Chapter 755 – Dragon Ladies, Lovebird Divine Sword (Part 1)

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When Yue Yang awoke, Zhi Zun was nowhere to be seen. Only the Bloody Queen Red’s mother, who had survived the battle by hiding in the passageway at the base of the statue, was sitting quietly nearby, waiting for him to awaken.

“What’s this?” Yue Yang found that there was a snow-white velvet cloak covering his naked body. His own clothes had been burnt to ashes during the battle. Upon closer inspection, he noticed that the soft cloak seemed to give off a familiar scent. Was this Zhi Zun’s cloak? Where had she gone?

“Come with me!” ordered the Bloody Queen Red’s mother. Then she stood up and motioned with her hand for Yue Yang to follow, as she turned and led the way through the passageway at the base of the statue.

Due to the shockwaves during the previous battle, Yue Qiu’s body inside the passageway had been shattered into the dust which had scattered all over the ground. Fortunately, his spirit was still sustaining his will, which was continuing to support the stone gate at the entrance. While Yue Yang was changing his clothes, with extraordinary gentleness, the Bloody Queen Red’s mother gathered Yue Qiu’s scattered remains into a pile, then carefully placed it inside a jeweled box. When Yue Yang arrived, she reluctantly handed the box to him. She believed that it would be better to hand over Yue Qiu’s remains to his son, at least his nominal son, for safekeeping.

Yue Yang groaned slightly. Then, shaking his head said, “It’s best if you keep it!”

The Bloody Queen Red’s mother’s face shone with joy, mixed with a bit of shame that she had allowed her junior, Yue Yang, to get a glimpse deep into her heart. She lowered her head and tried to argue, “Actually, I just met Hu Tu[1] a few times. I respect him. Our relationship isn’t the kind that others think it is.”

“I think it’s best for everyone if Red stays with you. If she does, I won’t worry about her anymore. From now on, I’ll just stay here with Hu Tu and guard the door.” When she finished speaking, she handed him a small parcel.”

This was what your father left for the pitiful guy. Of course, now that Ancient Demon King had completely abandoned the body and identity of the pitiful guy, beyond question, this belongs to Yue Yang.

There were only three things in the small parcel. The first item was a key. It was not an ordinary key, but a crystal that looked a lot like a lotus flower. There were nine hundred and ninety-nine runes carved on each of its facets. Surprisingly, Yue Yang couldn’t count all the facets. However, judging from intuition, there were at least nine hundred and ninety-nine facets. As Yue Yang began to turn the crystal lotus flower key, gently injecting some of his innate energy into it through the tips of his fingers, all the runes on the crystal lotus flower key instantly lit up and slowly began to move. The runes mingled together, continuously changing places, giving birth to seemingly endless new combinations. What a marvelous spectacle! When Yue Yang stopped injecting innate energy it slowly returned to its original state. The crystal lotus flower key should be the passkey to the stone gate guarded by Yue Qiu’s soul. Yue Yang kept the key but wasn’t in a hurry to use it. Even though he was curious about what was inside, he had no time for exploration.

The second item was a thick notebook. It recorded all the major deeds of Yue Qiu’s life since he contracted a grimoire, along with his notes about his experiences using skills and the raising and training of war beasts. Although it could not be compared with the knowledge inheritance of Fourth Mother’s Elder Sister, it was enough to inspire Yue Yang. More importantly, as Yue Yang flipped through the notebook he found many family secrets.

Excited, he flipped through the pages in great haste. As expected, he was able to find the secret identity of Yue Yu. As soon as he saw it, he immediately exclaimed, “What‽ in spite of everything it never occurred to me she was that tiny little girl.” After learning the secret, Yue Yang was trapped in a dilemma. If he told Yue Yu the truth, she might be able to get over the trauma of practicing [Body Fusion] with him. However, there was another possibility. If she knew the truth, she might reject it and break down and cry. After thinking for a while, Yue Yang finally decided to put off telling her, since it wasn’t an urgent matter. One day the problem might just work itself out, as his problem with his identity. So long as they were set on resolving the matter, there was nothing that could stop them from finding a solution.

The third item was a plain dark gold storage ring. Using his Supreme Will, Yue Yang was able to open the ring. Inside it, he found many personal items belonging to Yue Qiu. These included his famous weapon, his mercenary badge, items that Elder Yue Hai and Jun Wu You had given to him, and some sheepskin parchment scrolls that were a record of the sword skills he had created. There were also some letters written to Elder Yue Hai, Jun Wu You, Yue Ling, and Fourth Mother, among others. Obviously, these letters did not belong to Yue Yang, so he would do his best to see they reached the intended person.

In the storage ring, there was one more letter written to a stranger named Xin Yuan. Yue Yang was stunned, but he quickly recovered and handed the letter to Red’s mother. The Bloody Queen Red’s mother was surprised to see her name on the letter as she hurriedly took it. After receiving the letter Yue Qiu had left for her, she became so excited her hands trembled as she gently opened it.

As she read the letter, one after another, tears began to fall. When she had finished reading it, she covered her mouth with her hand, then burst into tears. The Bloody Queen Red’s mother tried her best not to cry, but the sobbing coming from her throat sounded like a mourning dove’s cry. It was unbearable. After more than ten years, she’d finally received his letter but it had arrived too late. By the time she understood how much he had loved her, he had passed away. Only his soul remained, guarding the stone gate forever.

Yue Yang stood quietly beside her, waiting for her to calm down. “I… I’m fine.” Wiping away her tears, the Bloody Queen Red’s mother forced a tearful smile to reassure Yue Yang, “I am so glad that Hu Tu didn’t forget me. After receiving his letter, I no longer have any regrets. I will always remain here with him. If you have some free time, bring Red to see me. I’d love to see how she is doing!”

Yue Yang nodded and promised, “Okay.”

Bloody Queen Red’s mother looked at Yue Yang, with tears in her eyes, “Can I be alone with him for a while? There are so many things I want to say to him…”

“I’ll bring Red by later!” promised Yue Yang, then exited the passage. Behind him, he could still hear the sound of muffled sobbing. The sobbing grew louder and louder until, finally, it turned into a heartbroken cry.

Yue Yang looked up into the sky and tried to control his grief. This hadn’t happened to him, so he couldn’t understand how a person, who had waited for more than a decade to get an answer. What he did know was, it had to be the most complicated feeling in the world. A feeling composed of sadness, joy, suffering, happiness, to name just a few.

Yue Yang had experienced something similar to this feeling when he first arrived in the Soaring Dragon Continent, and again, when he tried to gain the approval of Xue Wu Xia, among others. Finally, after he’d worked hard, he’d obtained Fourth Mother’s complete acceptance. In the last three years, he’d gone through an indescribable journey.

Yue Yang thought, “Every time I think of the past, I still want to cry.” Listening to the cries of the Bloody Queen Red’s mother—his heart was deeply touched.

[1]. In case you forgot, Yue Qiu often used the alias Hu Tu when he traveled. He got that name when he massacred thousands of demonic soldiers in the Oleander Valley and even killed two demonic marshals. This caused him to become famous as Hu Tu, the hero of the Oleander Valley, throughout Tong Tian Tower. [back]

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