Chapter 756 – Come on! Let’s Go Home! (Part 1)

As General Si Hai passed away, the Navagraha tribe had reached the irredeemable result. Even if the Sky Execution, the Dragon Emperor, the Underworld Emperor didn’t come, the vengeful Ancient Demon King would never spare the Navagraha tribe. Those who betrayed their allies for the sake of their own interests, such as power and treasure, and those who killed others for the sake of hiding the truth, would eventually be cast aside by history. They betrayed the Imperial Dragon Demon and the Empress Fei Wen Li, but they all escaped. This time, however, they could not stave off the Ancient Demon King… 

It was not because he was stronger than the first two, but that the timing and the opponent were different. This time the opponents they faced, one was Zhi Zun beyond their estimates and the other was Yue Yang which was grossly underrated…

The Navagraha Queen died on the spot, then the Navagraha King was about to follow her footsteps, doomed to a tragic fate. Once Si Hai fell, the Navagraha tribe had no chance to turn over.

“Go to hell!” The Ancient Demon King waved and summoned the battered Ferry of Death. It would carry the wounded funeral mourner You Jin in an even more broken bone cage, to the mysterious black hole that led nowhere. The funeral mourner You Jin struggled desperately to break free of the black hole. Two extremely long coffin nails reached out his body and hung outside the black hole and resisted the suction. The Ferry of Death had smashed before and had lost its full force, so for a moment, there was no guarantee that it would send You Jin aboard into the Dead World of the black hole space. 

As the black hole was getting smaller and smaller, the Ancient Demon King angrily stretched out his hand to tear open the black hole. Then he pulled out the coffin nails and threw them into the black hole. The funeral mourner You Jin loaded himself with the coffin beast and catapulted ten thousand meters away from the black hole. However, when he didn’t have time to break free from the bone cage completely, the Sky Execution’s fist slammed into the lid of the monster’s coffin, and the devastating force erupted from Sky Execution’s hand pulled the lid off. The Dragon Emperor kicked the funeral mourner You Jin out of the coffin beast. The Underworld Emperor whacked him with one arm. You Jin had to duck awkwardly. Princess Qian Qian in the sky had been ready for a long time, then she condensed the four holy force and lifted up the Hellsword…

On the other side, the battle between Li Pan and the Blazing Flame was drawing to a close. Li Pan, the first solider of the Navagraha tribe, was a little stronger than the Blazing Flame, but his force was greatly limited under the spirit domain of Xue Wuxia. He had no idea what was true and what was false. It was absolutely impossible to break through the spirit domain with his strength, not to mention the assistance of Yi Nan Hallucination Butterfly’s pollen and Charm Demon Queen‘s spirit temptation.

Let alone Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s Sky Law or Luo Hua City Mistress’s Nirvana Sunflower, even Ah Man’s Titan power and Red’s Mythical Beasts Will were enough to kill Li Pan. Hui Tai Lang, Star Scorpion, and Tao Tie Blade were even more savage in their attacks. They had no grace, resorting to every conceivable means. In their eyes, the best enemy was a dead enemy.

Under the attacks like Yi Nan Hallucination Butterfly’s pollen, Charm Demon Queen‘s spirit temptation, Yue Bing’s ability of upas, Star Scorpion’s Gold Scorpion Venom, Nirvana Sunflower’s Blind Watch and Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s Sky Law, Li Pan, the first solider of the Navagraha tribe, was still standing. He stumbled in the spirit domain of Xue Wu Xia and could never get out of it… The attack of Spirit of Sky Fire, Reaper Mantis, and the Golden Flaming Lion King Simba, which Li Pan could ignore in the past, now had reached the upper bound that his body could bear.

Howl!” Hui Tai Lang transformed into the form of supergiant world exterminating demon wolf, flapped his front paws like swatting a fly and beat Li Pan as he still could not hold himself up. When Li Pan fell, it bent and bit him in the big mouth, ready to devour. Sensing of the death shadow, Li Pan tried his best to open the Hui Tai Lang’s mouth with one last effort and escaped from it painfully… 

Without Yue Yang, Hui Tai Lang could not maintain the wolf form for long. He lashed his tail [Demon Scythe] angrily, swatting Li Pan like a fly. Far away on the other side, Ah Man caught the chance – he swung the Collapsing Cloud Thunder Hammer the Black Hell King had left behind and struck Li Pan’s head. Li Pan was instantly blasted hundreds of meters away. In his inability to struggle, a devastating round of Nirvana Sunflower flew down and cut the so-called first solider of the Navagraha tribe into two halves from head to feet!

Li Pan’s death was also the end of the Navagraha tribe. Before him, the resourceful funeral mourner You Jin had been beheaded by Princess Qian Qian with the Hellsword, so now Li Pan was the last one in the Navagraha tribe. 

*** *** ***

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