will was strong enough to reverse the effect of his [Eternal Wheel] Domain of Power!

Scarlet Emperor and Ancient Demon King were left wondering, why didn’t Yue Yang flee as he had before? They knew from personal experience that Yue Yang was an exceptionally cunning guy. In their previous battles, he would quickly flee as soon as he felt the slightest danger. So when Navagraha Queen’s palm strike was about to land, why didn’t Yue Yang take a step back? Instead, he had taken the initiative and seemed to be attempting a counterattack. This was incredibly odd! This guy was doomed, so why had he decided to fight to the death against her?

Xiao Wen Li exited the platinum grimoire behind Yue Yang’s back. After she was enhanced by Yue Yang’s [World Creation] she had transformed into a golden Serpent Demon that was hundreds of meters in length. In addition to her, Duo Duo and Ika also had significant changes occur due to Yue Yang’s [World Creation] Domain of Power.

The Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, Duo Duo, had grown to a height of a hundred meters. She now wielded countless golden petals that she used to forcibly stop Navagraha King from attacking. 

Contrariwise, Ika’s body didn’t become any bigger. Instead, a golden cannon, that was tens of meters in length, was now floating in the air next to her. Its golden barrel had already gotten a lock on Navagraha King’s body.

Shockingly, the giant, golden Serpent Demon, Xiao Wen Li, didn’t make any aggressive moves. She just bent forward and stared at Navagraha Queen. While she was doing this, her huge golden eyes never blinked, not even once.

By combining his [World Creation] Domain of Power with, Serpent Demon, Xiao Wen Li’s unassailable will, and her extraordinary skill [Binding Chains], Yue Yang was aiming to block Navagraha Queen’s palm strike.

With the [Eternal Wheel] Domain of Power below and Xiao Wen Li’s [Binding Chains] above, Navagraha Queen’s palm strike, which was strong enough to flatten mountains, was indeed finally stopped!

As soon as that happened, Zhi Zun jumped up and laid her left hand on one of Yue Yang’s shoulders. By drawing out some of the power from Yue Yang’s [World Creation] Domain of Power, then adding some of his [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi, she was able to use her Humanoid Divine Weapon, the blood-red, double-edged, Angel’s sword, to slash at Navagraha Queen. 

In the past, Zhi Zun had never fully coordinated with Yue Yang during battle. Nor had they anticipated that Navagraha Queen would suddenly decide to launch an attack on Yue Yang. Due to the ever-changing circumstances, when Navagraha Queen attacked Yue Yang, Zhi Zun was able to adapt quickly, and temporarily switched her target to Navagraha Queen.

Even though  Yue Yang and Zhi Zun had never fully fought alongside one another, they acted as if they had practiced fighting together ten million times. They worked together seamlessly, hand in glove.

Yue Yang had never tried to use his [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi skill through someone else. He was still too deeply involved in working things out with the dragon sisters, Yao and Yu. But now, he’d managed to release it through Zhi Zun’s Humanoid Divine Weapon. Better yet, it had worked perfectly and the power of it hadn’t been diminished in any way. It was as if he had swung the sword himself.

What’s more, the slash had two kinds of yin energy mixed into it. One felt very similar to Xue Wu Xia’s perfect Yin Ability, which formed when he did Couples Practise together with her (Chapter-268), and the other was Zhi Zun’s spiritual qi. As the sword fell, Navagraha Queen tried to dodge the slash. Unfortunately for her, she was fixed in place by Xiao Wen Li’s incredible will and beguiling skill [Binding Chains]. If she hadn’t been within Yue Yang’s [Eternal Wheel] and [Creation Domain] Domains of Power, she might have been able to escape.

Shiiiiing!” Zhi Zun’s Humanoid Divine Weapon slashed Navagraha Queen. The sword strike left behind a long, deep cut. It was slanted, in a diagonal direction, from her upper chest to her lower abdomen. 

The pain was so intense Navagraha Queen couldn’t stop herself from crying out, “Shriek!

After the strike hit, Zhi Zun seemed to lose all of her remaining strength. She was having trouble keeping her body erect. She could feel her body becoming limp. She knew she was about to keel over.

[1]. Chinese idiom) 呆若木鸡 dāi ruò mù jī > Literally – Dumb as a wooden chicken.

Meaning: Dumbstruck; so shocked or surprised as to be unable to speak. [back]

[2]. Palm Strike > A strike using the palm of one hand. 

How it works.

The reason a full extension of the arm is important to achieve is that each joint in your arms acts as a shock absorber.  The result being, an incomplete extension of the arm will cause your strike to be less powerful, as your joints will absorb a portion of the force that would be better used in your strike.

A palm strike uses the base/heel of the palm, next to the wrist, to hit the target. This part of your palm can provide a devastating strike when properly executed. The fat that pads the palm provides almost the same effect as the padding in some boxing gloves! So, using this area to hit someone can do just as much damage as a closed fist, with far less risk of injury to the striker’s hand, as you aren’t using most of the 27 bones, tendons, and joints in the hand to strike with. [back]


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