Chapter 754 – Dead Man, Madman, Desperate Looks (Part 2)

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cough. cough. cough.” Suddenly, faint coughing could be heard. All four were astonished because the sound didn’t come from the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader. Who could it be?

From a distant point in the sky, partially hidden within the rain, there was a shadow floating towards them. As it got closer, the four people realized that it was the Marquis of Zi Jin! 

Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Black Prince were overjoyed while Ye Kong and Tian Luo Prince’s faces showed that they were feeling utterly dispirited. Did the Marquis of Zi Jin’s appearance mean that Xue Tan Lang had been defeated? Could it really be true that in addition to Yue Yang, the incredibly talented Greedy Wolf had been defeated‽ Among the warriors of the younger generation had this extremely talented young man, who was following in Yue Yang’s footsteps, become the only one who couldn’t challenge a formidable enemy? Had he become so weak that his life wouldn’t even be worth a note in the history books? 

“Hahahahaha, I knew that killing Xue Tan Lang would be a piece of cake!” Thousand Goblins Sect Leader said joyously. He knew that the Marquis of Zi Jin‘s strength wasn’t yet at the same level as the previous Thousand Goblins King, after all, he had just become the new Thousand Goblins King. Additionally, he had extraordinary wisdom, and he’d managed to restore his strength to [Innate] Heaven-Rank, Level 8. It was only natural that he’d defeated Xue Tan Lang.

cough. cough.” The Marquis of Zi Jin coughed lightly, either due to humility or due to the fact that his internal wounds hadn’t yet healed.

“What? You’re all still alive!” A voice exclaimed from within the rain. As Shun Tian came into view, his eerie and mocking voice continued, “I thought you were all dead.”

His words provoked Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Black Prince to immediately remonstrate “Shun Tian, you think you’re strong? Look how long it took for you to beat down a piece of rubbish like Fatty Hai. We can see that your strong right hand has been broken. You look just like a loser to us. How can you laugh at us? If I were you, I would seckill Fatty Hai and use his head as a chamber pot!”

Of course, that was easier said than done. Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Black Prince knew in their hearts that Fatty Hai was a tough man to kill or Shun Tian’s strong right fist wouldn’t have been broken and he would have returned much earlier. However, the way Shun Tian had spoken caused them to immediately become overwhelmed with so much resentment that they choked up. 

Nonetheless, when Shun Tian and the Marquis of Zi Jin had returned, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader had cheered up. No matter how you looked at it, their battle could now be won. Ye Kong and Tian Luo Prince were definitely dead meat. Now all they had to do was wait for the Great Elder and his subordinates to arrive. As long as the Great Elder’s head hadn’t been full of shit, it would’ve been impossible for them to lose to Liu Ye.

So, just as Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Black Prince had made up their minds to attack Ye Kong and Tian Luo Prince, they noticed that a group of shadows had appeared in the distance. It looked like a sizeable group of people were coming towards them. 

“When no one returned, I wondered if any of them would. Now everything is alright. They’ve all come back together. ” Thousand Goblins Sect Leader felt ashamed of himself since their group was the last one that hadn’t finished their task. Despite that, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader thought that this was reasonable due to the fact that their opponents were; the strong and unyielding Tian Luo Prince, and Ye Kong, a guy you could beat and beat but refused to die. What was worse, compared to the others, especially their strongest ally Shun Tian, whose right fist had been destroyed, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Black Prince were the least injured of the bunch.

Several heads flew through the pouring rain and landed on the ground. One of them, whose eyes were still open, rolled over and over until it came to rest at the foot of the rock that Thousand Goblins Sect Leader was standing on. Thousand Goblins Sect Leader thought the members of the Guang Ming Continent’s Council were acting far too arrogantly. Since they had greatly outnumbered their opponent, it was hardly a victory they should be proud of.

Suddenly, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader noticed that something was wrong. He peered closely at the human head on the ground. The dead man’s head was the head of the goat-like Great Elder! 

“What happened?” Black Prince screamed. He knew that something had gone wrong. Almost immediately, he realized that all the other heads on the ground were heads that belonged to the other elders of the Guang Ming Continent’s Council. 

From within the group, covered in an oversized cloak, looking half-dead, an old man who needed a cane to walk, approached them. He coughed feebly, then said: “All of you, pipe down. Do you really need an explanation? Blast, you explain it to them. I’m older than old, so I’m not used to talking a lot!” 

Swiftly, out of the darkness, from behind the old man, aquatic hybrids emerged. There was; Octopus Man Boss Pan Chan, Swordfish Man Blast, Whale Zhang, and the weakest of them, Mudskipper Man Sui Zui. 

Following close behind them were some young people. Among them were; Liu Ye, Bao’er, Yue Ting, Feng Qi Sha, and Yan Po Jun. Along with them came; the Southern Goblin King, Xia Yi, Queen Qi Ge, Shark King, and King Chong Ni. Luckily, none of them were on Thousand Goblins Sect Leader’s list of enemies.

Suddenly the entire sky became dim. A shadow that hid the sky and covered the earth appeared. Looking upwards at the sky, there appeared to be a huge island overhead. 

Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Black Prince gazed at it for a while. They finally realized that it was an immensely large Ancient Island Whale. When Thousand Goblins Sect Leader looked at the Heaven-Rank, Level 3, Ancient Island Whale, he fell into despair, not because of its strength but its inherent Domain of Power. All living beings beneath its body’s shadow wouldn’t be able to escape from it. This was its [Boundary of Death] Domain of Power. For Ancient Island Whale this was very beneficial. Sometimes, when it simply didn’t feel like moving it would use its [Boundary of Death] Domain of Power to devour some small shrimps from below. However, when this Domain of Power arrived over a battlefield, especially for the weaker side, it would herald the worst sort of tragedy! 

A few minutes later, more people burst through the rain. The first ones to come out were the Great Demon King Baruth, the Great Demon King Ha Xin, the Great Demon King Ou Gen, the Lich King Grun, and the Lich King Ma Fa. They were followed by the rest of the strong warriors from the Demon Abyss.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, Shun Tian, Black Prince, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader, and Marquis of Zi Jin, ah, sorry, I should’ve called you the future Thousand Goblins King. Um, actually, we didn’t come here with malicious intentions. We just came here to have a look-see, since you’re the last bunch of opponents who still insist on fighting. You guys go right ahead, just ignore us!” The Great Demon King Baruth had already reached Heaven-Rank. So, even though he had wounds all over his body, he was able to rely on his imposing manner to maintain a disdainful pose. Out of the corner of his eyes, he looked down upon Shun Tian, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader, Black Prince, and the other warriors. 

“Hehehe, even if you prevail for a while, Yue Yang will still be dead. That means Ancient Demon King won’t let you escape! We’ll see who laughs last! We can stay in our Grimoires and not come out until all of you are dead. After all of you puffed-up arrogant guys have been killed, by Ancient Demon King and the surviving Heaven Realm warriors, Tong Tian Tower will still belong to us! Besides, even if you save Ye Kong and Tian Luo Prince, what about Xue Tan Lang and Fatty Hai? What about Yue Yang? Go ahead, let’s see how long you can survive!” Black Prince remarked with an intense sneer.

“Who said Xue Tan Lang was dead?” Bao’er objected. “It was the iceman who pierced the heart of the Marquis of Zi Jin, not the opposite! You’re mistaken about this. How can you call yourself a Ranker!”

“What?” After hearing this, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Black Prince looked towards the Marquis of Zi Jin. 

“There’s no mistake.” With a bitter nod, the Marquis of Zi Jin opened his cloak to reveal a huge hole in his chest. Inside the hole, his heart, lungs, and parts of his internal organs were missing. They could all see that, even though the Marquis of Zi Jin had lost to Xue Tan Lang, he had only stopped just long enough to make sure his body would hold together before hurrying back. Regrettably, things weren’t working out as he had planned. 

As he slowly sat down on a rock, he made a request of the bewildered Ye Kong and Tian Luo Prince, “Please tell Yue Yang for me, I, the Marquis of Zi Jin lost. I admit… I’m not as good as… him…  Tong Tian Tower… belongs to… him…” The Marquis of Zi Jin laid down on the rock when he finished speaking. Almost immediately, his eyes stopped moving, becoming fixed and still.

His loyal, Freakish Dog-like beast ignited some demonic flames that blazed even in the rain. The flames burned both the Marquis of Zi Jin’s body and soul. 

The Marquis of Zi Jin had once been Yue Yang’s toughest opponent in life. At one time he had even been able to defeat Yue Yang and Xue Wu Xia. Now, he’d finally reached the end of his life—and been reduced to fly ash[1] and smoke! 

“Hahahahahahahaha! A good death, a wonderful death, an excellent death! Inexplicably, Shun Tian started laughing like a madman. “I was wrong, no, not only was I wrong, we were all wrong! We are all frogs at the bottom of a well. We’re all pitiful, yes, pitiful. We’re all wretched creatures. Who would have imagined that? Hahahaha!” Suddenly, he laughed, then, in the blink of an eye, he burst into tears and cried. Looking at him through the rain, he didn’t look like a [Innate] Ranker, he looked like a madman. Finally, he got up and staggered away. 

Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Black Prince’s faces turned as pale as paper. They didn’t understand. They just couldn’t figure out what had happened to Shun Tian. Could it be that he’d gone mad? 

When Ye Kong and Tian Luo Prince prepared to intercept Shun Tian, the half-dead Old Dragon Turtle shook his head, then advised them, “Let him go. He really has gone mad!” 

Hearing this, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Black Prince were frightened out of their wits. What had happened to Shun Tian? Who had driven the proud, Great Emperor of Zi Wei mad? Could it have been Fatty Hai or was it Yue Yang? Lord Shun Tian was now a madman, but at least he hadn’t died. 

However, right now, they couldn’t afford to be distracted. The most important question to answer was, what should they do? 

Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Black Prince stared into each other’s eyes. Unfortunately, all they could see was a reflection of their own desperate look. 


[1]. Coal fly ash (CFA), a solid residue produced in the coal-fired power plants, has been the largest quantity of industrial solid waste in China. Now its annual output is estimated to be around 600 million tons. This has caused severe economic and environmental problems. [back]

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