Chapter 747 – Secrets Need to Be Kept—KILL THEM! (Part 2)

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Self-awaken? The vast majority of summoners were seduced by the power the summoning grimoire bestowed on them and never awakened. As for the high-level warriors that managed to awaken, without exception, all of them left Heaven Realm to join the other Gods. If they hadn’t left for God’s Realm, where the Eastern Immortal Tribe lived, why didn’t any of them ever return?  If the awakened warriors had returned after joining with the Eastern Immortal Tribe Heaven Realm would be under the control of those Gods. 

In Heaven Realm, there was an unbreakable rule established by most of the high-level warriors. That rule was, no one was allowed to attack, capture, or harm a member of the Eastern Immortal Tribe. Whether they came to sightsee and enjoy themselves or for other reasons, the inhabitants of Heaven Realm could only stand by and watch what they did. No one in Heaven Realm was allowed to interfere with them in any way. 

If any force was audacious enough to murder a member from the Eastern Immortal Tribe they would become an enemy of everyone in Heaven Realm. Of course, there was no way to stop someone from launching a sneak attack on one of them. As for killing them in public, no one dared to do that. Even the most powerful and wildly arrogant elite rankers of the Central Palace in Heaven Realm wouldn’t consider doing that.

“Damn.” Ancient Demon King, who had survived for almost ten thousand years, certainly knew all of the pros and cons of the current situation. Leaving aside the question of whether or not he could manage to kill the Qilin girl, Bing Yin, Ancient Demon King clearly knew that if he killed Bing Yin, within a short amount of time he would be hounded by tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of warriors and war beasts from the Eastern Goblin Tribe. The worst thing about this was, at that time, no one in Heaven Realm would dare to help him in any way, shape, or form. If those thousands of warriors from the Eastern Goblin Tribe failed to track him down and kill him, then the Eastern Immortal Tribe would dispatch some of their peerless warriors to eliminate him. Killing a member of the Eastern Immortal Tribe was a very serious matter. 

On the one hand, if large numbers of warriors from the Eastern Goblin Tribe were killed, or somebody triggered a long-running conflict that caused tens of thousands of deaths in Heaven Realm, the Eastern Immortal Tribe would send some warriors to seal that person. In the past, there were countless peerless warriors who had been sealed in this way. Even Empress Fei Wen Li, who had conquered all of Heaven Realm, was one of those that had been sealed. 

Although Ancient Demon King didn’t know who had sealed Empress Fei Wen Li, he thought that it was either a high-level warrior from the Eastern Immortal Tribe or a newly self-awakened inhabitant of Heaven Realm, who was ready to return to God’s Realm and reunite with the members of the Eastern Immortal Tribe.

“He’s screwed.” Scarlet Emperor thought as he snuck a peek at Ancient Demon King. Regardless of whatever decision Ancient Demon King made, he was absolutely NOT going to attack Yue Yang. Not in a way that would harm the Qilin girl, Bing Yin, anyway. Only a fool’s fool would attack a member of the Eastern Immortal Tribe. 

He speculated that this guy, Yue Yang wasn’t an ordinary person at all, otherwise, how could he be able to have so many Guardian Spirit Beasts, especially a Mythical Beast like the Qilin girl? Perhaps he was a member of the Eastern Immortal Tribe. His mysterious mother had many unusual powers. She might have been an Eastern Immortal. How else would she have been able to enter God’s Ruins? 

Still, if he wasn’t from the Eastern Immortal Tribe, how could this despicable guy have gained such perverted powers? At such a young age, he had managed to master the  [World-Exterminating Wheel], the [Eternal Wheel], and the [Nirvana Flame] Domains of Power, as well as learn a type of sword Qi that even Navagraha Queen couldn’t stand firm against. Then there were his seemingly endless Guardian Spirit Beasts…

No matter how much hatred he harbored within his heart, Scarlet Emperor could only kill Yue Yang secretly. Scarlet Emperor would never kill him in public. He knew if he did that he would be surrounded and annihilated by the Eastern Goblin Tribe. Scarlet Emperor didn’t want the hidden members of the Eastern Goblin Tribe, under the orders of their rulers, to emerge and join together to tear him to pieces. 

The rulers of the Eastern Goblin Tribe were the most powerful inhabitants of Heaven Realm., Even he, Scarlet Emperor, and the other giants of Heaven Realm weren’t willing to incur that kind of trouble. If there was no Ancient Oath, if there was no hope of returning home, the Eastern Immortal Tribe knew that the Eastern Goblin Tribe would crush the inhabitants of Heaven Realm under their heels. 

“War Goddess Guard Sisters!” After Navagraha Queen was able to finally expel the sword Qi from her shoulders and arms, she turned towards the Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying, who was still unable to control her strength, instead of the Qilin girl, Bing Yin. “You possess the Dragon God’s Sovereign Power.” Navagraha Queen’s body suddenly trembled as if she had recalled something unimaginably horrible, then she pointed to Jiang Ying and screamed, “Who did you inherit your power from? Has Imperial Dragon Demon been unsealed and regained his freedom? Speak!” 

“Huh?” Yue Yang was shocked that Navagraha Queen knew about the Imperial Demon Dragon.

“Imperial Dragon Demon!” Scarlet Emperor had heard of the legend of the Demon Emperor, after all, he was a high-level warrior of the young generation. However, Ancient Demon King had lived much closer to the era in which the Imperial Dragon Demon had run amuck all over Heaven Realm, so he must have a never-to-be-forgotten memory of this peerless warrior. 

Ancient Demon King broke out in cold sweat. If Yue Yang was a relative of Imperial Dragon Demon, then this battle couldn’t be continued. Even if he wanted to kill Yue Yang, Navagraha Queen would stop him because the Navagraha tribe, the Eastern Goblin Tribe, and the Eastern Immortal Tribe had a complicated, interwoven, relationship. It was said that the ancient ancestor of the Navagraha tribe, Luo Hou, was a good friend of Imperial Dragon Demon.

Ancient Demon King and Scarlet Emperor now had to worry that Navagraha Queen and Navagraha King would capture them and present them as a gift to Yue Yang. Just as they were about to flee, they heard something they never would have expected to hear in a million years.

Navagraha Queen screamed, “Secrets need to be kept—kill them! If the Navagraha tribe is going to be revived, we absolutely can’t let any of them survive! We mustn’t let the Imperial Dragon Demon and the Eastern Goblin Tribe find out about our plans! We must prevent them from divulging our secrets! We must annihilate them all!  The treasures inside Gods’ Ruins must belong solely to us!”

After hearing Navagraha Queen’s words, both Ancient Demon King and Scarlet Emperor were horrified. This can’t be happening, right? She couldn’t be serious, could she‽ They really wanted to ask, “Have you gone insane‽ Do you understand the immensity of your stupidity, the incalculable amount of trouble you’re getting us all into‽” This was an unequivocal, direct, and explicit rejection of the unbreakable rule. They were about to go back on their world and fight against the Eastern Goblin Tribe, and possibly the Eastern Immortal Tribe. 

Even if she expected to obtain all of the treasures inside of Gods’ Ruins, she shouldn’t have divulged that sort of thing in public! There were many people present. How could they kill all of them? She was an imbecile!

*** *** ***

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