Chapter 749 – Glory, Behead, Explosion of [Black Bullets] (Part 1)

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The Head of Lou Hou.

Tens of thousands of years ago, the Dragon God Sovereign had beheaded Luo Hou and destroyed his body and spirit. His intention had been to intimidate others that might want to follow in Luo Hou’s footsteps and to send a clear warning of what the consequences would be if one were to disregard it.

Later, under the guise of burying their ancestor, the Navagraha tribe preserved Luo Hou’s head. What no one had expected was that they would refine it into a treasure, a legacy for their descendants.

Despite the absence of Luo Hou’s soul, the head held a remnant of Luo Hou’s power that had been enhanced by Navagraha Emperors for countless generations. Now, it was equal in strength to a piece of Divine Equipment, but its power was even deadlier when it was used to slaughter people.

Navagraha Queen raised the severed head, then used her spiritual power to communicate with it, urging it to attack. In an instant, a jet black skull, ablaze with raging demon flames appeared between the heavens and the earth. Unlike the ordinary person’s head, it had the third eye of a demon, two long horns, and sharp tusks. Even more impressive, when it opened the mouth, its upper lip almost reached to the vault of the heavens and its lower lip lay on top of the ground! The Head of Luo Hou was so tremendous that it was hard for it to fit inside of White River Valley. Whether Scarlet Emperor, Ancient Demon King, Yue Yang, or Zhi Zun, none of them could escape the area affected by the enormous, sinister, cavern-like mouth.

Once swallowed, they would be sealed inside The Head of Luo Hou forever.

Once Scarlet Emperor and Ancient Demon King saw the horrifying severed head expand, their countenances took on a ghastly pallor. Both of them could hear the anguished moans emerging from inside The Head of Luo Hou. They recognized the sounds as coming from the souls of high-level warriors who had previously been swallowed.

Would they suffer the same fate as those high-level warriors? Would they die and be trapped inside The Head of Luo Hou for eternity? With just this one piece of Divine Equipment, The Head of Luo Hou, which could devour the heavens and the earth, Navagraha Queen was invincible. Who could defeat her? How could they fight against an enemy like this?

It was extremely difficult for Scarlet Emperor and Ancient Demon King to avoid being sucked into the mouth of the severed head. They struggled ceaselessly against the endless suction. In an attempt to escape from the deadly suction, they fled toward the safety of the blood-red altar. They hoped that the power of the eternal foundation would block the suction, at least temporarily, giving them time to come up with a plan.

Nearby, in the sky, the arms of the massive golden image of Navagraha Queen struck out, dealing a heavy blow to Scarlet Emperor and Ancient Demon King, knocking them both into the air. Then she waved her sleeves, sweeping them into the mouth of The Head of Luo Hou. To her, this was as easy as swatting a couple of annoying flies.

“Ferry of Death!” Ancient Demon King was forced to try a desperate tactic to escape. He summoned his ancient war beast, Ferry of Death, in an effort to save himself.

“[Navagraha Sequenced Explosions!]” Navagraha King, who had been lying in wait for them, attacked.

Compared to Scarlet Emperor and Ancient Demon King, Navagraha King wasn’t adversely affected by the ceaseless suction coming from the mouth on The Head of Luo Hou. He seemed to be as comfortable as a fish back in water[1]. Additionally, his overall power had been enhanced by the energy that had been infused into the head by successive Navagraha Emperors.

Meanwhile, Ancient Demon King was ready to strike back at Navagraha King, as soon as he made his move. Unfortunately, before he could get into position on board Ferry of Death, it was smashed into smithereens by Navagraha King’s [Sun].

Scarlet Emperor was in miserable shape too. Thanks to the protection of his Guardian Divine Shield [Silver], he hadn’t been wounded by Navagraha King’s attack. However, within the area the suction affected, his speed of movement had been greatly reduced, which was a huge disadvantage for him. He’d already discovered that he couldn’t dodge all of Navagraha King’s attacks. When he’d been hit by Navagraha King’s [Moon] he’d almost been slammed directly down the throat of The Head of Luo Hou. Scarlet Emperor felt like he was a tiny fish swimming against a raging current. He knew if he made even the slightest error it would cause a catastrophe that would end his life. Then he would be doomed to a fate worse than death.

“Scram!” Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, Duo Duo, and Battle Angel, Ika, were not in any danger. They were able to use their Mythical Beasts’ power to resist being sucked into the head’s mouth.

Even under the coordinated attacks of Zu and Wu, they could still fight back.

Xiao Wen Li, in her golden Serpent Demon form, had already clashed several times with Navagraha Queen’s golden image. Due to this, a large number of shock waves were produced that were causing the mountains on both sides of White River Valley to shake violently. They looked similar to sandcastles being washed away by the incoming tide.

The Hornless Dragon, Jiang Ying, was responsible for assisting Xiao Wen Li. Unfortunately, she hadn’t yet mastered the divine power she had inherited from the Dragon God Sovereign, so she was having trouble keeping up with the pace of the fight against Navagraha Queen.

In particular, Navagraha Queen’s golden image was very cunning. It was constantly making deceptive feints in an effort to confuse her opponents. The Hornless Dragon, Jiang Ying, repeatedly fell for these ploys. She was hit so many times she became absolutely furious.

The Hornless Dragon, Jiang Ying, was the only person there who was completely unaffected by The Head of Luo Hou. The severed head had a deep-seated loathing towards the divine power of the Dragon God Sovereign. Its evil energy and ceaseless suction were useless against Jiang Ying. Neither had any effect at all…

Jiang Ying stretched out her arms and allowed her power to fully erupt in an attempt to catch hold of the golden image of Navagraha Queen. She filled the sky in front of her with giant dragon claws. Below, a long chain of mountains collapsed, sinking into the rocky ground as she wielded those claws. Nevertheless, Navagraha Queen’s golden image was able to completely dodge all of her attacks. Even if Jiang Ying had unrivaled strength, without completely integrating with the Dragon God Sovereign’s power, to capture or hit Navagraha Queen’s golden image was almost impossible!

“If I kill you, no matter how many Guardian Spirit Beasts you have, they’ll all die!” Navagraha Queen’s goal was clear—kill Yue Yang first!

“Dream on!” yelled the Qilin girl, Bing Yin, as she broke free of Yue Yang’s arm. She immediately went to fight against Navagraha Queen rather than trying to flee together with Yue Yang and Zhi Zun. She even headbutted Navagraha Queen, she was THAT angry!

Navagraha Queen had been training her skills for thousands of years, so it was natural that the Qilin girl, Bing Yin, couldn’t hit her easily. When Bing Yin’s small fist arrived, Navagraha Queen waved her sleeve and the silk ribbon inside flew out and wrapped around her wrist. Then, Navagraha Queen’s body shook. In a flash, two identical doppelgangers appeared. They stood in the form of a triangle, along with her real body. Each of them held an identical silk ribbon, making it difficult to tell true from false.

The three of them attacked her together, one from behind and the other two attacked her flanks. This caused the Qilin girl, Bing Yin, to become so enraged that she intentionally headbutted Navagraha Queen’s real body, completely ignoring Navagraha Queen’s two identical doppelgangers.

It was impossible for anyone to deceive Bing Yin’s eyes or fool her heart. Even if Yue Yang used his [Heaven Eyes Divine Vision] he wouldn’t be able to see things as clearly as she could. Her head bump would likely be very effective, against Navagraha Queen, as she possessed the abilities to remove evil influences and obliterate evil spiritual power. These innate abilities of hers were due to the strong spiritual qi and the propitious physique of the immortal Qilin race. So, for the Qilin girl, Bing Yin, stopping Navagraha Queen’s attack was like brandishing her ax at Lu Ban’s door. [2]

When Bing Yin struck Navagraha Queen’s body, it didn’t seem to do any damage or have any effect on her. Bing Yin’s action had been a little impulsive, but it frightened Navagraha Queen to her innermost core. Her countenance immediately changed, reflecting her fear. With the abilities to remove evil influences and obliterate evil spiritual power, the impact of Bing Yin’s head bump was one that she couldn’t rely on her summoning grimoire’s Gold-Rank spiritual shield to block. Considering that her defensive power was weak, it looked like it was impossible to withstand her attack.

[1] 如鱼得水 rú yú dé shuǐ > like a fish back in the water

Meaning: glad to be back in one’s proper surroundings [back]

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Chapter 749 - Glory, Behead, Explosion of [Black Bullets] (Part 2)

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