Chapter 755 – Dragon Ladies, Lovebird Divine Sword (Part 2)

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Overwhelmed by what he was feeling, Yue Yang returned to the grimoire world. He ran to Fourth Mother and threw his arms around her, embracing her tightly. He’d instinctively sought her out in order to get some much needed spiritual comfort.

“Silly child!” Fourth Mother was shocked by this. However, after she realized that it was Yue Yang, she immediately put her arms around his neck, then extended one of her jade-like hands to gently stroke his back. She knew all kinds of things to say to console someone but didn’t know where to start. All she could do was give him a big hug and her unconditional support. That was the best spiritual comfort she could think of to give to her child who was invincible in other people’s eyes, but in fact, had a great deal of trouble facing his inner demons.

By working together with Xue Wu Xia and the others, he had become strong enough to clear all the trials of the Twelve Zodiac Temples. In addition to that, with Zhi Zun’s and Queen Night’s guidance, he had faced and successfully passed, the challenge of the Gate of Life and Death. Now, he had freed himself of his last fears. He had broken free of the shackles of his heart. Now, his spirit was flawless! Even though conflicts and trouble were certain to continue in his future, he had succeeded in coming out on top this time. She knew he would definitely not make the same mistakes again, so she wouldn’t need to worry about him as much.

“Sister, I’ll take good care of this little guy! As for Bing’er and Shuang’er, don’t worry about them, I’ll raise them together and make sure they grow up healthy.” While Fourth Mother gently stroked Yue Yang’s hair, she gazed up at the Heaven with a smile on her lips. She could almost see her sister nodding to her from the Heavens, giving her consent.

“Oh no, I forgot…” Suddenly, Yue Yang became anxious and broke free of Fourth Mother’s arms, “I forgot that Navagraha King isn’t dead yet. Duo Duo, Ika, Jiang Ying, and Bing Yin are still fighting against him. Fourth Mother, stay here and relax! I’ll be back soon!”

Watching Yue Yang rush off, Fourth Mother shook her head, then a forgiving smile appeared on her face, “He’s still such a wild child. Always rushing off to do things in a hurry. How can I relax?”

Originally, Yue Yang had planned to meet up with Empress Fei Wen Li, who was still sealed inside the Black Hole Seal, to ask her about what had happened to Navagraha Queen. However, once he realized that Navagraha King was still alive, he quickly canceled that plan.

After leaving Fourth Mother, Yue Yang exited the grimoire world. He followed Xiao Wen Li’s advice and used his excellent sense of direction to locate the battlefield. Along the way, he exchanged several mental messages with the four girls who were still besieging Navagraha King.

Currently, Navagraha King wasn’t nearly as awe-inspiring as he’d been before. Even though Ika and Duo Duo weren’t normally as strong as Navagraha King, after having been enhanced with the power of the dark-gold giant, they had completely overpowered him. When that power had finally disappeared, they were still able to easily suppress him, of course, they did have the help of the Hornless Dragon Lady Jiang Ying and the Qilin girl, Bing Yin. Still, even without the power of the dark-gold giant, the combined strength of the four girls surpassed his. More importantly, Navagraha King was seriously wounded, and his will to fight had run out. He was so depressed, he decided to flee. He no longer wanted to fight against these girls.

“[Divine Dragon, Tail Strike]” The Hornless Dragon Lady Jiang Ying was the least aggressive of the four since she still hadn’t sufficiently integrated all of the divine power she had inherited. Nevertheless, if she managed to hit him even once, Navagraha King would suffer severe damage because her energy was a type of divine power that was inimical to him. Navagraha King had planned to use [East of the Sun] to blast Duo Duo, so he could escape. Unfortunately for him, the Hornless Dragon Lady, Jiang Ying, saw an opening and took advantage of the opportunity.

She pivoted on her lower leg, spinning around, like a windmill. Her long, silver-white dragon tail swung in an elegant arc, hitting Navagraha King’s [East of the Sun], which was about to explode, sending it flying back towards him.

“Rumble!” Navagraha King’s [East of the Sun] burst! Once again, Navagraha King was hoisted by his own petard. Battered and exhausted, he was thrown high up into the sky.

In order to gain some battle experience, the Qilin Girl, Bing Yin, was responsible for containing the enemy. Currently, she was supporting Ika and Duo Duo. There was no doubt, Navagraha King wouldn’t be able to escape from them!

Previously, after the group had failed to kill Scarlet Emperor, Bing Yin and Yue Yang had gone over the battle, time and time again. Finally, they had worked out a new skill for Bing Yin. It looked like a beautiful dance. They named it, [Qilin Divine Step]. It’s based on a combination of body and spirit. It combines a physical attack and a mental lock. When [Qilin Divine Step] is used, unless the enemy’s rank is much higher than Bing Yin’s rank[1], it’s unlikely they will be able to escape. Once the mental lock is in place, it’s impossible to use invisibility and teleportation skills. Even Yue Yang wouldn’t be able to escape unless he used his [Eternal Wheel] Domain of Power.[2]

“Get back down here!” yelled the Qilin Girl, Bing Yin. Then, using [Qilin Divine Step], she stretched out her right arm and gave Navagraha King a strong yank.

Although Navagraha King managed to maintain his balance, his body was abruptly forced back down, aggravating his injuries when he hit the ground. By his count, this was the fiftieth time he had tried and failed to escape…

Among the four girls, he thought that the weakest one was currently the Battle Angel, Ika and the strongest one was the Qilin Girl Bing Yin. Since the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen Duo Duo and the Hornless Dragon Lady Jiang Ying weren’t able to fight together well. They lacked experience in how to cooperate or he would have suffered even more.

To Navagraha King’s chagrin, they all improved quickly during combat, as they got accustomed to each other’s fighting abilities. At this rate of progress, he estimated that they would be able to easily kill him within a day! Was he really doomed to die here in Heaven Stairway? It seemed likely that Zhi Zun and Yue Yang had managed to kill Navagraha Queen. That meant that they could show up at any moment. No matter which one it was, Zhi Zun or Yue Yang, he would be in mortal danger! Thinking of that possibility, Navagraha King’s heart trembled.

“Navagraha Combo Attack, [Nine Successive Glorious Explosions]!” Navagraha King suppressed the pain of his physical wounds to form nine energy balls of varying sizes. No one could see what he was doing due to all the dust and smoke from the explosion when he hit the ground. The energy balls were all different sizes. One of these balls was comparable to his [East of the Sun], one was like the Moon, the rest varied in size. These nine energy balls were aligned like a string of pearls. When used together in this way, their destructive power would be a hundred times more powerful than when used alone. If it hit the Qilin girl, who was responsible for stopping him from escaping, he thought he might have a chance to flee.

When the dust and smoke had dispersed, Navagraha King could finally be seen. He had a ferocious look on his face, as he held nine energy balls in his two hands. However, when he was just about to throw them, he noticed a shadow.

The shadow resolved into the form of a stranger. A man whom he’d known almost nothing about before the war began. Now, that man had become his worst nightmare.

“Bloody Hell!” It was Yue Yang!

While Navagraha King had been gathering together the nine energy balls, Yue Yang had summoned the War Goddess Guard Sisters. Next, he raised his arms and pointed them towards the Heavens. It looked as though he was holding an invisible divine sword. Then, he had them summon [Lovebird Divine Sword].

Immediately, the dragon sisters silently flew up to the top of Yue Yang’s head. Then, their bodies began to radiate tens of thousands of rays of divine light. Under the incredulous gaze of Navagraha King, their bodies turned into beams of colorful divine light, then quickly condensed into a sharp, double-edged divine sword—words could never do it justice. An instant later, the totem of the lovebirds had spread across the heavens. Then, the huge, immeasurably beautiful Lovebird Divine Sword slowly drifted down until he could grip the hilt with the palms of his hands. Once gripped, his blood resonated with the call of the lovebirds and flowed with a type of energy that blossomed into tens of thousands of dazzling rays. Rays that spread out to illuminate the entire universe.

The moment Yue Yang held the Lovebird Divine Sword in his hands, he looked like a god. Between the Heavens and the Earth, nothing could resist Yue Yang’s Supreme Will.

“Danger!” thought Navagraha King. Instantly, the shadow of death appeared within his heart. Oddly enough, it looked familiar. In the blink of an eye, he recalled the moment of inexplicable fear that he’d felt, earlier in battle, when he’d been fixed in place by Zhi Zun’s Humanoid Divine Weapon’s [Furious Chop] and was about to die.

[1]. The Qilin Girl Bing Yin is a Mythical Beast-Rank, Level 10 = 10 Stars. Currently, there is no higher ranking than this. [back]

[2]. [Eternal Wheel] Domain of Power (aka Starry Sky Domain): A giant rune wheel that is extremely similar to [World-Exterminating Wheel] Domain of Power. Within ten meters of this giant rune wheel, there is nothing that can affect it. The wheel also possesses a special power and will. It can’t be negated by anything and no external power in this world can affect it. [back]

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