Chapter 746 – Bloody Fight With a Queen (Part 2)

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As soon as Yue Yang saw what had happened to Zhi Zun he wanted to grab her and flee. However, before he could do so, Navagraha Queen swiftly struck back.

A silk ribbon flew out from Navagraha Queen’s left sleeve. Its speed was swift and its edges were sharper than that of a sword. In the hands of the [Emperor-Rank] Level 8 summoner, Navagraha Queen, the soft silk ribbon had been manipulated into a terrifyingly deadly weapon. 

The silk ribbon flew directly towards Zhi Zun. Apparently, Navagraha Queen intended to kill Zhi Zun in one blow, by using the ribbon’s sharpness to pierce through her forehead. 

Yue Yang threw the [Pisces Ribbon] in an effort to halt the advance of Navagraha Queen’s silk ribbon. He was left bewildered when, like a dancing snake, the silk ribbon swerved to avoid his [Pisces Ribbon]. A moment later, Navagraha Queen’s silk ribbon struck the left side of his face, leaving a horrifying wound. The silk ribbon was so sharp that some of the skin on his face was slit open, becoming flayed. The loose skin quickly curled up, like a scroll made from parchment.

After that, the silk ribbon wrapped itself around Yue Yang’s neck, then continued on towards Zhi Zun’s location, behind him. It was obvious that the completely exhausted Zhi Zun couldn’t take evasive action to avoid this attack.

Worse yet, if Zhi Zun tried to avoid the attack, Navagraha Queen could simply jerk the ribbon and sever Yue Yang’s head from his neck. However, if things didn’t turn out this way, and Navagraha Queen wasn’t able to cut off his head, she could still kill Yue Yang by strangling him to death.

In an effort to prevent this, Zhi Zun reached out with her left hand and grabbed hold of the silk ribbon. At the moment the ribbon began to strangle Yue Yang’s neck, she suddenly rushed forward and used the strength of her entire body to ram her left shoulder into Yue Yang’s back. 

As she did this, she stabbed the Humanoid Divine Weapon, which was still tightly grasped in her right hand, through Yue Yang! After entering, the sword continued on its path, slipping through a gap between two of Yue Yang’s ribs, very close to Yue Yang’s heart. Finally, it reached its intended destination, piercing through Navagraha Queen’s palm—saving Yue Yang!

Simultaneously, propelled by Zhi Zun’s action, Yue Yang flew through the sky, towards Navagraha Queen, like a bat out of hell.

Navagraha Queen stretched out her left arm and pressed her bloody palm against Yue Yang’s chest, over his heart. As she pulled her arm back, she left behind a bloody palm print. The impact caused him to spit out some blood.

Yue Yang quickly recovered, and swiftly made use of one of his innate skills to condense two of the qi swords that he had learned to create from the Heavenly Sword Goddess. He used one hand to condense the Black Gui Cang, and his other hand to condense the White Shuang Hua.  Then, he stabbed each of them through one of Navagraha Queen’s arms and shoulders, pinning them in place.

“Damn you!” Navagraha Queen cried out. What followed was a painful and insufferably angry scream.

An instant later, the color of Navagraha Queen’s eyes changed, They turned a brilliant gold, the color of the sun in the sky overhead. Immediately after that, from within her pupils, two golden rays of light emerged and streaked towards Yue Yang.

Zhi Zun used her end of the ribbon to pull Yue Yang back to her, then stepped in front of him. The two golden rays of light, which were ten thousand times sharper than a sword, carved their way through Zhi Zun’s body without any appreciable loss of speed or strength. Continuing to advance, the golden lights penetrated Yue Yang’s [Nirvana Flame Armor], then tore through him as well. Finally, the golden rays of light made contact with the blood-red altar. Even though the blood-red altar had remained undamaged throughout the battle, the two golden rays of light bored into its surface, leaving behind two deep holes. 

Fortunately for Yue Yang, Zhi Zun actions had protected him. Thanks to her, all of his vital spots were missed when the golden rays of light had cut through him. If she hadn’t chosen to help him, he would have died.

Zhi Zun collapsed, falling into his arms. Due to this, the blood seeping out from his wounds mixed together with hers. Soon, the flames from his [Nirvana Flame Pillar] Domain of Power were burning in a completely different way than they had before. The scintillating flames around Yue Yang’s body were now protecting Yue Yang as well as Zhi Zun. 

“Both of you have exceeded my expectations. In the past tens of hundreds of years, no one has been able to injure me. Nor has anyone ever been able to seriously harm me.” Navagraha Queen informed them.

What happened next was very strange, Navagraha Queen’s cloak had been cut into tatters which caused her visage to seem that of a kind-hearted, old lady. However, the words she spoke next were as cold as ice, “When young people like you grow up it’s a curse for people like me. As you should know, in the past, Fei Wen Li humiliated all of us when she conquered Heaven Realm. I won’t follow the tracks of an overthrown chariot. So, in order for Heaven Realm to have a peaceful future, this old woman will have to renege on her promise. It seems I will have to be a little discourteous. Please, don’t blame me for sending you off [TN: off to Hell]”

“Give me another ten seconds.” commanded Zhi Zun, as she struggled to free herself from Yue Yang’s arms. As soon as she was free, she had Yue Yang spit a mouthful of blood onto the Humanoid Divine Weapon she was holding in her right hand. Then she quickly began to draw runes on the weapon using that blood.

Yue Yang silently nodded. Then, he closed his eyes and slowly began to sketch two perfect circles in the air. As soon as they began to take shape, inside his [World Creation] Domain of Power, everything changed. A river of stars coalesced and began to take on the form of a spiral galaxy.

Navagraha Queen moved like lightning, landing a palm strike on Yue Yang’s chest before the river of stars had a chance to fully form. Yue Yang immediately crumpled. As he collapsed, he fell on top of Zhi Zun taking her with him to the floor, next to the blood-red altar, and damaging some of the blood runes she had drawn in the process. Before either of them could move, Navagraha Queen had caught up to them. She intended to kill both of these strong, talented enemies as soon as possible, so she was already prepared to launch her second attack.

Suddenly, from behind, the giant golden Serpent Demon, Xiao Wen Li, appeared, forcing Navagraha Queen to abandon her attack on Yue Yang and Zhi Zun. Navagraha Queen quickly realized, in order to successfully kill both of them, she would have to deal with Yue Yang’s war beasts first.

So, when Duo Duo and Ika joined the fight against Navagraha Queen, she was forced to take the time to summon her grimoire, so she could summon the twin brothers. The brothers were actually two old men who were her twin Guardian Spirit Beasts, Zu and Wu. Their powers were even greater than that of Navagraha King.

The first thing they did was force Duo Duo and Ike to retreat. After that, Zu and Wu joined up with Navagraha Queen in order to deal with the daring Duo, Yue Yang, and Zhi Zun.

In order to eliminate potential threats from the new generation of talented warriors, they no longer cared about; rank, honor, or keeping their word.

In the past, in order to gain the support of the high-level warriors of Tong Tian Tower, they had vowed that they would never kill any of the talented children of Tong Tian Tower. In that same year, they had surrendered to Empress Fei Wen Li. When they had done that, they had vowed that they would never fight against the descendants of Tong Tian Tower. They were still expressing their desire to live together in peace during the time the three giants fought against Prison Emperor. However, by the time the power of the descendants of Tong Tian Tower had greatly declined, they had already long forgotten all those promises.

Three arms stretched out—three palms struck—Yue Yang and Zhi Zun were at death’s door!

“Life Sword.” Zhi Zun rebounded like a bowstring and drew out the Humanoid Divine Weapon. It was covered with the fresh, wet, glistening blood of her and Yue Yang. She transferred the sword to Yue Yang as she retreated to a spot behind him. Zhi Zun checked to see that the two [Black Bullets] were good to go. She was still holding them in the palm of her left hand. Everyone else had forgotten about them.

“Go to Hell.” Navagraha Queen murmured. She’d spoken very softly because Zhi Zun’s strong counterattack had made her feel that her life might be in danger.

While Navagraha Queen was doing her best to strike Zhi Zun on her breasts, Yue Yang took advantage of the situation to attack with the Life Sword. He sliced through Zhi Zun’s clothes and slid the blade over her skin, taking care not to cut her, then pierced through Navagraha Queen’s palm until he plunged the blade through her shoulder. When Navagraha Queen was skewered, she went into shock. 

Meanwhile, Zhi Zun swiftly dealt with the damage caused by Navagraha Queen’s palm strike. Then her body began to spin beautifully as she waved her hands in such a graceful way. It was as if she was a heavenly maiden scattering flower petals. 

Then she released the [Black Bullets] she’d been holding in the palms of her tightly clasped hands. At almost the same time, the [Black Bullets] reached Navagraha Queen’s ears. One entered the left ear and the other one entered the right ear. 

“Go to Hell!” Zu and Wu shared the same feelings as their mistress, so they fought with all their strength. They fought hard, throwing a flurry of heavy punches at the two. They wanted to pound Zhi Zun and Yue Yang into the ground.

“Fuck off!” screamed Yue Yang. Almost simultaneously, two shadows emerged from around Yue Yang’s arms. They were the dragon ladies, the war goddess guard sisters, Elder Sister Yao, and Young Sister Yu. They emerged to the sounds of “Crack”, “Slap”, “Clap”, “Clatter”. As soon as they were fully formed they began to scream, “Yue!, Yue!, Yue!, Yue!, Yue!, Yue!, Yue!, Yue!, Yue!, Yue!, Yue!”.  The Qilin girl, Bing Yin, dressed in a sleeping gown, also arrived on the scene. Her visage was ice cold and her eyebrows were slanted in anger. They kicked the two old men away from Zhi Zun’s and Yue Yang before they could launch their attacks.

*** *** ***

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