Chapter 749 – Glory, Behead, Explosion of [Black Bullets] (Part 2)

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Navagraha Queen was knocked hundreds of meters away.

“Pfft!” This was a first for her. She’d never spit out a mouthful of blood before.

What was worse, the two [Black Bullets] inside her head, which she had used most power to suppress, showed signs that they were about to explode.

After she had managed to block and injure Navagraha Queen, she became even more hostile. Her hands danced and flowed as they formed a wonderful series of mudras. Then she brought them together as she began condensing her immortal energy. Soon, a sphere emerged from her hands, gradually taking on the form of a small, round thigle[1] that radiated rainbow light.

Seeing that their summoner, Navagraha Queen, was suffering, Zu and Wu frantically rushed over, to try to prevent the Qilin girl, Bing Yin, from attacking again.

As two Angel’s Blades separated from the pair of wings, Ika cried, “[Arrow of Hate!][Hatred Arrow!]” Immediately, an [Arrow of Hate!][Hatred Arrow] shot towards the old masters, Zu and Wu. Next, she summoned her guardian beast, Wishing Little Angel which promptly appeared over the top of her head.

At the same time, Ika activated her skill [Hatred]. This forced her into a berserk state which caused her strength to instantaneously be boosted, ten times. What’s more, she became immune to all forms of negative effects. So, the curses that Zu and Wu had cast on her lost their efficacy, as did the suction power from the Head of Luo Hou.

Ika raised one of her cannons and fired off ten shots in the blink of an eye. A moment later, the old masters, Zu and Wu turned a crispy black. Elated by her success, she screamed like a victorious goddess of war. Accompanied by the sound of roaring thunder, she flew as fast as lightning, rushing high into the heavens, then slashed down at Zu with her Angel’s Blades. Ika’s Angel’s Blades cut deeply into the Poisonous Dragon Cane held in Zu’s hands.

Ika strike was so violent that Zu’s hand, the part between the thumb and the index finger, split open and started to bleed profusely. Ika took advantage of the situation to grasp Zu’s slender neck, smash him hard against the ground, then hurled him far into the heavens.

At the vault of the sky, Ika took off and chased down old master Zu. The cannon took aim at the center of Zu’s forehead, then fired. It hit! Just like a cannonball, the old master was sent flying. When he plunged to the ground, he was smashed deep beneath the surface, forming a large crater.

Nearby, Wu was involved in a confrontation with Duo Duo. He didn’t have the time to go rescue Navagraha Queen.

The Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, Duo Duo, bit her index finger, then used the blood to draw a rune on one of her palms, summoning a Spitting Thorny Flower Spore from her grimoire. She fed the spore some of her blood so it would be able to germinate. When it had absorbed enough blood, she flicked the Spitting Thorny Flower Spore in a way that guaranteed it would penetrate onto Wu’s body. She smiled, his body would be an excellent fertilizer. She knew that no evil flame, demonic energy, etc. could prevent her Spitting Thorny Flower Spore from germinating.

The spore had penetrated deep inside his body. So Wu had no choice in the matter. He was forced to cut off a large piece of muscle from the area where the Spitting Thorny Flower Spore had entered.

“The battle between Guardian Spirit Beasts is totally meaningless.” Zu insisted stubbornly, even though the pain from fighting the Qilin girl, Bing Yin, was causing his face to twitch and his mouth to twist into a grimace. Zu and Wu had few troublesome opponents in Heaven Realm. It was just bad luck that they had to fight against the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, Duo Duo, and the Qilin girl, Bing Yin. How were they to know that the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, Duo Duo, had a [Corpse Feeding] skill that was similar to Bing Yin’s innate abilities that made her immune to all curses and poisons? Normally, Wu’s evil flame and demonic energy could support him during a fight for a long time. However, if Duo Duo’s had fought with Zu, who was good at mixing curses and poisons, it would have been an absolute tragedy.

“Old Geezer, turn into fertilizer already!” Duo Duo quickly summoned a Thorny Flower Vine from her grimoire, then used it as a whip on old master Zu. When he saw it, he was terrified and wanted to flee. He dodged about as if there was a tiger in front of him.

“ARGH!!!” Without the support of the old masters, Zu and Wu, Navagraha Queen was hit by the thigle released by the Qilin girl, Bing Yin, causing her wounds to become even worse.

In the face of the Qilin’s thigle, that was unaffected by distance, [Innate] inherent skills, spirit, and will, no matter how Navagraha Queen tried to avoid it, all her efforts were futile. She took a direct hit!

I never had a real opportunity to attack Navagraha Queen. Now, my time has come. I finally have a chance! Navagraha Queen had been seriously wounded by Bing Yin’s thigle and was still trying to suppress Zhi Zun’s [Black Bullets], so she wasn’t at top of her game.

Jiang Ying slowly stretched out her arms, then used her divine powers to pinpoint Navagraha Queen’s location. Navagraha Queen wasn’t able to put up an effective defense at the moment, so she raced to get in front of her, to prevent her from escaping. Once in position, Jiang Ying reached out and grabbed her around the throat. Navagraha Queen could only stare at the Hornless Dragon, Jiang Ying. She was powerless to escape the divine force of her grip.

“Judicial Tribunal! Behead!” An extraordinary light was emitted from the top of Jiang Ying’s head. Immediately, it turned into two golden dragons that whooshed into the sky, then the dragons transformed into Dragon Guards, one holding a heavy sword. Next, they attacked!

The first Dragon Guard pulled the spirit out of Navagraha Queen’s body using only his sharp claws. The second Dragon Guard used his heavy sword to slash her neck. He didn’t hold back. He used all of his considerable strength in an effort to sever her head. Although this kind of decapitation is done to sever the soul, the damage it inflicts is far more severe than that of beheadings done with a physical sword.

“AAAAAAAAARRRGH!!!” wailed Navagraha Queen. All those who heard it felt like their hair was standing on end.

Navagraha Queen’s spirit had been pulled out and severely slashed, but she was able to recover in less than a second She knocked Jiang Ying away, pressed her hands against her forehead and screamed wildly as if she had suffered all the world’s misery.

“[Black Bullets] Explode!” yelled Zhi Zun. With the help of the Qilin girl, Bing Yin, Zhi Zun had recovered most of her power and stood up.

If the soul of Navagraha Queen hadn’t been pulled out and damaged when Jiang Ying used her divine power, it would have delayed the detonation of Zhi Zun’s [Black Bullets]. After being taking damage from Bing Yin’s thigle, and having her spirit severed by Jiang Ying’s divine force, Navagraha Queen no longer had the power to continue to suppress the two [Black Bullets] inside her head. In fact, the longer the two [Black Bullets] stayed in her head, the more powerful the explosions would be. Knowing this about the horrible [Black Bullets], she had used her strongest rule of law to suppress them.

Zhi Zun summoned her Diamond Grimoire, which was very close to a Holy Grimoire. Then, she used one of her jade-like hands to flip to a random page. Next, she gently clasped her hands, palms together. In a trice, both of Navagraha Queen’s ears exploded!

Her [Black Bullets] had burst out in a full-blown explosion! Their power couldn’t be stopped!

[1]. Thigle: Literally means “drop” and is traditionally used to describe ‘a sphere of rainbow light’. [back]

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