Chapter 747 – Secrets Need to Be Kept—KILL THEM! (Part 1)

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“You still have more Guardian Spirit Beasts?” Navagraha King was struck speechless. Navagraha King simply couldn’t figure out how many Guardian Spirit Beasts Yue Yang possessed.

The reason why his ancestor, Navagraha Queen, had been able to stand out in the Navagraha tribe, which was well known in Heaven Realm for its powerful male warriors, was due to her twin Guardian Spirit Beasts, Zu and Wu. They came into existence as Guardian Spirit Beasts that had a human form, so their intelligence was extremely high, right from the start. Due to this, they were able to master nearly all of the combat skills of the Navagraha tribe and become nonpareil warriors. Since that time, all the descendants of the Navagraha tribe addressed them respectfully as ‘old master Zu and old master Wu’. What’s more, when they joined together to fight, their ability to work seamlessly together enhanced their skills. Working together their strength was up to ten times greater than when they fought on their own. With these two humanoid Guardian Spirit Beasts, Navagraha Queen had grown to become one of the [Emperor] Level 8 warriors of Heaven Realm.

Meanwhile, Yue Yang had already summoned many powerful Guardian Spirit Beasts: Fei Wen Li’s former Guard Captain, Xiao Wen Li; Yue Gong’s Battle Angel, Ika; Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, Duo Duo; and the ruler of Spider Valley, Jiang Ying. If he survived this fight, what kind of power would he have when he grew up? Thinking about these things caused Navagraha King’s heart to tremble. What he still didn’t know about was, the Mythical Beast and Bloody Queen, Red, as well as the tireless war beast, Barbarian Cow Shadow, Ah Man, were hundreds of miles away fighting at the entrance of White River Valley. Of course, the twin Phoenix Sisters, among others, had never been exposed in front of him.

“A Mythical Beast, a Qilin girl from the Eastern Immortal Tribe?” Ancient Demon King felt a little dizzy as soon as he saw the Qilin girl, Bing Yin, appear. On the other hand, Scarlet Emperor’s face blanched when he saw her emerge.

Both of them knew that it was indefensible to act in any way that would offend a member of the Eastern Immortal Tribe, no matter who you were. It was a fortunate for everyone involved that all members of the Eastern Immortal Tribe were kind-hearted, and not aggressive.

Of course, from their point of view, the abundant, rich and fertile land of Heaven Realm might just be the equivalent of a small rural village to them. So, they would never think of invading Heaven Realm, just like the nobles living in the capital city wouldn’t occupy some rural farmland and plant crops. Whatever the reason was, the Eastern Immortal Tribe had never invaded Heaven Realm, but sometimes some of those young immortals would travel to Heaven Realm to sightsee and enjoy themselves.

Overall, the main way the citizens of the Heaven Realm gained knowledge of the Eastern Immortal Tribe was through interacting with the Eastern Goblin Tribe. Even though all of the members of the Eastern Goblin Tribe were criminals banished by the Eastern Immortal Tribe, every one of them possessed a level of power that was great enough to shake Heaven Realm to the core.

Moreover, according to some of the scholars that study such matters, they had found evidence in ancient documents and on various ancient relics that suggested the following: In the ancient past, apart from the original nonhuman inhabitants of Heaven Realm, none were able to transform into humans. The current humans and humanoids of Heaven Realm, who could transform into war beasts, were all descendants of the Eastern Goblin Tribe who were banished to Heaven Realm in ancient times by the Eastern Immortal Tribe. The same applies to the descendants of the Eastern Demon Tribe who were banished to Heaven Realm over tens of thousands of years…[1]

While the exact date is unknown, the arrival of the first group of criminals in the Heaven Realm can be traced back to more than a million years ago. Since then, these criminals would be banished to Heaven Realm by the Eastern Immortal Tribe in large groups. These groups arrived over a long span of time. Some arrived more than a million years ago; some less than a million years ago; some 100,000 years ago. After that, they arrived much more frequently. Over time, most of the descendants of the original criminal’s bloodlines forgot all about the ways of their ancient ancestors. Due to this, they eventually created a new civilization—Heaven Realm!

A large number of these criminal’s descendants interbred with the original inhabitants which, in turn, created some new variants, war beasts, and demonic beasts. As these descendants continued to interbreed, they gave birth to countless new races.

As for their conclusion that the inhabitants of Heaven Realm are the descendants of those ancient criminals, the same scholars put forward this theory to answer the following question. Why can’t a summoning grimoire be contracted by a nonhuman solely because they can’t take human form?

It’s a well-known fact that it’s impossible for a nonhuman beast without great intelligence and the ability to take human form to contract a summoning grimoire. Regardless of who you are, whether you are an Innate Heaven-Rank warrior or an Innate Earth-Rank beast, you MUST be able to transform into a human form. In addition, if you don’t have the ability to understand other people, if you don’t possess wisdom, it was impossible to be recognized by a summoning grimoire.

Some Earth-rank warriors could contract a grimoire with ease, but some Heaven-rank Innates couldn’t do so, even if they tried until the last moment of their life. There are many factors that can cause a person to fail to contract a summoning grimoire. However, after much research, the main reason became obvious, they couldn’t transform into a human form.

According to their research, those wise scholars came to the conclusion that summoning grimoires were created by the Gods in ancient times. However, the origin of those Gods was uncovered, they were the mysterious Eastern Immortal Tribe.

Their purpose in creating summoning grimoires was not just to improve the fighting force of Heaven Realm but to give all inhabitants of Heaven Realm a cultivation practice that would allow them to surpass their current limits.

With the help of the summoning grimoires, all of the inhabitants would have a chance to cultivate until they matured to the point that they would be able to interact with their ancient ancestors, and finally be able to return to take their place within the Eastern Immortal Tribe.

If these summoning grimoire cultivators wanted to return to the Eastern Immortal Tribe inside Gods’ World their appearance would need to be the same as that of the Gods, otherwise, they would be rejected. This fact explains why summoners must be able to transform into a human form, no matter what race they were.

On the other hand, a summoning grimoire could also be contracted by a war beast, but they must be a Holy Beast or a Mythical Beast able to transform into a human and have an extremely high level of intelligence. No matter how powerful the war beast, if it didn’t meet these two primary requirements was would be impossible for it to successfully contract a summoning grimoire.

The wise scholars had another theory. They thought that summoning grimoires were an essential tool that the inhabitants of the Heaven Realm could use to regain all the knowledge and wisdom that they had lost in the past. A summoning grimoire was able to increase a warrior’s ability to fight, and it was able to provide its summoner with a way to self awaken.

[1]. This is the opinion of some wise scholars that have looked into these matters in great detail. So, this is all theoretical, not necessarily factual. (TN: We didn’t forget about Hui Tai Lang who contracted a bronze grimoire in Long Live Summons! > Chapter 374 – Divine Beast, Hui Tai Lang!) [back]

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