Chapter 754 – Dead Man, Madman, Desperate Looks (Part 1)

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*** Hope Town ***

Hope Town, the location mercenaries used for rest and relaxation, had already disappeared. There weren’t even any ruins to be seen, as they had all been destroyed. A broken monument, lying upside down on the mountainside, was the only thing left that carried the mark of Hope Town.

Looking a lot like a clay monkey, Ye Kong crawled out of the mud, then panted for a long time until he finally calmed down. As soon as he had recovered, he shouted hoarsely ”Prince? Prince, you’re not dead are you?”

It was a long time before a weak voice answered from within the mud, “Not yet. However, I’m completely buried in here, so if you don’t dig me out soon I’ll suffocate to death!”

Hearing this, Ye Kong jumped to his feet and frantically began to dig into the mire of mud underneath him. After digging for some time, he finally dug up a muddy figure, but he failed to recognize that it was the normally neat, handsome Tian Luo Prince.

“Cough! Cough! Cough!” Standing in the sky, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader was holding one hand to his chest, coughing softly.

There was a big hole in Thousand Goblins Sect Leader’s chest. It was the masterpiece of Ye Kong. An hour ago, when Thousand Goblins Sect Leader had hit Ye Kong in the heart, Ye Kong had hit him back. Unfortunately, when he had tried to avoid the attack, his dodging ended up causing his lung to get hurt. When the fight finally ended, Ye Kong’s heart had stopped, and Tian Luo Prince, even after being rescued, took quite some time to recover.

Luckily, even though everyone thought Ye Kong was dead, it turned out that he was as tough as a cockroach. Like a weed in a desert, after being caught in a rainstorm, he came back to life!

As for Black Prince, he had tried to perforate Ye Kong’s brain with one of his fingers but failed. Instead, what happened was, he ended up raking one of his hands over Ye Kong’s face, leaving behind a set of deep gashes, from his forehead to his cheek, which nearly destroyed Ye Kong’s right eye.

Simultaneously, Ye Kong pulled out a piece of something from inside of Black Prince’s abdomen. He didn’t know what it was, but he was afraid that Black Prince was going to take it back, making it easy for him to quickly recover. So, Ye Kong barely hesitated before he threw the piece of viscera into his mouth and swallowed it.

Enraged, Black Prince got mad and beat him even harder. However, all that happened was, Ye Kong just threw up some blood and bile. There was no sign of the missing piece of viscera.

Thousand Goblins Sect Leader continued to cough. Black Prince continued to clutch his abdomen.

Floating in the sky, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader suddenly realized that he was no longer able to fly. This forced him to land on a nearby rock. Of course, even now, he still insisted on standing higher than Ye Kong and Tian Luo Prince.

Additionally, Black Prince found out that he was unable to remain invisible. To maintain his mystique, he draped a cloak over himself in an effort to remain hidden from sight.

Sadly for him, Ye Kong and Tian Luo Prince could clearly see a dark monster standing in the shadows wearing an oversized ragged cloak with a very noticeable amount of blood on it. If they hadn’t just been fighting a life and death battle, Ye Kong and Tian Luo Prince might have been tempted to give some money to Black Prince for a new one since this pretentious character, who was still so overly concerned about his appearance, now, really looked like a beggar.

“Hang on just a little longer. They’ve already reached their limit.” Thousand Goblins Sect Leader consoled Black Prince. In fact, he’d already said the same thing a hundred times. He was sick of hearing himself say it, but he couldn’t come up with anything else to say.

The reality was, Ye Kong and Tian Luo Prince had been a hundred times more difficult to deal with than he and Black Prince had predicted.

Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Black Prince were feeling very anxious. Shun Tian, the one who could seckill Fatty Hai, hadn’t arrived yet, and Marquis of Zi Jin still hadn’t defeated Xue Tan Lang. What was worse, masters from the Guang Ming Continent’s Council had come out in full force. This was especially true of the Great Elder. He had brought along many of his subordinates to fight, yet he had still lost to that young girl, Liu Ye!

If the Great Elder were to return, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Black Prince would definitely hang him. With so much strength and support, the Great Elder still couldn’t defeat that girl! How could he boast that he was the most powerful person in Guang Ming Continent’s Council?

Then there was the team that was the least unlikely to fail. They were the fastest team. They had the easiest fight to win. They hadn’t returned yet either! This left Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and the Black Prince speechless.

How could they dominate those within Tong Tian Tower if they failed to handle such small matters appropriately? How could they fight against their rivals; the strong warriors from the Demonic Palace, the Eastern Goblin Tribe, the Underworld Clan, and the Demon Clan? Had the Great Elder of Guang Ming Continent’s Winged Clan just been joking around? It was no wonder that Black Prison Emperor, had become pessimistic in regard to the future of Guang Ming Continent after the death of the Sky Emperor Ba Yi. In the future, no matter which battlefield they fought on or which enemy appeared, compared to the current situation, it would have to be better than this!

Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Black Prince were very suspicious that Shun Tian, the Marquis of Zi Jin, and the Great Elder had been killed by Yue Yang. Otherwise, why hadn’t they returned to help? It was reasonable to assume that Xue Tan Lang had been really tough to defeat. But Fatty Hai was just rubbish. Why hadn’t Shun Tian killed him and returned already? The most maddening thing of all was the fact that the Great Elder had actually failed to deal with the little girl, Liu Ye! He was a thousand years old—and he was still a fool!

“Do you have any more Martial Spirit Pills? Give me one!” demanded Ye Kong as he extended a mud-covered hand towards Tian Luo Prince.

“Get lost!” Tian Luo Prince flew into a rage. Ye Kong had eaten all he had over an hour ago. Where did Ye Kong get the nerve to ask for more? The Martial Spirit Pills made by Yue Yang weren’t plentiful. Each person’s share consisted of only a few pieces. Tian Luo Prince valued them quite highly, so he had been unwilling to immediately eat all of his shares. He had saved some for later but Ye Kong had eaten all of them—not a single one was left!

Tian Luo Prince licked his lips and found his throat was so parched that he opened his mouth in an effort to catch some of the rain that was drizzling from the overcast sky. Then he informed Ye Kong, “The rain doesn’t seem to be poisonous. Try it!”

When Ye Kong heard this, he noticed that the rain was not as green as it had been. However, when he opened his mouth, he opened it so wide that he looked like a toad. After gulping down a couple of mouthfuls of rain, he decided to try to provoke Black Prince.

“Black Prince, your bullshit green poison is really useless. It won’t last much longer either. Did you know, I happened to encounter a poisonous lizard when I was in Heaven Realm last time? It could spew out toxic smoke. Even after three days had passed, the smell was still strong enough to make people feel dizzy!”

Black Prince simply ignored Ye Kong’s attempts to provoke him. He had already decided not to attack until Shun Tian and the others returned and could assist him. Nevertheless, he understood that Ye Kong, that bastard, was desperate. He would fight hard, until the bitter end. He would fight as if his life wasn’t worth a single copper coin. He’d also noticed that Tian Luo Prince was very insidious. Whenever Ye Kong started to struggle in battle, he would grab him and beat him, increasing his strength. Additionally, there was Ye Kong’s damn Holy Beast. The more you hit it, the stronger it became.

Even more importantly, now that all four of them were badly injured, whoever took the initiative and attacked first was extremely likely to die together with the two on the other side. In addition, Black Pince knew that Thousand Goblins Sect Leader wasn’t going to be the one that would take the initiative to restart the fight. So, of course, he wasn’t going to do something that stupid! A protracted war was better for their side.

While Black Prince silently accumulated his energy, every five minutes he would summon [Black Shock Wave] and focus it on Ye Kong and Tian Luo Prince. Ye Kong and Tian Luo Prince were trying to seize the opportunity to blow themselves up, so they could kill at least one of their enemies. Black Prince was entirely clear about what was happening. He didn’t need to read their thoughts to know what they were thinking. Did they think it was possible to fool him? Impossible!

Thousand Goblins Sect Leader agreed with Black Prince’s plan. There shouldn’t be any problem killing Ye Kong and Tian Luo Prince as long as Black Prince released his [Black Shock Wave] secretly, from far enough away. As for him taking the initiative to run over and grab one of them, then blow himself up, that would only happen if he lost his mind! Since that was NOT going to happen, he decided to wait for Shun Tian, ​​Marquis of Zi Jin, and the Great Elder to return. There was no reason why he alone should have to make such a sacrifice. Why do so?

Thousand Goblins Sect Leader remembered, half an hour ago, Ye Kong had gotten a chance to kill him. Fortunately, Tian Luo Prince didn’t have time to self detonate, otherwise, he would have died! Black Prince wasn’t going to go forward and attack, so neither would he. Who would do such a stupid thing?

Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Black Prince both had their own secret concerns, so they kept each other at arm’s length. Besides Ye Kong and Tian Luo Prince, they were also afraid to get too close to each other.

In this world, there were no eternal enemies and there were no eternal friends. One’s self-interest could change everything, in a moment. Benefits were worth more than lives, or alliances. One could only place one’s trust in oneself. Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Black Prince might seem to be partners in their fight against the enemy, but they would never turn their backs on, nor place their lives in their partner’s hands, like Ye Kong and Fatty Hai did. No one would believe that was a wise thing to do!

*** *** ***

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