Chapter 752 – [Silver Core, Galactic Explosion] (Part 1)

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Due to the arrival of Ancient Demon King, all the warriors of the Navagraha tribe, as well as Xue Wuxia, and Princess Qian Qian were on high alert.

Blazing Flame was fighting against Li Pan when she was recalled by Xue Wu Xia. Not far away from Xue Wuxia, Bloody Queen, Red, and Barbarian Cow Shadow, Ah Man, left their respective opponents to stand at Xue Wu Xia’s side. Spirit of Sky Fire and Reaper Mantis were still helping Princess Qian Qian pursue the seriously wounded Funeral Mourner, You Jin. However, as soon as Ancient Demon King arrived, they immediately switched over to protect Princess Qian Qian as she withdrew. Only the two girls, Yi Nan and Yue Bing, insisted on finishing off the warrior of the Navagraha tribe, who had been poisoned and was close to death.

Rather than withdraw, Hui Tai Lang raised his head and howled at the sky, then sped up his group’s attacks against their opponents. Star Scorpion and Tao Tie Blade were powerful aids to him. With the help of both of them, Hui Tai Lang had succeeded in killing three of their opponents. Now, just in front of them was the fourth, and the last one.

“DIE!” screamed Ancient Demon King. The two warriors of the Navagraha tribe, who had been seriously wounded by the Bloody Queen, Red and the Barbarian Cow Shadow, Ah Man, didn’t even have time to think about escaping. It was beyond doubt, Ancient Demon King was the Grim Reaper, come to take their souls. 

When facing Navagraha Queen and Yue Yang, he had been defeated. Additionally, he hadn’t been able to rescue his subordinates; Ye Xiao, Zi Guang, and Bei. However, even though he was seriously wounded, he was almost invincible when it came to killing the members of the Navagraha tribe. 

This being so, before Si Hai, You Jin or Li Pan could arrive to rescue the warriors, Ancient Demon King rushed behind one of them. When that warrior turned around to face him, he shoved one of his hands against that warrior’s horror-stricken face. That unlucky warrior, who had already been so badly beaten that he was covered in blood, couldn’t withstand Ancient Demon King’s attack. He instantly dropped to the ground, dead, seckilled by Ancient Demon King. 

Meanwhile, Si Hai was the quickest to arrive, as he ran all the way at full tilt. Ancient Demon King completely ignored him, choosing instead to take care of the other warrior.

He raised his right hand, pointed at the other warrior, then shot him in the face using [Ancient Demon Finger]. Somehow he managed to survive! Sadly, he only managed to get about ten meters away before Ancient Demon King caught him, then tossed him into his ancient war beast, Soul Crystal Bone Meal. The cost for this was having to take a punch from Si Hai. However, Ancient Demon King knew, unlike Yue Yang, it was utterly impossible for those Navagraha tribe warriors to escape once he was tossed inside Soul Crystal Bone Meal. In moments, he had been ground into bonemeal.

“Run!” The mind of Si Hai fell into chaos, there wasn’t a speck of calm to be found. The aura of Navagraha Queen had almost vanished. He surmised that Yue Yang and Zhi Zun had found a way to kill her. It wouldn’t take them long to finish off Navagraha Queen. One more strike could do it! 

In the aftermath of this epic disaster; whether it was the dazzling [Light of Destruction], the dark-gold giant who was affecting everything by using the powers of Yue Yang’s Card of Fate, or the falling star that would have destroyed the entire White River Valley, all sorts of consequences had begun to appear. These were causing the Navagraha tribe’s tactical situation to become a truly tragic one. In particular, the failure of Navagraha Queen’s battle plan to use the falling star to destroy their most powerful enemies was directly responsible for the failure of their overall battle plan. It didn’t matter who destroyed her trump card, for the Navagraha tribe, it was bad news!

“I won’t leave!” Li Pan flatly stated. He preferred to die in battle rather than capitulate to despair. “General Si Hai, we’ll cover you! Go!” yelled the Funeral Mourner, You Jin. He was a hundred times more logical than Li Pan. He didn’t know if he could escape, but he knew that even if he did escape, the Navagraha tribe would inevitably decline. This was evident because he was not powerful enough to save, then revitalize the tribe, but Si Hai was different. Compared to Navagraha Queen and Navagraha King, his power was just a tiny bit less. If Si Hai could survive, the Navagraha tribe still had a chance to rise again. 

“None of you will walk away! The fifth floor of Heaven Stairway will be the burial plot for your entire Navagraha tribe!” shouted Ancient Demon King. Ignoring the attacks by Si Hai, Li Pan, and You Jin, he summoned [Burial by Ten Thousand Mammoths]. A moment later, it was as if 10,000 mammoths were stomping on the heads of the Navagraha tribe’s warriors, all at the same time! It was a horrifically painful attack. Immediately thereafter, Ancient Demon King utilized his [Hell Prison] Domain of Power, then summoned his Guardian Spirit Beast, Ju. This combination quickly turned the entrance of White River Valley into a living Hell. 

Countless fiery, Ju, stone giants emerged from the magma and besieged the Navagraha tribe. During his previous fight against Yue Yang, he hadn’t been able to release his skill [Countless Demons Descend to Earth] because Yue Yang was too agile. Ancient Demon King easily controlled all of the fiery, Ju, stone giants, manipulating them until they had encircled the Navagraha tribe. 

Throughout, he had been very careful to avoid attacking Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian. The reason he did so wasn’t that he was afraid of Yue Yang, but because he was concerned that Xue Wuxia would use her [Spirit Domain] Domain of Power to distract the warriors of the Navagraha tribe, possibly causing them to ignore the fight. Princess Qian Qian stood aside holding the Prison Emperor’s Divine Sword, in this way all the warriors of the Navagraha tribe were in danger of dying at all times.

Ancient Demon King had done his best to put the Navagraha tribe in the most perilous situation possible. He had passed the point where he was concerned about being exposed to the same attack. He didn’t care about the cost he would have to pay, as long as he killed them all. 

Si Hai, Li Pan, and You Jin were scared to death by [Countless Demons Descend to Earth]. ALL of the remaining warriors of the Navagraha tribe were surrounded by thousands of fiery, Ju, stone giants! Currently, there were still enough of them that the stone giants couldn’t kill all of them at once, but if this disaster couldn’t be turned around post-haste, all of them were destined to die.

“General Si Hai, you must leave! Go!” beseeched You Jin, as he knelt down on the ground.

“Die!” Li Pan ignored You Jin’s pleas, choosing instead to fight with Ancient Demon King. He wanted to perish together with him.

“You Jin, you know, I can’t run away! When you return, present the most beautiful girl of our tribe clan to Chang Hui, and order the rest of our tribe to become his subordinates.” 

Chang Hui was the person Si Hai hated most, but for the tribe to survive, Si Hai actually had to lower his head to his worst enemy. Ironically, the most beautiful girl in their tribe was General Si Hai’s granddaughter. Unfortunately, she was a girl who was so proud that she had refused to become Navagraha King’s consort. Now, her life would change drastically. Si Hai had to give her to his archenemy, Chang Hui.

The Funeral Mourner, You Jin, had to contain his grief and anger as he kowtowed to General Si Hai. As General Si Hai desperately tried to block the enraged Ancient Demon King from slaughtering his warriors, You Jin roared out his pain and anguish, as he broke through Xue Wuxia’s [Spirit Domain] Domain of Power, and avoided Princess Qian Qian’s [Azure Dragon Saint Force] Domain of Power. By running at top speed, he finally managed to escape from the battlefield. Bearing with him the heavy responsibility given to him by General Si Hai. He would have to endure the humiliation of abandoning his fellow warriors in order to carry out the important task entrusted to him. While they were fighting to the death—he must escape and live! 

Be that as it may, even if Queen Night didn’t stop him, could he still manage to escape from the fifth floor of Heaven Stairway?

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