Chapter 748 – The Head of Luo Hou (Part 1)

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When Navagraha Queen saw the Qilin girl, Bing Yin, and the Hornless Dragon, Jiang Ying, she would know that Imperial Dragon Demon had already escaped from the [Nirvana Seal] he had been imprisoned inside for so long. So, why was she still insisting on killing them all? How badly had her brain been damaged by the two [Black Bullets] Zhi Zun had lodged inside her head?

Both Scarlet Emperor and Ancient Demon King desperately wanted to kill Yue Yang. However, due to the change in circumstances, neither Scarlet Emperor, who had fought several fierce battles against Yue Yang, nor Ancient Demon King, who had even tried to impersonate Yue Yang, dared to make these feelings public. At the very least, they wouldn’t dare to reveal their opinion in front of outsiders. They were both well aware that there were many things that shouldn’t be done openly. If their stance in this matter were ever to see the light of day, it would be a catastrophe. It would be even worse for them if they managed to kill Yue Yang. Once news of that leaked out, it would be a complete and utter disaster for them.

Before they knew that Yue Yang and Zhi Zun would level the playing field and be able to compete with Navagraha Queen, the two of them, together with their allies Navagraha King and Navagraha Queen, had planned to surround Yue Yang’s group and kill them all. Now, their confidence in their ability to do that had been thoroughly squashed. 

In Scarlet Emperor’s eyes, when the Qilin girl appeared once again, Bing Yin’s power seemed to have surged to become far more profound. Moreover, there was also the Hornless Dragon, Jiang Ying, who had inherited the Dragon God Sovereign’s Power. 

What did all of this mean? It was obvious that the Qinlin girl hadn’t been out and about, traveling on her own, when she happened to meet Yue Yang, then decided to travel together with him. She was clearly a Mythical Beast out to protect Yue Yang. Then there was the Hornless Dragon, Jiang Ying, who had the Dragon God Sovereign’s power. She was unmistakably one of Yue Yang’s Guardian Spirit Beasts. Now that he knew this, he was supposed to attack Yue Yang? Forget it! That was never going to happen again, no matter who ordered it.

At the beginning of the fight, Ancient Demon King didn’t know that Yue Yang had a Mythical Beast. Scarlet Emperor had neglected to share that important bit of information with him. Had he known, he would’ve reconsidered taking part in this fight, and he certainly wouldn’t have chosen to act in the way he did. 

Now that he knew Yue Yang had a Mythical Beast to protect him, and some sort of relationship with Imperial Dragon Demon, the first useful thought that came to Ancient Demon King’s mind was, he mustn’t kill them. What he needed to do was find a place to hide where he could avoid Yue Yang’s rage, just like when he had hidden to avoid Emperor Wu Shuang the Peerless, Empress Fei Wen Li, and Prison Emperor. Today, Yue Yang had already shown his overwhelming power. He was unstoppable. Even the three giants from Heaven Realm, who had allowed the Prison Emperor to seal them away, yet, had still managed to return, would find it to be impossible to stop these young ones from Yue Yang’s family.

“Yes.” To the great surprise of Scarlet Emperor and Ancient Demon King, Navagraha King actually nodded affirmatively. It looked like he had decided to obey her order to kill them all. Was this guy that gullible or was he just completely brainless?

The [Black Bullets] Zhi Zun released had plunged into Navagraha Queen’s head, so they wouldn’t be surprised if her brain had been seriously damaged, although the [Black Bullets] hadn’t exploded. That would explain why Navagraha Queen had said what she said, but why would Navagraha King choose to obey her order? After all, his brain wasn’t damaged.

“We’re screwed.” was the thought that was clearly conveyed when Scarlet Emperor and Ancient Demon King stared at each other in dismay. They both knew that Navagraha King was being unreasonable and acting recklessly!

What Navagraha King knew with certainty was, there was only one way forward for his Navagraha tribe. If the Navagraha tribe was going to return to greatness, he must make sure that he obtained all of the treasures inside Gods’ Ruins for his tribe’s sole use. Additionally, he needed to ensure that Yang and Zhi Zun were eliminated, along with everyone who would be witnesses to this act. This involved more than the problem of infuriating the Eastern Immortal Tribe, the Eastern Goblin Tribe, Imperial Dragon Demon, and the Dragon God Sovereign. This involved a secret from tens of thousands of years ago.

Luo Hou, was a remote ancestor of the Navagraha tribe. Like Imperial Dragon Demon, he was an abominable monster who took great pleasure from committing all sorts of evil deeds.

Using only his own power, he had slaughtered a tremendous number of people. Eventually, his deeds invoked the wrath of the heavens. Finally, the Dragon God Sovereign had issued an arrest warrant for him. After that, he was hunted down by various high-level warriors. When he was finally cornered, and there was no way for him to escape, Luo Hou chose to surrender. 

Following his surrender, Luo Hou, had betrayed his closest friend, Imperial Dragon Demon, in an effort to avoid being punished.

However, he had committed all those terrible deeds. Moreover, it was impossible to change his nature. So, after he chose to turn himself in, he tried to cover up his crimes by willfully slaughtering what was left of his enemies, then pretended to publically repent. In the end, the Dragon God Sovereign had him beheaded. Then he had his body and his spirit destroyed.

The same sort of betrayal had happened ten-thousand years ago. When Empress Fei Wen Li rose to power and overwhelmed the Heaven Realm. There was no one who dared to challenge her rule. During her conquest of the Heaven Realm, the former Navagraha King and the two Navagraha Queens had surrendered, then pledged their loyalty to Empress Fei Wen Li. After that, when Empress Fei Wen Li was conquering the rest of the Heaven Realm, they were excessively deferential towards her. No one had ever suspected that those obsequious toadies were the ones who had betrayed Empress Fei Wen Li. They even persuaded a self-awakened, high-level warrior to seal her spirit inside a [Nirvana Seal].

While the rulers of the Navagraha tribe were committing this act of treason, two of them were killed by the enraged Empress Fei Wen Li. Only one of the Navagraha Queens survived. Nevertheless, the Navagraha tribe had greatly profited from this act of treachery. Their tribe was able to rise up to become the dominant power in the Western Heaven Realm for the next ten-thousand years.

“She’s the daughter of Empress Fei Wen Li—KILL HER!”

From the first moment Navagraha Queen saw Xiao Wen Li, she’d felt an inexplicable suspicion about her identity but she couldn’t find a way to confirm it. After all, Empress Fei Wen Li had been sealed for more than ten-thousand years. She thought it would be impossible for the Empress to return to Heaven Realm.

Later on, Navagraha Queen noticed that Xiao Wen Li’s style of combat was very similar to the way Empress Fei Wen Li used to fight. This similarity became much more recognizable after Xiao Wen Li had been transformed into a golden Serpent Demon by Yue Yang’s [World Creation] Domain of Power. When Navagraha Queen had watched Xiao Wen Li transfigure into her giant, golden serpent form, it had evoked some long-forgotten memories.

Once Navagraha Queen had recalled these long-forgotten memories, she was one hundred percent certain that Xiao Wen Li was Fei Wen Li’s daughter. When Xiao Wen Li had taken decisive action to protect Yue Yang’s life the moment he was in serious trouble, by using her grimoire’s shielding effect, she knew with absolute certainty who Xiao Wen Li was In Heaven Realm, during Empress Fei Wen Li time, this maneuver came to be known as the Empress’s Divine Shield. It was impossible for Navagraha Queen to be mistaken concerning this matter. 

If Xiao Wen Li was Fei Wen Li’s daughter, then it meant that Empress Fei Wen Li would soon be able to break out of the [Nirvana Seal] where she had been sealed, then return to Heaven Realm. Under these circumstances, Navagraha Queen could never let Yue Yang and Xiao Wen Li escape alive. 

“Wrong? Absolutely NOT! They’re fools if they think that!” These were some of Navagraha Queen’s turbulent thoughts.

Moreover, even without the threat of Empress Fei Wen Li, there was the matter of the betrayal of Imperial Dragon Demon by their remote ancestor. He was going to be a huge problem in the future. If they couldn’t obtain the ancient treasures inside Gods’ Ruins, such as God’s Blood, and God Body, among others, then how would the Navagraha tribe be able to fight against Imperial Dragon Demon and Fei Wen Li, the most powerful and terrifying kind of people, in the near future?

“Kill them all!” Navagraha Queen took action first. Unexpectedly, her target wasn’t Yue Yang. Her prey was Ye Xiao and Zi Guang, who had been seriously wounded earlier in the fight.

“No!” Ancient Demon King screamed as he rushed towards the two of them at top speed. He made it in time to save Zi Guang.

Ye Xiao was a little bit farther away from Ancient Demon King. He had already realized that he couldn’t be rescued, so he stood and gazed at Ancient Demon King. Then, without a moment of hesitation, he rushed towards Navagraha Queen, choosing to sacrifice himself in order to delay her. Sadly, Zi Guang’s sacrifice didn’t delay Navagraha Queen for long. She was able to quickly recover. Then she continued to fly towards Ancient Demon King. She would kill him if she got a chance.

However, her target was Zi Guang who stood beside Ancient Demon King. Nearby, Zu and Wu rushed towards Yue Su and Bei. At the same time, Navagraha King joined the melee to fight against Scarlet Emperor. It was his responsibility to kill him.

As long as all those that were not from the Navagraha tribe were killed today, then cooperated to obtain the legacy of the Navagraha tribe, and place it in the hands of the Navagraha Queen, no one would ever find out about what happened today. As long as the Navagraha tribe could gain all the treasures of Gods’ Ruins, Navagraha King didn’t care what it cost. Even if they had to exterminate all of the inhabitants of Tong Tian Tower it would be fine with him.

After all, within the Soaring Dragon Continent; Heaven’s Stairway and the Demon Abyss were no longer the powerful, unassailable, outstanding ‘Land of the Gods’, like they were in the past. A land where countless high-level warriors and other outstanding talents had chosen to live. 

“You’ll rue the day you did this!” the enraged Scarlet Emperor scathingly remarked.

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