Chapter 748 – The Head of Lou Hou (Part 2)

“You’ll rue the day you did this!” the enraged Scarlet Emperor scathingly remarked.

As long as he managed to escape, Scarlet Emperor would divulge the Navagraha tribe’s secrets to the Eastern Immortal Tribe, even if the cost was his being sealed for life. The price would be worth it as long as the entire Navagraha tribe was exterminated throughout Heaven Realm. 

Nonetheless, if Navagraha Queen had ordered the Navagraha tribe to kill just Yue Yang and Zhi Zun, that might have been possible for them to accomplish. But, where did the Navagraha tribe get the confidence to think that they could kill all of their companions as well?  

Now, wasn’t the Navagraha tribe trying to use him and Ancient Demon King as sacrificial lambs in their bid to return to power? Scarlet Emperor wasn’t going to allow this to happen. Ancient Demon King, that guy wouldn’t stand for this sort of thing either. Neither of them was the kind of person that would allow themselves to be manipulated in this way. That kind of shame was something neither could endure. 

The Guardian Divine Shield [Silver], a 4 Star – Divine Equipment, appeared in front of Scarlet Emperor. The bizarre-looking silver disc, embedded with ancient runes, was able to block Navagraha King’s attack.

Ancient Demon King rushed towards Navagraha Queen, but he hadn’t anticipated that two golden rays of light would fly out from within her eyes. One ray pierced through Ancient Demon King’s arm, the other ray penetrated Zi Guang’s chest leaving behind a huge hole.

“No!” Ancient Demon King’s heart was broken. If he still had his original body, if he hadn’t abandoned the human body of the 3rd son of the Yue Clan during his fight against Yue Yang, he wouldn’t be in this kind of trouble. Now, was he so weak that he couldn’t even properly defend himself from one of Navagraha Queen’s attacks? 

Meanwhile, the seriously wounded Zi Guang smiled at Ancient Demon King, just like Ye Xiao had a few moments before he had chosen to die in an effort to delay Navagraha Queen. As blood trickled down from one corner of his mouth, he shouted, “Your Majesty, go!”

“Scram, damn it!” Then, Zi Guang lunged towards Navagraha Queen with the sole purpose of sacrificing himself to allow Ancient Demon King enough time to get away, just like Ye Xiao had done.

Even if his efforts wouldn’t make much of a difference, even if he failed to harm Navagraha Queen, he felt that it was better to stop her for a second than to do nothing at all. He knew he was doomed to die, so he could only hope that his decision would allow his majesty, Ancient Demon King, to survive.

Ancient Demon King growled bitterly, he understood the feelings inside Zi Guang’s heart. He glanced at Zi Guang once more before he left him, transporting to where Yue Su stood. Ancient Demon King immediately moved in front of him, using his own body to block what would have been a fatal blow. Next, Ancient Demon King protected Yue Su using his ancient war beast, Skeletal Bone Trap, then threw them tens of thousands of meters away.

Earlier, when Ancient Demon King had wanted to save Bei, he found out that Bei had already been killed by a single blow from Navagraha Queen’s guardian beast, Wu. Now, as he turned and looked at Zi Guang, he saw that Navagraha Queen had already crushed Zi Guang’s head before he could blow himself up. Even his spirit had been ruthlessly destroyed.

“Scarlet Emperor, I’ll help you escape from here!” Ancient Demon King saw that Scarlet Emperor had been forced to retreat, one step after another, under the onslaught of Navagraha King’s attacks. He grit his teeth. He wasn’t going to run away. He had decided to help Scarlet Emperor who could use the Guardian Divine Shield to protect himself. He was certain that this sentient piece of divine equipment would turn the tide of the battle against the Navagraha tribe.”

“Don’t be foolish. I don’t need your support. Go take care of Zhi Zun. Give her the time she needs to return and pay them back with interest.” Scarlet Emperor didn’t appreciate Ancient Demon King’s offer of help. He believed that the best way forward was for Zhi Zun to recover as soon as possible, so she could launch a counterattack on Navagraha Queen. There were still two of Zhi Zun’s [Black Bullets] that remained intact inside Navagraha Queen’s head. 

Scarlet Emperor surmised that Navagraha Queen would recover soon, but she wouldn’t be able to remove Zhi Zun’s [Black Bullets], no matter how powerful she was. The [Black Bullets] were being temporarily suppressed by Navagraha Queen’s power. The longer this suppression lasted, the longer they stayed in her head, the more devastating the damage would be. As long as Zhi Zun was allowed to recover she would be able to detonate those [Black Bullets], inflicting heavy damage on Navagraha Queen. It was even possible that the dual explosions would kill her. 

“Damn fate!” Ancient Demon King uttered a bitter cry of impotence. Now the enemy he had always desired to kill had become the very thing he had to protect. Why did it turn out to be like this? This situation was absurd. Fate had played a ruthless joke on him!

Tens of thousands of meters away, Yue Su was still being protected by White Bone Cage. They were just about to enter Ancient Demon King’s grimoire when Navagraha Queen’s silk ribbon caught up with him. It wrapped itself around his waist, like a snake. He thought that, in the next second, Navagraha Queen would stand before him and kill him, just like she would step on an ant.  

Yue Su roared, drew out his sword and cut off the lower half of his body at the waist. When Navagraha Queen saw that the lower half of his body had been severed, she shook her end of the silk ribbon. The ribbon, which was still wrapped around Yue Su’s lower body, conveyed a devastating shock wave from her to him. The shock wave destroyed Yue Su’s lower body, then continued onwards to crush a mountain behind him into fly ash[1].

“Yue Su hasn’t died yet. In the future, Ancient Demon King will send people to guard him. He wants to see his people live, and he wants to see our people die.” Navagraha Queen’s complexion changed slightly, Yue Su had escaped from her clutches, and that caused her to feel ill. 

“What a loathsome old hag!” After the Qilin girl witnessed Navagraha Queen’s frenzied slaughter, Bing Yin’s face turned red with fury. She had never seen such a brazen hussy. If she hadn’t gone to heal Yue Yang and Zhi Zun, she would have done something to stop her. However, both of them were in danger of dying, so she needed to stay beside them to treat their wounds—and to protect them.

“[Dragon Power-God’s Fist]” The Hornless Dragon lady, Jiang Ying had slept throughout all the chaos, as she was still in the process of merging all the powers she had recently received. Nevertheless, when she became aware that Yue Yang was in danger, she couldn’t stop herself from rushing out to help. She had not yet integrated all of the divine powers of the Dragon God Sovereign, so she couldn’t fully control them yet. 

After Jiang Ying released [Dragon Power-God’s Fist], everyone in White River Valley could feel an invisible power that seemed to possess the ability to control life and death. It was as if there was a huge fist pressing down on them from above. Even the high-level warriors Ancient Devil King and Scarlet Emperor felt that it was difficult not to bow under such pressure. Nor could they escape from the area of its effect.

As this was happening, the old masters, Zu and Wu were about to attack the Qilin girl as she was in the process of healing Yue Yang and Zhi Zun. Fortunately, their ability to do so was hindered by the pressure from [Dragon Power-God’s Fist]. Ika and Duo Duo, who hadn’t been affected by Jiang Ying’s power, took advantage of the opportunity to restrain the two old masters..   


Nearby, Xiao Wen Li, who had been transformed by Yue Yang’s [World Creation] into a Golden Serpent Demon that was hundreds of meters in length, had waited long enough and decided to act. She stretched out all six of her arms and gave the massive golden image of Navagraha Queen, that was easily seen in the sky throughout the valley, a hard blow.  

Elsewhere, in a remote valley, the giant Loli had finally managed to defeat Mountain Ridge Giant. Once that was done, she immediately sensed that Yue Yang was in some sort of terrible danger. Desperate to return as fast as possible, she ran in a straight line, climbing over ALL of the mountains that were in her way.

After the golden image of the Navagraha Queen was struck by Xiao Wen Li, the image immediately counterattacked. Meanwhile, faster than lightning, Navagraha Queen rushed towards the blood-red altar. Her target was clearly Yue Yang! She had launched a two-pronged attack!  

Navagraha Queen knew, no matter how many Guardian Spirit Beasts Yue Yang had, no matter how powerful his Guardian Spirit Beasts were, he was the weak point! As long as Yue Yang was killed, then all of his Guardian Spirit Beasts would immediately die. Even if she had to pay a high price to do it, Navagraha Queen must kill Yue Yang first. Even better, if Yue Yang died, Zhi Zun would lose her primary source of support, then she would also be doomed to die.

Yue Yang knew that it was critically important that Zhi Zun be given enough time to recover. If Navagraha Queen interfered, it would be extremely difficult to kill Navagraha Queen and Navagraha King by himself.

He leaped up, turned to face Navagraha Queen, and yelled, “I’m gonna’ kill you!”

Next, Yue Yang instantaneously activated both his [Eternal Wheel] and [World-Exterminating Wheel] Domains of Power. A moment later, Navagraha Queen somehow stopped the [Eternal Wheel] Domain of Power, slowing it down until its speed was equal to that of a creeping tortoise.

Just as Yue Yang was about to rescind his [World-Exterminating Wheel], a feeling of extreme danger overwhelmed him. There wasn’t even enough time to alert Zhi Zun or Bing Yin. He swiftly reached out and encircled their waists with his arms and pressed them tightly against his body. Once he felt they were secure, he tried to flee. 

Behind him, Navagraha Queen took her time as she brought out, then displayed a severed head. The head was very different from an ordinary person’s head. It had the third eye of a demon, and a beard consisting of black flames.

Even though none of them knew how long it had been separated from its body, as soon as it saw the light of day, it immediately opened its mouth. The power of its evil desires was so great, it was clear it intended to conquer the Heavens. 

“The Head of Luo Hou!” Ancient Demon King felt traumatized. This explained why Navagraha Queen had been so audacious when she had given such wild commands to the members of the Navagraha tribe. She had nothing to fear with such a terrible legacy as a trump card.

[1.] Coal fly ash (CFA), a solid residue produced in the coal-fired power plants, has been the largest quantity of industrial solid waste in China. Now its annual output is estimated to be around 600 million tons. This has caused severe economic and environmental problems.

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