Chapter 750 – Yue Yang, Rampage (Part 1)

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The two [Black Bullets] in Navagraha Queen’s head finally exploded.

Not only was Navagraha Queen’s head damaged, but all the other parts of her body also showed signs of disintegration.

“Did you think that would kill me?” Navagraha Queen screamed venomously, “Even without this body, I am still the Queen of the Navagraha tribe! Killing you would be as easy as winking for me. Your forcing me to use my ultimate power!”

She was reluctant to use this mutually destructive power, but even more reluctant to lose her human body. However, she had no other choice! She must make a decision before the two [Black Bullets] completely destroyed her body. In front of her enemies who were like tigers glaring their prey, if she wasn’t willing to use all of her power, then not only would she be defeated, she would die!


In an instant, Navagraha Queen’s entire body shattered. When the explosive power reached its limit, the two [Black Bullets] formed two small black holes that constantly rotated around each other, devouring all the energy and fragments of Navagraha Queen’s body. Someone else would never have survived, but Navagraha Queen used her [Innate] skill [Shifting Spirit] to escape from her broken body with ninety percent of her energy intact. She then integrated her energy into the golden image of her that was just overhead.


That was the moment Zhi Zun had been waiting for. As soon as Navagraha Queen’s spirit merged with her golden image, Zhi Zun flashed through the air, arms outstretched. “[Light of Destruction]!”

Like rays of the sun, a massive amount of destructive light shone throughout the heavens. These light rays consisted of tens of thousands of arrows, blades, spears, and swords. These dyed the heavens and the earth in a single color, the color of destruction!

Hundreds of miles away, Si Hai, the warriors from the Navagraha tribe, Queen Night, Xue Wuxia, and Princess Qian Qian, could feel the power of Zhi Zun’s [Light of Destruction]. The [Light of Destruction] caused their eyes so much pain that none of them could continue fighting.

When the old warrior, Si Hai, who had mastered the Sovereign’s Will and was suppressing Queen Night, saw Zhi Zun’s [Light of Destruction], his countenance changed dramatically.

“Does Tong Tian Tower still have such a powerful warrior? It seems I’m just a frog glancing at the sky from the bottom of a well!”[1] Si Hai muttered. Suddenly, he could no longer use the Sovereign’s Will.

Scarlet Emperor, Ancient Demon King, and Navagraha King felt that they were exactly like monkeys placed over a campfire to be roasted. As Zhi Zun’s [Light of Destruction] fell on them, they felt extreme pain but there was no place for them to take shelter. They all realized that the light of Navagraha King’s [Sun] was like that of a single candle when compared to Zhi Zun’s [Light of Destruction]. Zhi Zun’s [Light of Destruction] was like the midday radiance of summer sunshine.

Even using the exceptional Guardian Divine Shield, Scarlet Emperor still cried out in pain. Against Zhi Zun’s [Light of Destruction], even his divine shield couldn’t hold out. Despite his best efforts, a plume of blue smoke rose from his body. For the first time in his life, he had a horrible feeling that if he was pierced by Zhi Zun’s [Light of Destruction], it would kill him.

Not far away from him, Ancient Demon King didn’t try to flee to the sanctuary of the blood-red altar. On the contrary, Ancient Demon King rushed over and gasped Navagraha King tightly, preventing him from dodging, then tried to forcibly take Navagraha King with him into the sky.

“Are you insane‽” Navagraha King thought that Ancient Demon King was trying to destroy both of them. He was scared to death.

“Dong Yao, let’s die together!” Ancient Demon King utterly hated the traitors, Navagraha Queen and Navagraha King, who had betrayed their alliance. If Navagraha Queen hadn’t ordered to kill Ye Xiao, Zi Guang, Yue Su, and Bei before him, they could have parted peaceably. However, right now, Ancient Demon King’s only thought was to kill Navagraha King, even at the cost of his own life.

Due to Ancient Demon King’s actions, Navagraha King couldn’t escape to the base of the blood-red altar to reduce the pain caused by Zhi Zun’s [Light of Destruction] like Scarlet Emperor did. Instead, he was being tightly held by Ancient Demon King and rushed into the sky. The pain was excruciating, as he was ravaged by Zhi Zun’s [Light of Destruction].

Under the bombardment of Zhi Zun’s [Light of Destruction] the flames on the immense image of the Head of Luo Hou, that filled the entire sky and could devour the heavens and the earth, were gradually extinguished until there were no more.

Fortunately, Zhi Zun’s [Light of Destruction] didn’t last very long, otherwise, it would have been extremely dangerous for everyone. During this time, Navagraha King managed to escape from the grip of Ancient Demon King. He quickly fled to the sanctuary of the blood-red altar. Since his eyes hadn’t recovered yet, he had to depend on his hearing and other senses to get there.

After adjusting his status, Yue Yang gave a weird order, “Ika, summon Wishing Little Angel and have it execute its control skill [Roar]!” Yue Yang’s order confused his enemies. The strange order confused everyone at present, [Roar]?

“Da Da Da!”[2] The three beautiful, bright sounds echoed throughout the White River Valley.


The sound of her voice didn’t carry any sort of offensive power, but when Navagraha King heard it, he sensed that the power of all his enemies was gradually increasing. Then, he finally figured it out. Her voice was a [Innate] control skill used for support.

When Navagraha King wanted to rush over and kill the Wishing Little Angel, another wave of destruction fell from the sky. It was more powerful and lasted longer than the previous one!

Still in a frenzy, Ancient Demon King stretched out a giant hand and grabbed hold of Navagraha King. His ferocious face had a sly smile: “Navagraha King, do enjoy this journey of death. Ye Xiao and Zi Guang are waiting for us!”

Navagraha King didn’t struggle to break free. In fact, he knew that there was nothing he could do that would allow him to escape. He had watched as the [Eternal Wheel] Domain of Power under Yue Yang’s feet extended until it had fixed him in place, like an insect fossilized in amber.

Yue Yang had kept his [Eternal Wheel] Domain of Power active until the third wave of Zhi Zun’s [Light of Destruction] had ended. When he finally withdrew it, Navagraha King plummeted through the sky until he fell onto the blood-red altar, with serious wounds all over his body.

After an unknown amount of time, Navagraha King regained his sight. What he saw in the sky was the broken golden image of Navagraha Queen. It looked awful. Her lower body had been completely destroyed. The upper body was covered with cracks that looked like cobwebs. The left arm was missing two fingers, and the head and shoulders had pieces broken off of them. Only her right hand, that had been holding the Head of Luo Hou, was still intact.

Navagraha Queen wasn’t dead! When she had been at her weakest, and Zhi Zun had released her [Light of Destruction], three times, after the naive Yue Yang, the Qilin girl, Bing Yin, and the Wishing Little Angel had used some of their [Innate] skills, she had survived!

Sure enough, it wasn’t going to be easy to defeat Navagraha Queen from Heaven Realm. Both Yue Yang and Zhi Zun thought, even if Navagraha Queen hadn’t been killed during the fight, she would lose the combat force, but it was beyond all their expectations that Navagraha Queen would be able to continue to fight and still have the Head of Luo Hou in her hand.

“Little girl, have you used up all of your trump cards?” Navagraha Queen’s bitter voice shocked everyone within White River Valley, “Since I’m not dead yet, you’re the ones who will die!”

The Head of Luo Hou, which had just had its flames extinguished by Zhi Zun’s [Light of Destruction], was once more covered in black flames.

While it couldn’t fully withstand the power of Zhi Zun’s [Light of Destruction], the Head of Luo Hou had been the source of the demon Luo’s power. Over the past 100,000 years, countless generations of Navagraha Kings poured their power into it. Therefore, even the three giants of the Western Heaven Realm couldn’t destroy it without much effort, let alone three waves of [Light of Destruction].

Want to destroy it? Don’t even think about it. The Head of Luo Hou had long been a demonic weapon comparable to a holy artifact, but without any self-awareness, so it needed an owner to direct it. As long as Navagraha Queen hadn’t been defeated, the power of the Head of Luo Hou would never weaken. So, unless Zhi Zun could continue to execute her [Light of Destruction] skill, nothing would be able to stop the Head of Luo Hou.

Jiang Ying still hadn’t fully absorbed the divine power she had inherited from the Dragon God Sovereign, so the possibility of her destroying the Head of Luo Hou was close to zero. As for the Qilin girl, Bing Yin, she hated the demonic head. She wanted to destroy it with all of her heart, but her strength just wasn’t sufficient to do so. After all, she wasn’t the kind of girl that was good at that sort of thing.

“Both of you, scram!” At first, Yue Yang had intended to kill the heavily wounded Ancient Demon King and Scarlet Emperor, but after he thought it over again, he realized that the only ones that would benefit from their fight would be Navagraha Queen and Navagraha King. Even though Ancient Demon King and Scarlet Emperor were potential future disasters they were not as dangerous as Navagraha King and Navagraha Queen. It would be a pain in the ass for him if he let these two guys go, but it was better than letting Navagraha Queen and Navagraha King escape. If Navagraha Queen and Navagraha King managed to survive, it would definitely be a catastrophe for Tong Tian Tower.

Yueyang hated the fact that there wasn’t enough time to do everything he wanted to do. However, it was best for everyone to let Ancient Demon King and Scarlet Emperor leave. “Don’t let me see either one of you ever again!”

Scarlet Emperor was ecstatic. He swore, “I’ll never return to Tong Tian Tower again!” He had thought that Yue Yang would take advantage of the opportunity to throw stones at them because they had fallen down a well,[3] so he had been prepared to fight to the death with Yue Yang.

*** ***

[1]. A frog glancing at the sky from the bottom of a well.

This is a combination of two current titles for this story. Both titles are Chinese idioms.
“The frog at the bottom of the well” and “Glancing at the sky from the bottom of the well”.

Chinese Idiom: 井底之蛙 jǐng dǐ zhī wā > The frog at the bottom of the well.

Meaning: A person whose knowledge is so limited that he or she has no idea about anything aside from the world of their own experience.
[What a person lacks.]

Chinese Idiom: 坐井觀天 zuò jǐng guān tiān > Glancing at the sky from the bottom of the well.

Meaning: A person who can’t see the truth or refuses to see the truth.
[How a person acts.]

FYI > Neither of these are the title given to this by the author, the philosopher Chuang-tzu. He didn’t give this story a title. Also, the common interpretation of ‘in a well’ is incorrect. The word 井 meant ‘trap’ back when he wrote this story. Back then, it was known as “Trapped bottom the frog”. Over time this turned into “The frog at the bottom of the well”.

The original story > 子獨不聞夫埳井之鼃乎?謂東海之鱉曰:『吾樂與!出跳梁乎井幹之上,入休乎缺甃之崖;赴水則接腋持頤,蹶泥則沒足滅跗;還虷蟹與科斗,莫吾能若也。且夫擅一壑之水,而跨跱埳井之樂,此亦至矣,夫子奚不時來入觀乎!』東海之鱉左足未入,而右膝已縶矣。於是逡巡而卻,告之海曰:『夫千里之遠,不足以舉其大;千仞之高,不足以極其深。禹之時十年九潦,而水弗為加益;湯之時八年七旱,而崖不為加損。夫不為頃久推移,不以多少進退者,此亦東海之大樂也。』於是埳井之鼃聞之,適適然驚,規規然自失也。[back]

[2]. (Phonetic sound) 哒 dā > a sound made to get a horse to move forward; the clatter of a horse’s hoofs.

English equivalents:

A sound made to get a horse to move forward >
‘click’ (clicking sound made using your tongue).
Years ago, people used to say ‘giddy-up’.

The clatter of a horse’s hoofs >
Walking = ‘clip-clop, clip-clop’, the sequence of beats is left-hind left-fore, a brief pause and right-hind, right-fore; each hoof creating its own sound in sequence.
You can listen to the sound here >
Trotting = ‘clip-clop-clip-clop’ we could be describing the sound of a horse at trot, when the left hind and right fore hit the ground in unison, followed by the right hind and left fore hitting in unison with equal spaces between all the sounds.
Cantering (or a 3 beat lope) = ‘clip-clop-clip…clip-clop-clip…’
Galloping = ‘clip-clippity-clip’
The information above is part of the answer given by Linda Braddy, Former Horse Trainer, Instructor, Equine Professional, here > [back]

[3]. (Chinese Idiom) 投井下石 tóu jǐng xià shí > to throw stones at (somebody) who has fallen down a well.

Meaning: To hit a person when their down. [back]

*** ***

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